Terry McAuliffe's questionable frienships

McAuliffe’s questionable friendships


Former governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe has some questionable friendships that have many shaking their heads. One such friendship is James Alefantis, a man who was once listed by GQ’s magazine as one of the 50 most powerful people in Washington. Mr. Alefantis is involved in several business ventures such a Transformers, a DC-based non-profit, artist-centered organization that connects and promotes emerging artists. He also owns the restaurants  Buck’s Fishing Camping and Comet Ping-Pong. Comet Ping Pong is currently at the center of a worldwide child trafficking ring known as Pizzagate*.

Mr. Alefantis, a good friend and confidant of the Clinton family clan, has ties to convicted child sex trafficker Laura Silsby via a Haitian foundation known as Friends of the Orphans. He also has a close friendship with the Bronfman family clan (who also donate to McAuliffe’s political campaigns), the Cafritz family and the Foldgers.  All of them, in turn, are deeply linked to the NXIVM sex and human trafficking cult that brands their members.

Mr. Terry Mcauliffe seems to attend the same social gatherings as Mr. Alefantis. And his wife Dorothy McAuliffe, First Lady of the Commonwealth of Virginia, also does attend the same cooking with Fratelli Podesta’s parties as Mr. Alefantis.

Another friend and donor of Mr. McAuliffe’s is Harvey Weinstein. Mr. Weinstein is currently on court proceedings accused of sexual abuse, rape and other criminal offenses including, but not limited to, intimidation and blackmail. It appears to be a fact that Mr. Weinstein used Mossad agents to target his many sexual assault victims that might have otherwise talked to authorities.

harvey weinstein donations to terry McAuliffe

From politicians to Hollywood celebrities, anybody from the upper levels of society that has had any direct association with Mr. Weinstein is claiming to have no knowledge of Weinstein’s inappropriate behavior. But the truth is that it was an open-secret both in Hollywood and DC that Mr. Weinstein was a predator that abused his position of power in order to gain sexual favors. Far too many people knew about it. All of them complicit in the suffering of countless victims.


Harvey Weinstein also donates to Oceana, the charity connected to NXIVM cult via Richard Branson.  and the Sandler family clan that exchange emails with John Podesta in pedophilia-related code.

While it is true that Mr. Weinstein donated to Mr. McAuliffe’s political campaign, it is also true that when (and only when) the story of Mr. Weinstein’s many fits of abuse reached the mainstream media, Mr. McAuliffe did make some public statements about donating the amount given to him by Mr. Weinstein to the  Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance.


But don’t let any of this fool you. The truth is that politicians are all part of the same elite club that has little to do with representing the well-being of individuals, and a lot more to do with filling their own pockets. Terry McAuliffe has very powerful friends. Corporations like Planned Parenthood, Coca Cola and even ExxonMobile are all main donors. Pharmaceutical corporations, Big Tobacco companies, and even tech giants like Facebook or Expedia all donate to McAuliffe. It is not uncommon for corporations to lobby behind political candidates. After all, they are truly the ones who decide which laws get passed and what rulings should the courts decide. It isn’t uncommon either for political parties and candidates to donate to each other (Republicans to Democrats and vice versa). They do this generally to further their businesses. In the case of Donald Trump, just like he used to donate to Hillary Clinton, he also used to donate to Terry McAuliffe; all in all, it seems, to get his wines to sell in Virginia.

A follow-up post about Mr. McAuliffe’s DOJ investigation will expand upon other unscrupulous donations.






















*All the information currently linked to my twitter page will be updated here as articles and the links themselves will be changed to reflect a deeper investigation.


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