Marina Abramovic high satanic dark priestess

Who is Marina Abramovic?


Marina Abramovic is considered to be a ‘modern artist’. A conceptual modern artist, at that. Interestingly, the concept of modern art was developed by the CIA in order to combat the propaganda war of the Soviet Union; and backed, of course, by Nelson Rockefeller. While the CIA implemented the move, the type of ‘degenerate art’ was actually a counter-culture attack on Christian European societies by communist Jews before the First and Second World War broke out.

Marina was born in Serbia in 1946. And for the first six years of her life, lived with her very religious grandmother. According to Marina’s claims, her grandmother belonged to the Orthodox Church and had a liking for ditching out punishments in the form of whipping. There were also, according to Marina, other rituals that included ‘drawing blood’.

When her brother Velimir was born, they moved back with their parents.

Velimir Abramovic Marina Abramovic's brother
Velimir Abramovic

In her biographies and interviews, she usually states that she has never married. This isn’t true. She had two marriages. The first one to Neša Paripović, a Serbian artist, and later to Paolo Canevari, another artist from Italy.


Marina has had 3 abortions not because of medical or psychological reasons, but ‘because children hold a female artist back‘.

It is said that marina herself is related to Rasputin. This might or might be true and even if it was, it would be a very hard fact to prove. What does seem to be a fact however is that she is the great-granddaughter of Varnava Rosić, a priest from Sava, Serbia. Varnava was in fact born Petar Rosić in Pljevlja, and according to letters sent from Father Georgy Shavelsky to Father Vostokov, Varnava  ‘liked to wear women’s clothing, throw wild parties in the monastery, and take boys to his bed’.

Varnava Rosic born Petar Rosić in Pljevlja,- Marina Abramovic great grandfather
Varnava Rosić

What appears to be a fact is that Varnava and Rasputin had met on several occasions. Perhaps they were not bosom friends, but it seems that Rasputin could help advance Varnava’s career, and Varnava could defend Rasputin against attacks from within the ranks of the church.

It is also true that from her maternal side of the family, Marina is a direct descendant of the old Luciferian European houses. Her family is direct descendants of the House of Hugh Capet. Hugh Capet (941-966 AD) was the first King of the Franks of House Capet from his election in 987 A.D until his death. The members of House of Capet were original of the Satanic Religion who perpetrated human sacrifices and blood rituals in underground temples in Paris, named after Paris of Troy. The Cathedral of Notre Dame is built over one of these Satanic Temples and is still in use today.

Marina seems to be a pathological liar. According to her, her father was a ‘hero’. His brother Velimir tells us a different story. According to him: “He was an old communist, he became a member in 1934, but he was never a hero. In fact, they were Yugoslav Partisans. and after the Second World War, her father became an elite guard for Josip Broz Tito and her mother the director of the Museum of Art and Revolution in Belgrade. Marina herself will later join the communist party; but regardless of claims, she had a very privileged upbringing.


Marina’s brother is professor Dr. Velirmir Abramovic. Velimir is a  philosopher & mathematician whose work appears to consist mainly on refuting Einstein’s theories on electrodynamics. He is also very concerned with the possibilities of the ‘many infinities’, and the works of Nikola Tesla. Interestingly, Mr. Velimir is also well-known in Astana, Kazakhstan, the capital of the NWO.

Velimir is a member of the ‘Institute for the Science of Time’, otherwise known as ‘Akademia NOIA. What is interesting about NOIA is that they concerned themselves with the study of “Noosphere“, from Greek “noos, nous” = “mind”, and “sphaira” = “globe”, a figurative envelope of conceptual thought, or reflective impulses produced by the human intellect. Greek philosophers wrote extensively about the ‘thought world’ and how it is just as real as the matter or quantum world; and, how events can be influenced by the power of the mind alone. Ideas, whether positive or negative, travel and spread around the world across a not-well-understood energy web known as Global Consciousness. It is the reason why inventions do occur simultaneously around the world from people who have never met or had contact with each other before.

We are energy and everything around us is energy, including inanimate objects. Everything vibrates and resonates at different frequencies. And it is this energy and frequency that can actually be used and in essence, harvest for different purposes. Prayer is one of such concepts. There are others like meditation, Reiki, etc. But just as it can be used for good purposes (i.e. healing), it can also be used for evil purposes. It’s all about intentions. The mind has an effect on the object observed and, at a grander scale, it also has an effect on world events.


In a quantum experiment, the outcome will vary depending on whether it is being observed or not. In the matter world (the physical world), the counterpart is that actions are affected by thoughts. If one were to imagine a triangle, each side will have one of these worlds: the quantum world, the thought world, and the matter world. And they are all interlinked and dependent on one and another. If we apply this concept to prayer or meditation, or any other forms of ‘thought-action’, it can very well mean the 1 mm that deflects a bullet from its target.

While the concept of ‘noosphere’ and ‘increasing human energy’ might sound foreign, and indeed far-fetched, there are a handful of laboratories around the world concerned with the study of the effects that the mind has on everyday objects, actions, and events.

The concept of “Noosphere” was developed by 3 main key figures: Nikola TeslaVladimir Verdansky & Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. In today’s modern world, Tesla institute still carries on the research whose ground was set by Tesla and many others after him.

