George M. Nasif and The Rothschild documents- elemi fuentes

George M. Nasif and The Rothschild documents

A man by the name of George M. Nasif came under my radar only a few weeks ago, claiming to be in possession of not only the DNC server, but a few other interesting documents.

The alleged documents Mr. Nasif claimed to posses are, in his own words, the following:

A very brief explanation of what’s going down this week. My profile is private but the post is public Please hit SHARE to share this post and all document photos. 

1. Q and Trump have received the contents of my server which includes the following: 

A. Entire DNC Server – Far more than exposed by “Gucifer2.0” 

B. Entire HRC Email Server including deleted emails 64,000 total  

C. Entire Obama, Podesta, Biden,FBI, CIA, Email servers and attachment files. over one million files total. 

D., Hillary, Wiener, Email servers with attachments 

E. Pizza gate files, including video, photos, and correspondence. 

F.Entire file on Uranium One including Russian Side 

G. A Total of 3 Terrabytes, and over 2 million documents. 

H. Every donation to the Clinton foundation 

I. Every donation to the DNC, 

J. Obama’s offshore bank accounts 

K. Clinton offshore Bank accounts 

L. McCain Bank accounts 

M. Every name, address, phone number , credit card payment of SOROS employee donations to DNC, RNC, yes republicans Soros bought off , Anti-fa, Clinton Foundation, 

N. Donations to Clinton Campaign from (19) illegal Foreign countries. Nineteen counts of campaign fraud here. 

O. Complete Clinton body count over 30 years. 

P. Classified Emails

Q Benghazi, Yemen and Syria war plans between HRC< Podesta, Obama, Qatar Rebels/AlQaeda. 

Sorry,, I have to stop at QQQQQQQQQQ

These claims from Mr Nasif were originally posted on his Facebook account, which appears to have been taken down and restored several times since he revealed this information, along with very telling screen shots.

I took the following screen shoots of the claims he made online.

I have to admit that, at the time, I took the word of a friend regarding Mr Nasif’s claims and quickly discarded the information as yet another person trying to gain some Internet notoriety. It seems that I was badly advised, though perhaps not on purpose.

As I was hovering in bed last night between life and death (OK, nowhere near as bad, but it sounds very poetic) and unable to sleep due to pains and other unwanted bodily functions, I kept myself entertained by looking over Twitter accounts and reading a great deal of general articles completely unrelated to this post.

It was then that I came across Mr Nasif’s twitter account: @GeorgeMNasif

Two things caught my eye in there: a document about Rothschild’s deal with the Department of Justice and, scrolling through Mr Nasif’s comment, his reassurances that he has already sent all or most of his information to Wikileaks, to Donald Trump, to Kim Dot Com and a range of other agencies and/or people who could, potentially, release the contents. Something in the way he spoke, which included a few remarks about the safety of his person, led me to believe that perhaps there was a lot more to Mr Nasif and his claims than I originally though.

While I haven’t had to time to verify every single claim of Mr Nasif’s, I have at least verified the one that involves the specific document regarding the Rothschild’s banks and the DOJ. More specifically, a friend of mine that goes by the Twitter handle of @hermoneyness helped me verify these claims. And if it wasn’t because of her, this article would have never seen the light.

By now you should all be aware that the Rothschild family clan controls almost all the banking, finance and monetary systems in the world, and that the Trump family are deeply indebted to the Rothschilds. Julian Assange also works very closely with the Rothschilds and C.I.A. in several ways.


However, if you do not know any of this, fear not, it will become available in further articles.

Let’s get back to the interesting Rothschild document and the point of this article.

Let’s summarize what happened here: The DOJ found a lot of ‘undeclared accounts‘ owned by individuals and subject to U.S tax and maintained in foreign country that had not been reported to the individual account owner to the US government on an income tax return. In simple words: tax fraud from a number of undisclosed accounts.

Rothschild Bank AG submitted a letter to the Department of Justice’s Program for Non-Prosecution Agreements or Non-Target Letters for Swiss Banks (aka, the Cabal), asking the Department of Justice, in effect, not to go public with anything that was going on. Rothschild Bank AG agrees to pay the sum of $11,510,000 as a ‘penalty’ to the DOJ in exchange for the DOJ’s silence about any ‘tax dealing’ that might be going on outside the law or bordering any illegalities. They agree to close some 300 accounts that would have been kept open and in operation if the DOJ hand’t looked into it.

So in effect, the Rothschild’s paid off the DOJ in order for the Rothschild AG bank to “use best efforts to close as soon as practicable, and in no event later than the four-year term of this Agreement, any and all US Related Accounts classified as ‘dormant’ (i.e. used for laundering purposes) in accordance with applicable laws…”.

And that is it. If you haven’t understood the implications of this, let me lay out in simple laymen’s terms for you: one of the many Rothschild’s bank was found to be involved in tax evasion at the very least, and money laundering. They paid off the DOJ and agree to close a few accounts. A few accounts they would have never closed in the first place and a few accounts that where in fact doing millions if not billions of US tax evasion. But this doesn’t matter because, at the end of the day, the government is not going after the big corporations, just the small guy like you and me that works some 60+ hours a week to try to put food on his table, but forgot to fill out some form or another and hence will get thousands of dollars in penalty fines.

Don’t ever expect a Rothschild to see the inside of a prison cell. Not when they are the ones backing the President of the United States finances. Not when they are the ones that have the money and resources to pay everybody off to look the other way.

While this might seem like a #nothingburger to you, the further we expand into the DOJ dealings with every other criminal under the Sun, the clearer it becomes that they are not working to bring justice to you, the average law-abiding citizen. They are working for the corporations: the big banking cartels and the mafia drug lords. The Tobacco companies and the Big Pharma. The NRA (yes, you read that right), and Planned Parenthood. Even dear old-god-loving-ever-righteous-Gop donates to Planned Parenthood.

Can Mr. Nasif’s documents be trusted? As I pointed out before, I haven’t checked every single document he ever posted or every claim he ever made. But in this particular case, yes, he was 100% reliable. And again, it is thanks to @hermoneyness  here that we were (she) able to verify the documents as genuine.

And while rumors on the Internet and from conspiracy group #Qanon  has it these days that ‘pain is coming‘, it seems almost a certainty that pain is not coming for the President’s financial backers anytime soon.


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