Reflecting over McAuliffe’s conflicts of interests

For a man of such education and reputation, it is interesting to note that McAuliffe does have a lot of conflict of interest when it comes to his political and

business life. In fact, if one does look just close enough, it appears both go hand-in-hand and one couldn’t exist without the other.

One of McAuliffe’s initial forays into conflicts of interests comes from Federal City National Bank, a bank he helped to co-found in 1985. By 1988, the bank’s board elected McAuliffe as chairman, making him the youngest chairman in the United States Federal Reserve Bank’s charter association. The bank later merged with Credit International Bank, and he became Vice-Chairman there.

Terry McAuliffe's DOJ investigation and other unscrupulous donations - elemi fuentes

Terry McAuliffe’s DOJ investigation and other unscrupulous donations

According to, Harvey Weinstein has donated a total of $296 290 to the Democratic National Committee. Out of that amount, Terry McAuliffe received $32 535 In-Kind Contributions.

While it is true that Mr Weinstein donated to Mr McAuliffe’s political campaign, it is also true that when (and only when) the story of Mr Weinstein’s many abuses reached the mainstream media, Mr McAuliffe did make some public statements about donating the amount given to him by Mr Weinstein to the  Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance.

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  • The Land of the Free-ish

    the land of the free-ish- elemi fuentes

    My American friends always like to boast that America is ‘the land of the free’ and ‘the land of opportunity’. I get that. We all love our own homelands. But when it comes to America, how free are you exactly?
    For instance, you have no privacy when it comes to travelling. Everywhere you go and everything you do is logged and recorded and sent to the Department of Homeland Security to further classify and analyse your movements and your habits.For instance, you have no privacy when it comes to travelling. Everywhere you go and everything you do is logged and recorded and sent to the Department of Homeland Security to further classify and analyse your movements and your habits.

  •  Nushu: The secret language of women

    nushu, the secret language of women - elemi fuentes

    Nushu is a dead language. It is believed to be the last remain of a four thousand years old language spoken China. It had evolved from a form of old Henzi. This is known thanks to the discovery in 1899 of the Oracle Bone Script.Nushu is a dead language. It is believed to be the last remain of a four thousand years old language spoken China. It had evolved from a form of old Henzi. This is known thanks to the discovery in 1899 of the Oracle Bone Script.

  • Nathan Larson: congressional candidate and pedophile

    Nathan Larson Pedophile for congress

    A man by the name of Nathan Larson, from Charlottesville, is running for public office in the US State of Virginia. This would be a totally unremarkable affair, if it wasn’t for some of his very murky past.
    Mr. Larson pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a 16 month (or 14, depending on sources) jail sentence due to a and act of ‘civil disobedience’, as reported by the vast majority of newspapers. This particular act of ‘civil disobedience’ was, in fact, a death threat sent in the form of a letter to the White House.

  • How to Spot a False Flag

    false flag event - how to spot a false flag - elemi fuentes

    A false flag is a covert operation event, usually perpetrated by a group belonging to or allied with our own government. It is designed to control populations through fear via a manufactured enemy; and often results in a mass-casualty deaths. Some of these events use crisis actors as victims, which means that there are no real casualties, though it is staged to seem like it.
    The false flag formula follows a few simple rules:

    Drills. There are always military drills, or police drills or fire brigade drills on the day of the event at a nearby location. This is no small feast and actually takes some major planning and coordination.

  • Tears for a lost soul

    Isaack Kappy committed suicide age 42

    I spent all day yesterday trying to write a kinky story while the death of Isaac Kappy weighted heavily on my mind. It was a mess; both on the writing end and on the impact it had on my own persona. 

    I neither liked nor disliked Kappy. We met some weeks previous to his sudden fame via periscopes and endless rants on live-streams. We exchanged a lot of emails back then, and even got to Skype once or twice. 

