McAuliffe and Lexington’s Red Hen Connections – Pt2

As the investigation grows into the incident of the 22nd of June at the Red Hen, it becomes clear that the presence of Sarah Sanders at the restaurant was not coincidental, but a strategically planned move to expose a corrupt and nation-wide underground operation with both Red Hen restaurants (Lexington and Washington DC) at the center of it all.

In order to unravel the tangled web around the Red Hen restaurants and how they are in turn connected to an Underground Network of Intelligence, it is necessary to take a step back and name one of the key players in the operation: Terry McAuliffe.

Mr. McAuliffe, whose application to join the order of The Knights of Malta was rejected due to his unabashed pro-abortion views, was the Governor of Virginia from 2014 to 2018.


The former governor, a close Clinton associate, was deeply involved in the affairs of Rockbridge County, which includes the independent cities of Buena Vista and Lexington. Mr. Mcauliffe met Red Hen co-owner Stephanie Wilkinson, then one of the executive directors, at least during his involvement with Main Street Lexington Business program, if not before. He is also familiar with Tina Miller, also a member of the board of directors of Main Street Lexington. Miss Miller gained some notoriety while anonymous users investigated the incident with Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, and noticed her wearing jewelry with FBI-recognized symbolism related to pedophilia.

The links below provide a small sample of Mr. McAuliffe’s involvement with the County of Rockbridge.

Mr. McAuliffe, an environmentalist and proponent of renewable energies, has close ties to the Virginia Military Institute, where Ph.D. Duncan J. Ritcher, husband of Red Hen co-owner Stephanie Wilkinson, is a professor of Philosophy and part of the Department of English, Rhetoric, and Humanistic Studies.

Interestingly, Mr. Clayton, the actual landowner where the Red Hen sits, also comes from the Virginia Military Institute. 

Under Virginia State Laws, the boards governing public institutions of higher education in the state of Virginia are known as Board of Visitors; and are appointed by the Governor. In the case of Virginia, it includes the following: The College of William & Mary, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, James Madison University, Radford University, University of Mary Washington, Longwood University, Virginia Military Institute, and George Mason University.

In fact, there is evidence to support that Mr. McAuliffe took full advantage of his powers and appointed some new four members to the Board of Visitors at Virginia University.

While this might seem nothing more than Mr. McAuliffe simply fulfilling his duties as governor, it is more than a random coincidence that will become clearer in further articles. The appointment of individuals to public institutions of higher educations literally means, in effect, that the governor controls those organizations. Board members (visitors or otherwise) can set the syllabus, but also have a hand into which ideas should be promoted to students and which other forms of thinking should be suppressed or prohibited. This means that students can be mold into a particular form of thinking, (i.e. everything to do with Donald Trump is evil because my teacher said so) instead of encouraging a healthy exchange of ideas that allows individuals to grow.


Interestingly, Mr. McAulffie obtained his Juris Degree in 1984 while studying at GeorgeTown University. The same University to which prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, from Saudi Arabia, was donating exorbitantly large amounts of money. It is also one of the universities that feature most prominently in Wikileaks emails because some its members seem to talk in pedophile code, and exchange emails with John Podesta about cheese, handkerchiefs, and pizza-related maps.

One last interesting point to note is that almost every individual that has been mentioned so far in connection to the Lexington’s Red Hen, is in turn connected to the University of Virginia and Charlottesville.

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