What does it all mean? Simply put: when you reduce everything to its basic constituents of matter, all you are left with are electrical charges. In that scenario and while looking into subatomic particles, you can’t tell where a chair ends and the person sitting on it begins because everything is intertwined. Similar to knowing that H2O is a water molecule, but wondering how many of them does it actually take for the properties of water to appear at a macroscopic level.

When you look at ‘noosphere’ or ‘the thought world’, similar things occur. We all have our individual thoughts that somehow define us as a person. But we also have collective thoughts, usually swayed one way or another by the information we receive (press, TV, entertainment, etc). But our thoughts are also affected by whether the neighbor living next door is a good mood or not. This part of the web known as ‘Global Consciousness’, though the concept can appear under many other names. In a sense, we are one, and hence ‘where we go one, we all go’.


As related to human energy and global consciousness, there is the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Noetic sciences were co-founded in  1973 by former astronaut Edgar Mitchell.

At this point, all this might sound like wild guess-work and a lot of incoherent ideas, but more often than not, the truth is stranger than fiction. There is more to reality than what we perceive, and having control over the ‘unseen realities’ do exert power over our own.

Echoes of entities inhabiting the realm of the light spectrum have come to us across centuries. Records of benevolent entities known as ‘daemon‘ have come to us from the Greeks. Islamic theologies speak of Jinn as two separates entities: a kind one from God’s creation and a malignant group.

There is chirality to nature. Chirality is a chemistry term that means that two things that are asymmetrically the same are also opposite. The duality of life if you prefer, a yin-yang, male-female, matter-antimatter. Opposite logarithms that are just exponentials in the macroscopic way of life. Infinitely the same but opposite in the realm of eukaryotic and prokaryotic life.

If we assume that chirality and/or duality are facts of the universe, then it is entirely possible that somewhere in the vast realm of the university there exists unknown entities, invisible to the human eye, that have both a good and evil natures.

While we all appreciate journeying into the unknown, a step back into the realm of our own reality to consolidate first the real facts that we have, before considering any further what goes on beyond the visible light and what Marina Abramovic and many others in positions of power have to do with it all.

1-Are there dimensions? Yes.

Physics models theorize of at least ten dimensions. Some argue that more; but beyond ten apparently the math becomes unstable.

CERN is also looking for dimensions.

There are plenty of mathematical models and evidence to suggest further dimensions besides our own four-dimensional plane of existence.

Similarly, Ruggero Santilli in his paper titled ‘Apparent Detection via New Telescopes with Concave lenses of Otherwise Invisible Terrestrial Entities (ITE), speaks of creatures living outside the spectrum of human visibility.

Interestingly, Santilli wears a Teutonic cross. The Teutonic order gives its allegiance to the Vatican.

The Vatican is also looking for such entities. And as it happens, the Vatican has an observatory in Mount Graham, Arizona. This is within a very short distance of where the Cemex story broke out. The Vatican and the University of Arizona, in fact, paid billions to the natives who had it as a consecrated land. It is said the location opens up one of the many portals around the world so said entities can come through.

Of course, the Vatican and the CIA work very closely together.

It is rumored that Marina is also closely working with the Vatican. It might appear that Marina herself is a member of the Knights of Malta or at least the female version of it known as the ‘Dames of Malta.’ It is also rumored that she is associated with Mother Theresa’s charity accused of being a pedophilia ring. While all this might be speculation, what will become clear in future posts is that everybody associated with Marina Abramovic is in turn linked to pedophilia or human trafficking networks, and in some cases, both.

Marina Abramovic knights of Malta
Marina Abramovic

Ok, so science says there are very likely other dimensions, which both CERN and The Vatican seem to be looking for. If dimensions do in fact exists:

2- Could there possibly be entities inhabiting those dimensions? Yes.

The fact is that according to some FBI declassified documents, we have been visited by numerous entities from other dimensions.


They are not excarnate Earth people, but come from their own world.

They do NOT come from a planet as we use the word, but from an etheric planet which interpenetrates with our own and is not perceptible to us.

The region from which they come is not the “astral plane”, but corresponds to the Lokas or Talas. Students of esoteric matters will understand these terms.

It sounds like dimensions to me. And it sounds that there are beings inhabiting a reality that we cannot see.

Perhaps this Area 51 frantic caller doesn’t seem like a joke anymore. I know the radio program tried to pass it off as a joke later on. But the other calls didn’t sound anything like this one.

3-Could those entities feed on energy?

The simple answer is that our diet is largely based on carbon because we are carbon-based organisms. If there exists bodiless entities or at least entities composed of light, it is also possible that those entities might feed on energy. Velimir Abramovic certainly seems to think so, and ponders over the involvement of HAARP.

Certainly, Marina Abramovic and her brother Velimir are both very interested in the works of Nikola Tesla and work on the same projects regarding the increase of human energy.

Are Marina’s performances designed to harvest energy from the audience? Yes, they are. The means by which this is achieved will be explored in further articles related to Spirit Cooking and other of her performances.

As this point, we have to wonder: who is really Marina Abramovic? Who is this obscure Serbian artist that rubs shoulders with the very elites of our societies?

if there is something to take away from all of this is that Marina Abramovic is a high priestess. In fact, she is The High Priestess. A dark Satanic priestess at that. Or if you prefer, a witch. And everybody related to her is in turn related to pedophilia, human trafficking and/or cannibalism.



Marina Abramovic


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