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Qanon: the Qult and the legend – Part 6

A lot has been said about ‘the 4am talking points’, and how Qanon super-secret-Intel were able to find the information before it became news. On the one hand, we have the explanation given by UnirockTV’s pastebin. The pastebin was a copy of an email UnirockTV says he received from one of the alleged ‘Qanon bakers’. In said email, the baker explains how easy it was for skilled computer people to simply hack into the ‘cloud news’ where most of the pre-packaged news were going to be served as talking points the following morning to the general public.

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  • Facial recognition: coming to a town near you

    facial recognition: coming to a town near you - elemi fuentes

    Mass surveillance tools such as face recognition are often sold to the citizens under the guise of ‘protection’. Usually the ‘protection’ is from terrorists that somehow are never caught before the act, yet allowed to rampage our streets and create chaos for the benefit of The Government’s private agenda: more mass surveillance and the steady diminishing of our personal rights.

  • The Land of the Free-ish

    the land of the free-ish- elemi fuentes

    My American friends always like to boast that America is ‘the land of the free’ and ‘the land of opportunity’. I get that. We all love our own homelands. But when it comes to America, how free are you exactly?
    For instance, you have no privacy when it comes to travelling. Everywhere you go and everything you do is logged and recorded and sent to the Department of Homeland Security to further classify and analyse your movements and your habits.For instance, you have no privacy when it comes to travelling. Everywhere you go and everything you do is logged and recorded and sent to the Department of Homeland Security to further classify and analyse your movements and your habits.

  •  Nushu: The secret language of women

    nushu, the secret language of women - elemi fuentes

    Nushu is a dead language. It is believed to be the last remain of a four thousand years old language spoken China. It had evolved from a form of old Henzi. This is known thanks to the discovery in 1899 of the Oracle Bone Script.Nushu is a dead language. It is believed to be the last remain of a four thousand years old language spoken China. It had evolved from a form of old Henzi. This is known thanks to the discovery in 1899 of the Oracle Bone Script.

  • The real reason for Transgenderism

    transgender flag

    I have watched as all-women’s safe spaces, universities, and sports opened their doors to any man who chose to identify as a woman. Whereas men who identify as transwomen are at the forefront of this project, women who identify as transmen seem silent and invisible. I was astonished that such a huge cultural change as the opening of sex-protected spaces was happening at such a meteoric pace and without consideration for women and girls’ safety, deliberation, or public debate.

  • Turning your back on Assange

    It is clear to me that Julian Assange was very involved in Trump winning the 2016 election. What’s more, I am fully convinced that Wikileaks was also involved with early Qanon movement, just like many other big players like Steve Bannon or Jack Posobiec were.  

  • Who is Marina Abramovic?

    Marina Abramovic high satanic dark priestess

    Marina was born in Serbia in 1946. And for the first six years of her life, lived with her very religious grandmother. According to Marina’s claims, her grandmother belonged to the Orthodox Church and had a liking for ditching out punishments in the form of whipping. There were also, according to Marina, other rituals that included ‘drawing blood’.

    When her brother Velimir was born, they moved back with their parents.

  • Terry McAuliffe’s DOJ investigation and other unscrupulous donations

    Terry McAuliffe's DOJ investigation and other unscrupulous donations - elemi fuentes

    According to, Harvey Weinstein has donated a total of $296 290 to the Democratic National Committee. Out of that amount, Terry McAuliffe received $32 535 In-Kind Contributions.

    While it is true that Mr Weinstein donated to Mr McAuliffe’s political campaign, it is also true that when (and only when) the story of Mr Weinstein’s many abuses reached the mainstream media, Mr McAuliffe did make some public statements about donating the amount given to him by Mr Weinstein to the  Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance.

  • Trans-racial: when genes don’t matter

    Transracial - when genes don't matter - elemi fuentes

    The term originates from adoptive and academic circles to describe the very lived experience of children raised in homes that are phenotypically and culturally different from their birth.

    Most recently, and thanks mostly to Rachel Dolezal, the term transracial has been changed to mean ‘people who claim to have a racial identity that differs from their birth race’. Apparently genetics no longer matter. In the case of Miss Dolezal, she was born Caucasian from Caucasian parents, but grew up with black siblings. Specifically, transracial would apply to them.

  • A Trans-reflection

    Transgender - a trans-reflection - elemi fuentes

    The word ‘trans’ is a Latin prefix meaning simply “across”, “beyond”, “through,”  “changing throughly,” “transverse”.

    Up until some ten years or so ago, the term ‘trans’ was mainly associated with transport, geography and chemistry. Back then, we only encountered it in expressions related to unhealthy foods such as trans-fat or trans-food.

    But we have come a long way since those days. Progress progresses and the wheels of Chronos keep turning. Another turn, another gear that moves and clicks into place. Another decade gone. Another non-binary push. Another NWO move to normalize everything that goes against nature. Another push into their wet-dream of a genderless agenda of hyper-sexualized individuals.