  • Why do you wear a bra?

    sujetador-balconet-escotado-flores-azul-aro-rosalina-prima-donna-copa-c-d-1 - Elemi fuentes- why do you wear a bra

    Not that long ago there was the ‘free the nipple’ movement that I could never get behind, even though I fully support the not wearing garments that oppress your chest. Free the nipple was a campaign to protest against the legal and social taboos regarding female breasts. Of course, it was nothing more than silly stunts, graffitis, and women degrading themselves for a cheap shot at fame, all in the name of promoting a film.

  • Turning your back on Assange

    It is clear to me that Julian Assange was very involved in Trump winning the 2016 election. What’s more, I am fully convinced that Wikileaks was also involved with early Qanon movement, just like many other big players like Steve Bannon or Jack Posobiec were.  

  • What is your life worth?

    what is your life worth? elemi fuentes

    Many people have died for justice. Many people have died trying to expose the truth. Journalists, hackers, political activities, human right activists, doctors, revolutionaries, and many others have died because of the truth. Died, been killed, or being ‘suicided’. These people were and are true heroes. Their lives and sacrifices should be something we all look up to and try to emulate. There are only so many of them and too many of us. Revolution is in the air.

  • Performance Rituals and Other Artistic Pieces

    Marina abramovic lamb ritual sacrifice

    Before delving into the strange and depraved world of Spirit Cooking, it is worth revisiting some of Marina Abramovic’s most memorable performances.
    It was suggested in the previous article about Marina’s background that she is a high-ranking dark priestess. It was also presumed that a lot of her performances are in fact live dark rituals designed to harvest energy from an unsuspecting audience. The reader should decide as we explore some of her most controversial performances.

  • A last goodbye

    isaac-kappy-decembre-2016-a last goodbye- elemi fuentes

    When Isaac Kappy died, I wrote for him the closest things to an eulogy I could come up with. Might not have been the best written eulogy, might not even haven been a eulogy at all. But it was heart-felt. I pour my soul into into every word I typed and I cried for hours while doing so.

  • El coche y la silla

    el coche y la silla - cuentos cortos para tardes de lluvia - c.uribe

    A Ramón le gustaba mucho el dinero y estar a la moda. Tenía todos los modelos de iPhone, así como tabletas electrónicas, relojes digitales, ropas de marca, y en fin, todo lo que se le antojara. Tan solo tenía que ir a la tienda, elegir algo, y pasar por la ranura la tarjeta de crédito que le había dado su padre. Como era de esperar, Ramón provenía de una familia adinerada en la que nunca tuvieron problema para satisfacer todos sus caprichos. A los dieciocho años, sus padres lo mandaron a estudiar economía y finanzas a una prestigiosa universidad de Nueva York. A los treinta, Ramón era un exitoso corredor de bolsa.

  • Cuestión de sangre

    cuestion de sangre - cuentos cortos para tardes de lluvia - c.uribe

    Muchos años atrás, yo trabajaba en el hospital de la Fe de Valencia como doctor adjunto, terminando mi tesis y mis dos último años de prácticas. Después, sería un doctor licenciado y podría trabajar en cualquier lugar del mundo. Aunque la verdad, lo que yo quería era irme de voluntario con Médicos sin Fronteras, pues para mí era más gratificante poder ayudar a aquellos que no tenían acceso a la sanidad, pública o privada.

  • La gorra de colores

    la gorra de colores - cuentos cortos para tardes de lluvia - c. uribe

    Esta historia sucedió en un pequeño pueblo de montaña de Andorra. Allí había una escuela a la que iban todos los niños de las pedanías y barrios cercanos. Un día, Sara no fue a la escuela. Al día siguiente, tampoco fue. Su madre telefoneó al colegio y explicó a los profesores que su hija estaba muy enferma, y que se la habían llevado a un hospital de Barcelona para iniciar un tratamiento nuevo, bastante peligroso y abrasivo, pero que hasta ahora había dado buenos resultados.

