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The Justice of Q: is John McCain really dead?


Originally written on 26-08-2018

The press has been having a field with the death of Mr. McCain. On both sides, there have been attacks and condolences. Grieving and rejoicing. But the point of this is not about Mr. McCain’s death (or life), but about the questions, it arises.

1-The behavior

People on both sides of the political spectrum have very different perceptions of the life of Mr. McCain. There are those who are rejoicing at his death, and while is not my place to question their reasons, it is my place to question their relentless attacks to his surviving family members. Is a son responsible for the deeds of his father? I see too much hatred. Too much of a mob mentality. A herd on either side that is easily swayed and divided by the newspapers and underground movements.

We all have a relative we are not proud of: perhaps in jail or awaiting trial, perhaps a wife-beater, a drunk… We all have a family member we don’t like to be associated with and, in most cases, we have nothing to do with them throughout our lives. How would it feel to us to be attacked by an online mob? Imagine that relative of yours committed a crime, how would you feel being attacked for something you haven’t done?

2-Questioning QAnon: the McCain conflict

I am not going to do an in-depth description as to what QAnon is and the beliefs behind the movement. There is already a lot of information online covering the topic for you to research at your leisure.

What I question is the reality of QAnon. I already did a long thread about some of the points that I plan to expand on at a later date. So I am just questioning the particular aspect of QAnon that has to do with John McCain, NoName, Songbird.

At this point, there have been many theories based on the drops on 8chan. I summarized the three main points that are most valid to me:

  • He made a deal to kill himself so his name wouldn’t be tarnished and his family would be allowed to just move on (despite the fact that his wife is guilty of many crimes, but mostly ‘crimes against children’)
  • He was killed at the specific time signaled by Qanon. Whether McCain was agreeable to the deal or not is irrelevant to the main questions. 
  • He is not dead but made one of those deals we keep hearing so much (i.e. resignations without any consequences).
Qanon: nobody gets a free pass. Qanon No deals. Also Qanon: deals need to be made

What deals, you may ask? Well, I am not math genius, but this sounds to me that about 70% of people are corrupt but a great deal of them will indeed walk away with a deal and without facing any consequences for their actions. How many people have so far made a deal? Well, some several thousand.

Resignations without any consequences. No penalty for their crimes simply because they were heads of major corporations, or states, or political parties. Are we as citizens allowed such courtesy when it comes to Lady Justice; or is every single one of our deeds punished and our money and liberties reduced as a consequence of it all? Why are these people allowed to move on with life and their misdeeds forgotten and unpunished? Are we only concerned with ‘crimes against children‘ and everything else gets off the hook because ‘is not as bad’? Is that your definition of Justice?

Meanwhile, do nothing. Sit tight, grab the popcorn and get busy making memes that nobody will see except your echo chamber because algorithms have already been put in place for that. You are no threat to the government sitting at your computer. Your voice online means nothing to anybody because as soon as you step out of your front door, everything about that world is a lie, a fabrication, an illusion of choice to keep you enslaved, working, paying taxes, and keeping your brain sufficiently distracted so you don’t ask enough questions and are unable to look at things objectively.

We are trained little parrots parroting somebody else’s views of the world via re-tweets.

Objectivity is dead.

If this last point were true, it will mean that he has gone into hiding, faked his death, helped to disappear. Whatever the options, it would mean that he is still alive somewhere. Something very plausible given that we were told that McCain’s cancer was fake.

If you think faking death is not possible, consider these few examples that people have managed over the years. Just imagine how easy that would be for a government that has many more times the resources and intelligence than the average individual.