  • El banquero

    el banquero - cuentos cortos para tardes de lluvia - c. uribe

    Cuentan que, en una fría mañana de Abril, un rico banquero viajaba tranquilo en su gran limusina cuando vio a dos hombres en la orilla de la carretera comiendo hierba. Intrigado, el banquero ordenó a su chófer detenerse y se… Read More ›

  • Vivir aprendiendo

    vivir aprendiendo - cuentos cortos para tardes de lluvia - c.uribe

    “Durante el primer año de mi vida, aprendí que los mejores juguetes eran los que podía oler y saborear. Cuando tenía dos años, aprendí que caerse duele, pero todo el dolor podía curarse con un beso de mamá. A los… Read More ›

  • Manzanas

    manzanas - cuentos cortos para tardes de lluvia - c.uribe

    Patricia era una niñita de siete años, con gafas, y trenzas. Tenía pocos amigos en el colegio, puesto que todos sus compañeros pensaban que ella era tacaña, avariciosa, y poco dada a prestar sus juguetes o sus colores cuando alguien… Read More ›

  • El ciego y la lámpara

    el ciego y la lampara - cuentos cortos para tardes de lluvia - c. uribe

    Pedro y Pablo eran dos amigos que se conocían desde pequeños. Pedro era ciego. Él nació así. Y como nunca vio la luz del día, estaba muy acostumbrado a ir por la vida a oscuras. Pablo y Pedro se conocieron… Read More ›

  • El Examen

    el examen - cuentos cortos para tardes de lluvia - c.uribe

    Era Mayo, y el calor en la capital de Murcia derretía los neumáticos de las ruedas de los coches sobre el asfalto. Por aquel entonces, yo estudia biología marina en la universidad, y aquel día teníamos el examen final. Al igual que mis compañeros, había estudiado mucho y pasado cientos horas en la biblioteca municipal; y sobre todo noches sin dormir a base de cafeína y Red Bull.

  • To wax or not wax

    To wax or not to wax- elemi fuentes

    For proof that the woke war on common sense and decency is now completely out of control, look no further than the Canadian trans-waxing controversy. A born male who identifies as female, and whose male genitalia is still intact, is suing female-only waxers on the basis that their refusal to wax his bollocks – sorry, her bollocks – is an act of discrimination. Yes, this person believes that because he identifies as female he should therefore have access to every female service, including the most intimate female services. Any female beautician who refuses to tend to his testicles is being ‘transphobic’, apparently, because they are denying his womanhood. Even though he has a penis. And testicles. And is a man. That’s hate speech, I know.

  • A last goodbye

    isaac-kappy-decembre-2016-a last goodbye- elemi fuentes

    When Isaac Kappy died, I wrote for him the closest things to an eulogy I could come up with. Might not have been the best written eulogy, might not even haven been a eulogy at all. But it was heart-felt. I pour my soul into into every word I typed and I cried for hours while doing so.

  • El coche y la silla

    el coche y la silla - cuentos cortos para tardes de lluvia - c.uribe

    A Ramón le gustaba mucho el dinero y estar a la moda. Tenía todos los modelos de iPhone, así como tabletas electrónicas, relojes digitales, ropas de marca, y en fin, todo lo que se le antojara. Tan solo tenía que ir a la tienda, elegir algo, y pasar por la ranura la tarjeta de crédito que le había dado su padre. Como era de esperar, Ramón provenía de una familia adinerada en la que nunca tuvieron problema para satisfacer todos sus caprichos. A los dieciocho años, sus padres lo mandaron a estudiar economía y finanzas a una prestigiosa universidad de Nueva York. A los treinta, Ramón era un exitoso corredor de bolsa.

  • Cuestión de sangre

    cuestion de sangre - cuentos cortos para tardes de lluvia - c.uribe

    Muchos años atrás, yo trabajaba en el hospital de la Fe de Valencia como doctor adjunto, terminando mi tesis y mis dos último años de prácticas. Después, sería un doctor licenciado y podría trabajar en cualquier lugar del mundo. Aunque la verdad, lo que yo quería era irme de voluntario con Médicos sin Fronteras, pues para mí era más gratificante poder ayudar a aquellos que no tenían acceso a la sanidad, pública o privada.

  • La gorra de colores

    la gorra de colores - cuentos cortos para tardes de lluvia - c. uribe

    Esta historia sucedió en un pequeño pueblo de montaña de Andorra. Allí había una escuela a la que iban todos los niños de las pedanías y barrios cercanos. Un día, Sara no fue a la escuela. Al día siguiente, tampoco fue. Su madre telefoneó al colegio y explicó a los profesores que su hija estaba muy enferma, y que se la habían llevado a un hospital de Barcelona para iniciar un tratamiento nuevo, bastante peligroso y abrasivo, pero que hasta ahora había dado buenos resultados.

  • I dreamed a dream…

    i dream a dream - elemi fuentes

    I dream. We all do. Some people remember their dreams and some don’t. I always remember mine. I dream often. I dream lucidly at times. Others, I dream I fly through unknown areas only to visit those places years later and find out that I already knew about them. I know what is at the end of the road, I know what I would find when I turn a corner. Some call it astral traveling or astral projection. Some say simply that our minds (some minds at least) work faster than we can perceive, so it conceives of places, locations, and situations before you are actually there. And hence when you get to that crossroads in your life, you have the sensation of Déjà vu.

  • La tormenta

    la tormenta - cuentos cortos para tardes de lluvia - c.uribe

    Corría el año de mil ochocientos cincuenta y nueve, época en la que la tecnología aún no estaba desarrollada, y los partes meteorológicos se basaban más en las predicciones de visionarios que en las imagines de satélites. En esta época de magia, fiebre amarilla y cólera, había un barco pesquero llamado Odisea que todas las semanas salía con su tripulación a navegar y a buscar alimento desde la isla de Corfú