  • I dreamed a dream…

    i dream a dream - elemi fuentes

    I dream. We all do. Some people remember their dreams and some don’t. I always remember mine. I dream often. I dream lucidly at times. Others, I dream I fly through unknown areas only to visit those places years later and find out that I already knew about them. I know what is at the end of the road, I know what I would find when I turn a corner. Some call it astral traveling or astral projection. Some say simply that our minds (some minds at least) work faster than we can perceive, so it conceives of places, locations, and situations before you are actually there. And hence when you get to that crossroads in your life, you have the sensation of Déjà vu.

  • La tormenta

    la tormenta - cuentos cortos para tardes de lluvia - c.uribe

    Corría el año de mil ochocientos cincuenta y nueve, época en la que la tecnología aún no estaba desarrollada, y los partes meteorológicos se basaban más en las predicciones de visionarios que en las imagines de satélites. En esta época de magia, fiebre amarilla y cólera, había un barco pesquero llamado Odisea que todas las semanas salía con su tripulación a navegar y a buscar alimento desde la isla de Corfú

  • The real reason for Transgenderism

    transgender flag

    I have watched as all-women’s safe spaces, universities, and sports opened their doors to any man who chose to identify as a woman. Whereas men who identify as transwomen are at the forefront of this project, women who identify as transmen seem silent and invisible. I was astonished that such a huge cultural change as the opening of sex-protected spaces was happening at such a meteoric pace and without consideration for women and girls’ safety, deliberation, or public debate.

  • Una historia de pavos

    una historia de pavos - cuentos cortos para tardes de lluvia - c.uribe

    Había una vez un campesino pobre que todas las mañanas se levantaba con el sol y se iba a labrar sus tierras. Siendo pobre, el campesino era un hombre feliz, pues tenía una mujer que lo quería, una pequeña cabaña en la que refugiase de noche y no dormir a la intemperie, y siempre un plato de comida sobre la mesa. El campesino no necesitaba más.

  • Trekking basics

    Misha couldn't take the heat of new trail - elemi fuentes - trekking basics

    Your ability to survive in the wild, or as I like to call it, ‘the great outdoors’, would depend a lot of your environment, climate and season. There are different things to take into consideration depending whether you live in a tropical area, in a desert or dry type of environment, or whether you live surrounded by forests. Seasons are also important to take into consideration when planning your trips, because if you end up lost, you can either die of thirst and dehydration, or freeze to death in the snow.

  • El león y la liebre

    el leon y la liebre - cuentos cortos para tardes de lluvia - c. uribe

    Vivían en la sabana africana un león y una liebre. También vivían allí otros muchos animales: como leopardos, jirafas, hienas, elefantes, cigüeñas, hipopótamos y cientos más. Todos temían al león, pues éste era un cazador muy ágil y veloz, y era capaz de atrapar a otros animales de forma muy fácil. Sin embargo, el león era un animal con un corazón muy grande, y nunca cazaba si no era para comer.

  • The Curious Case of the Awan Brothers

    DNC Hacked - Awan brothers - Imram Awan - DOJ plea

    The case of the Awan brothers is a curious one indeed. They all performed IT or IT-related services for the members of the House of Representative; while Hilna Alvi was employed as a staffer. None of these individuals ever had background checks done on them.

  • Brother Paddock

    bruce paddock las vegas shooter brother pedophile child porn

    Mr. Paddock was arrested and the charges brought forward. According to the legal complaint, Bruce faced 19 counts of sexual exploitation of a child and 1 count of possession of child pornography. 

    Bruce appeared to have had some 236 CDs with thousands of images of children, some of them under the age of 12, plus some 600 images in his pc. According to one source*:

  • Formas de ver las cosas

    formas de ver las cosas - cuentos cortos para tardes de lluvia - c. uribe

    Llevaba quince años casado con mi esposa. Un día recibí una carta del Rey Carlos III, el instituto al que asistí cuando aún era un jovenzuelo. En la carta, me invitaban a una reunión de antiguos alumnos; y como habían pasado tantos años, decidí que sería buena idea ir y ver cómo había tratado la vida a mis antiguos compañeros.