To preserve the Republic - Qanon post
Qanon post

Does that sound like justice to you? The press on the left, their politicians and every other henchman lie about this man. But what do the press and everybody else on the right does? They cover for the crimes. How? Because they do not expose the crimes. They toss you a bone here and there with a reasonable detailing of some of his pasts misdeeds. They toss you a bone and then bombard your brain with pointless and unnecessary information (just like the left), just to keep you busy, distracted and dumb. But the truth? Nobody ever tells the truth. Or at least, never the full truth. Snippets here and there to give the illusion of honesty. To give the illusion of political differences, to create online debates, to keep you busy for a few days then feed you another tidbit of information


They all knew about McCain’s misdeeds. They are all complicit. Politicians knew and so-called-journalists knew. Corporations knew and individuals also knew. Thousands upon thousands of people knew. And so they are all complicit. Their silence was the only reason that countless victims suffered and countless other people died. And nobody told you a damn thing. That is your real swamp. All of them. Playing a game of debates and opinions and manipulating your emotions while slowly taking your civil liberties and human rights away. Enemies by day and friends at night.

Ask yourself: what kind of decent human being sees a little girl being raped and does nothing? Will you confront the abuser or go to the police? Or will you remain silent for years, so that this little girl suffers inconceivable damage, meaning that she would never be able to trust and/or function in society?

“The Right Wing and the Left Wing are parts of the Same Bird”.

Qanon post: Fight, Fight, Fight!

Keep fighting. Keep being loud. Keep clamoring for Justice and transparency. Keep asking for the truth. At the end of the day, you won’t get any of it. Qanon’s team has already decided that the populus is too stupid, too dumb and too immature to cope with the truth.

Why does it matter as long as McCain is gone?

It matters in terms of Justice. But also it does matter for what it does to us, the society, the masses, the WWG1WAG. To me, at least, Justice does matter.

Did any of his countless victims, or any of the families he destroyed, got justice for the crimes? Did any of them manage to find solace and peace in life, knowing the fact that the man who committed all those evils was publicly shamed, exposed and charged? They didn’t. And while they try to tell the world about it, instead of compassion, they are met with nothing but hatred and contempt. They are called liars and shamed, simply because the truth is not exposed and is not freely available. Simply because McCain made a deal.

3-Hailing a hero

It is my personal belief that a man should not be held a hero or given respect simply because he has passed away. A man who has worked hard all his life to earn the respect of his family and the community should be held a hero. In life, and most importantly, in death. At his passing, his deed should be written in a thousand languages and spread across all continents so that their spirit never dies, but lives among us, forever reminding us of deeds of true humanity and kindness.

A man or a woman, whoever they might be, that has committed many acts of deceit and treachery and thievery and bribery and even murder, such a person should never be held a hero. We shouldn’t honor their spirits and their memories when they are dead because we never honored them when they were alive. The truth should be told freely and without repercussions. Facts should be known to all us so that we never forget how low human nature can also stoop. A reminder to us all of how evil operates in the world: underground and undercover. Unmasking it and exposing it destroys it. It cannot survive in the light of truth. But if we lie, if we make heroes of those that were despicable while alive, we are complicit in evil. We help cover the evil and protect it so if that carries on in the shadows, undetected, hurting countless people because we lied. If we don’t speak up, if we help cover it up, we are complicit. All we do is perpetuate the crimes.

Shouldn’t we, as a civilized society, hold honesty and truthfulness as the highest values to which we should hold aspire? Shouldn’t we hold our leaders to at least those very same values? How can we ever progress as a nation?

P.S. The links below are for the purpose of example. I have no personal affiliation with any of them.


One thought on “The Justice of Q: is John McCain really dead?

  1. Weirdly , conspiracy theorist broadcaster Alex Jones accepted at deal with worth McCain’s dying from brain cancer . “I’m gonna take the high road because I think McCain was actually a twisted , compromised , tortured individual ,” Jones explained , naming McCain “leader of the deep state .”

    McCain might have got a prepared rejoinder of the “deathers” — much like he performed as he had taken the microphone in 2008 from the fan who named Barack Obama an “Arab” ; ridiculed “chemtrail Kelli Ward” in 2016 for claiming the reality that jet contrails distribute biological weapons as well as change weather condition ; in addition to denounced the “nutty conspiracy theory” in 2015 that accused this man of staging Islamic Country beheadings .

    McCain responded most of these insane with calm valid reason . In memories of him , let’s continue on his battle until they , as well as their boss in the Oval Office , come back to the crevices whence they came out .


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