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Red Hen: Setting the record straight – Part 1


The evening of the 22nd of June, Miss Sanders (White House Press Secretary) went for dinner with her family to a little restaurant called ‘The Red Hen’. It seems that after she sat down with her family and was half-way through ordering her food, both her and her family were unceremoniously thrown out of the premises. Sarah then retired for the evening while her relatives went across the street to another restaurant. At this point, her family, who happened to be democratic supporters, was chased, harassed and followed all the way across the street and into the next restaurant by Red Hen’s co-owner Stephanie Wilkinson.

It is somehow incomprehensible and immoral that a person should suffer this type of public humiliation based solely on their political opinions. Even more so when the person in question has done nothing wrong except set out to an evening meal with her family.

People who are employed on customer service-based jobs, most especially those that deal with face-to-face customer interactions, do in fact learn very quickly that, as representatives and face of the company they have to put their prejudice, politics, and ideology aside in pro of a successful business transaction.

The events at The Red Hen have caused a mass mob-mentality of further harassment to Miss Sanders, which now has to use escort protection in order to prevent physical attacks on her persona.

But the harassment isn’t just happening to the White House Press Secretary. In fact, the very same people who are voicing their complains about how Miss Sanders was treated, are the ones staging protests in the little town of Lexington, Virginia, where the Red Hen restaurant is located. They have also taken to the Internet to express their displeasure in several platforms. On Facebook and several other review websites, they are purposefully down-voting the restaurant’s food quality and general service and leaving mean-spirited, made-up reviews in order to drive the eatery out of business.


While the actions of Miss Wilkinson are definitely out-of-place and is causing her business to fail, those on the other side of the political spectrum are just as guilty of committing the same reprehensible acts of which they accuse their political opponents.

The events that took place on the 22nd of June have had the effect of uncovering a lot of information about the restaurant that is now being publicly displayed. Some of it is true, and some of it is downright lies and misinformation.

One such claim is that a man by the name of Barney Allen Frazier, convicted of sexual assault on minors, is a ‘silent-partner’ of this particular business venture. While Mr. Frazier might have dined at that particular location, or even be an acquaintance of any of the Red Hen partners, legally speaking, there is no association at all between this person and the restaurant. *

This claim was made by Kevin Gardner on a Facebook post. This individual claimed to have previously worked at the Red Hen restaurant. I sought out Mr. Gardner and emailed him regarding this particular claim and asking for any further information. To date, I have received no reply. **

Other false claims made against The Red Hen restaurant is that is in clear Health and Safety violations with regards to food, cooking, and storage. Records found on clearly contradict the misinformation that is being spread around. In fact, in over four years of operation, the business had three minor risk factors reported, obviously down to human error; and these were swiftly dealt with and corrected as instructed.

There are several Red Hen restaurants across the United States. However, for most of them, the names are coincidental and are not affiliated with each other nor are they a chain.

However, the two main Red Hen restaurants are the one in Lexington, Virginia, where the incident with Miss Sanders took place; and a second one located in Washington DC. While they actually claim to have no affiliation and in fact, both of them are registered under different trading names, there is enough evidence to support the claim that there is a close association between these two locations. **

Red Hen Lexington and Red Hen Washington


The relationship between these two seemingly unrelated businesses will become clear in further articles. These articles will highlight their connections to Underground Network Intelligence, the Center of Operations behind the mass civil unrest groups (like ANTIFA), and to Charlottesville.

The first person tied to Red Hen Lexington would be Mr. John Blackburn, Assistant Director Of Development at the College Foundation of the University of Virginia. On the surface, it will appear Mr. Blackburn is no longer associated with the Red Hen Restaurant. ***

He is also the owner and founder of the eatery called ‘Pure Eats‘, also in Lexington.

The second partner and/or associate of the Red Hen is Chef Becca Adams (nee Becca Norris); presumably the wife of Chef Matt Adams.

And finally, the last co-owner is Stephanie Wilkinson herself, the one who caused the incident with Miss Sanders.

Stephanie was the founder & publisher of ‘Brain Child magazine’ and also used to work at a Weekly Charlottesville newspaper. She also co-owns the knitting business ‘House Mountain Yarn Co.’ This particular knitting business is important and will come to play a role in further articles.


Miss Wilkinson is married to Duncan J. Ritcher, a Ph.D. philosophy professor at the Virginia Military Institute.

Miss Wilkinson was also part of the leadership (executive director) of Lexington local business group ‘Main Street Lexington’. Since the incident, they have asked her to step down from her position or she has resigned (depending on sources). Either way, she is no longer listed in the Main Street website.

The actual building and land of Red Hen restaurant belong to Phillip E Clayton. Mr. Clayton has two business enterprises registered at his home address. This isn’t necessarily unusual. He might, in fact, have two businesses, or it might be that one of them is used as a paper trail for tax purposes.

Another claim is that the person in the picture below wearing an FBI recognized pedophile symbol for a necklace is Miss Wilkinson. This isn’t true. The person is, in fact, Tina Miller, one of the board of directors of Main Street Lexington local business association group.

The last claim being made is that Miss Wilkinson herself is related to Meryl Steep. This information appears to be correct upon closer inspection.

This is the first article about The Red Hen restaurant and the people involved with it and the organizations around it. There will be a second one, and possibly a third.

*Should new information come to light with regards to Mr. Frazier and any Red Hen association, I will update this article accordingly or write a new one to make any necessary clarifications.

**Should this individual reply to my queries and bring new information to light, I will update accordingly.

***Undocumented sources claim there are four partners to the Red Hen restaurant. I was only able to verify three of them. However, at the time of writing this article, a lot of government websites were unavailable. If new information comes to light, updates will be made to reflect the findings.



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