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  1. If you are only bitter about Trump U are blind to the Whole Story. I have followed Nasif too, before he got shot. Read beyond your own personal bias.


    • Americans are truly blind when it comes to their leaders…


      • U are not seeing the Forest for the Trees. Trump used a system that was ‘Set Up’ by others for advantage. As did Warren Buffet, Bloomberg, Bezo, Koch, Ellison, Walton’s etc. Your Hate for Trump and your jealousy of success blinds you to ALL else. You are only looking in one direction of your beliefs. Trump loves America, he is not selling America for Profit & Power. However, his predecessors have. Example: Long Island Port to China. Get over your hatred and bias and be glad you aren’t walking around in a Burka with a male baby under each arm & leg. It may still occur if Trump & his Patriots can’t repair the damage.
        Some Americans are totally suckered by what was really happening to the USA. They conned you.


        • You lost me at hate. That is your own bias right there that makes you believe that what I believe is wrong, even though you truly have no idea what I believe or what I know.
          But hey, whatever makes you sleep at night.


          • You’ve shown me what you believe with your words. I see you have plenty of research on this site and with Nasif’s information you could have written a great article on what goes on behind the political curtain. But, having zero’d in on only President Trump you missed the meat. Ask yourself why? Had it not been for Trump being elected President, none of these horrific injustices would have been brought to light. As for Q conspiracy, Future proves Past. They (Q) seem to know where truth lies.


          • You lost me at Q… smh


  2. Excellent research and I know it takes a very long time to put together. I will promote your site. Keep up the outstanding works! I’m in an author chat plugin if you want me to promote anything, send me the links.


    • Thank you so much. That means the world to me. And of course, we both know the time it takes to get something done as well as to get our work out there.
      Now I am looking to get ‘the land of the free-ish’ out there. People don’t seem to realize what an impact on privacy that will make, as well as getting rid of the Privacy act altogether. Gonna follow you as well. Thanks


  3. This document is dated June 2, 2015. Obama DOJ cut the deal. Hussein’s DOJ was famous for collecting huge fines and having them paid directly to Soros non profits. One of Sessions first actions was to stop that unlawful practice. Sessions speech stated by law third party settlements would go first to victims then remainder to U.S. Treasury.
    at 10:45 https://youtu.be/nl8xb8DJ0z4


  4. Trump has done business with and been financed by lots of people over the years, that doesn’t mean he is in bed with them. The Russian mafia who control the New York construction and property business in NYC and in most big cities in the NorthEast, bailed President Trump out after his Atlantic City casino failed. They thought this meant he owed them, and when he got elected, Felix Sater and a couple of other Russian bigwigs, wanted a position in his cabinet,he flatly denied them and said No.When they tried to say he “owed them for bailing him out” President Trump said “yes, and I paid you back every dime and with interest. I owe you nothing” He also personally paid back everyone who lost money when he had to file bankruptcy in relation to Atlantic City. He didn’t have to do that legally, they had all received payment via the bankruptcy court, but they only received pennies on the dollar and Trump did it anyway. And if you had been really researching and paying attention, he has been going after the Rothschilds since the beginning of his Presidency. It is clear the procurer of this document, George M. Nasif, does not consider President Trump as beholden to the Rothschilds or he would not have sent the documents to him. And I think he has a lot more discernment than you obviously have. He also obviously considers Q team to be legit, or he would not have sent the documents to them. Anyone with an ounce of discernment and intelligence can easily verify close to 85-90% of what Q has ever posted with open source research and metadata. So, NO! I will not buy you a beer. Obviously the booz has already affected your cognitive abilities and intelligence.

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  5. Fascinating, hopeful and depressing at the same time.


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