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Terry McAuliffe: the man above the Law

In a previous article, some concerned was expressed about Mr Nathan Larson‘s abilities to run for congressional state office. The charming accountant from Charlottesville was convicted in 2009 for sending death threads to the President of the United States. He was was sentenced to 16 months’ imprisonment and three years’ supervised release.

Under the US Constitution, there is no restriction against a felon running for federal office or even the presidency. However, state laws are different; and under Virginia State law, Mr Larson was ineligible to run for office there. That was, of course, until Terry McAuliffe restored his voting and candidacy rights in 2016.

The same year, Mr. McAuliffe restored the voting rights of thousands of felons. Originally, he intended to pardon 206 000 of them, including 132 sex offenders. A petition was filed (Howell vs McAuliffe) asking the Supreme Court of Virginia to issue a writ of mandamus and a writ of prohibition ordering the cancellation the voter registration. The Court acknowledged that the move was an unprecedented power grab and highly illegal.

In an act of defiance to the Virginia Supreme Court, Mr McAuliffe illegally granted voting rights to 60 000 criminals.

While the state of Virginia alone would not have given Donald Trump the presidency, the move was clearly done to favor Hillary Clinton, already aided by rigged Soros-voting machines. *














*The voter fraud in Virginia will be exposed in another article.


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