Qanon: the Qult and the Legend – Part 1

1-The personal aspect: Elemi, you don’t know anything about Qanon

I discovered Qanon back late October, purely by accident. Perhaps the same day the LARP started or maybe a day or two later. I can’t recall. I do recall seeing some videos on YouTube about it all done by Tracy Beanz (who previously hosted a relatively unknown talk show named “TD Uncensored With Tracy Diaz”); though at the time I didn’t know who she was. I got sucked into it just like everybody else did. The cryptic messages were appealing, but even more so the expectations that regular citizens would see justice in a world filled with injustice. Because Lady Justice truly is blind to those who can pay their way forward. That so-called justice was supposed to come in the form of the arrest of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, mainly for their crimes against humanity and their crimes against children. The Office of the Inspector General mentioned this, which traces back to 2016 when NYPD seized Anthony Wiener’s laptop. So this particular point was not Qanon magic or predicting anything, simply regurgitating old news that would transform into the release of the report. This should have been apparent to any person following the news.

We were supposed to see mass arrests, and those individuals selling intelligence to foreign governments were all supposed to be tried and found guilty via military tribunals. But as I watched world events unfold around me, the reality of what I saw didn’t match what Qanon was telling us. We were led on wild ‘white rabbit’ chases that led to nowhere, just more conspiracies: Antarctica, North Korea, an island or two shaped like a rabbit, the Playboy bunnies… All empty chases that really led to nowhere. All the information that Qanon was giving us had already been around for years to those of us, who, like me, spend their time looking at all sorts of sources trying to find discernment in a world filled with disinformation and lies.

So just like everybody else, and maybe even more so than most, I began obsessing over Qanon. I spent a lot of sleepless nights researching into things I never cared for, or revisiting old concepts and trying to put into perspective this ‘master plan’. I had all the excel sheets and pdf documents with all the questions and answers and I devoured every bit information before Qproofs or Qanon Map or or any of the hundred other websites ever existed. I poured over the 8chan forums and read every post that came online on the hopes that the next clue will lead me somewhere. I spent hours reading and pondering and digging through it all and wasted even more hours on decodes that I know now, for a fact, to be pointless.

I watched my follower count grow while I was doing all these decodes. I didn’t think much of it, except that perhaps people appreciated the truth as much as I did, and appreciated the hours put into it all. But alas, it wasn’t so. The people that had never bothered in their lives to look up facts or to type two names on a web browser were no more ‘woke’ by the whole Qanon thing that they were before the con started. In fact, I grew tired and sick of mindless drones that will pester me with questions on my threads, whose answers were literally posted on the links provided or even on the images attached to it all. People drove me to stop doing threads. The idea of a blog started hovering on my head (though it would still take some months before it materialized). I never cared about a follower count. But this is something that was used against me from the mindless drones that choose to attack me endlessly for daring to question what Qanon was posting on 8chan. It became a cult whose only mantra turned out to ‘trust the plan‘ and don’t ask questions.

When you all keep saying that Qanon has opened the eyes of many and lead people to research that would have never done so before, that, I can tell you, is also a lie. Those who were searching for answers before Qanon came on the scene are still doing so regardless. Those who never bothered to search, are still relying on other people to tell them what to think about one subject or another. Regurgitating ‘facts’ that you hear from big accounts without doing any fact-checking yourself doesn’t make you anymore ‘woke’ than you were before. It still makes you a sheep. Or as I like to call it: ‘changing a shepherd for another shepherd still makes you a sheep‘.

Sheep no more Qanon, changing a shepherd for another shepherd still makes you a sheep - Elemi Fuentes
changing a shepherd for another shepherd still makes you a sheep

What I found since is that the group of fraudsters behind the Qanon movement had been creating hundreds of bot account as to inflate the number of followers of naive people who, like me, fell for the whole scam, making the re-tweets and comments look legitimate and the growth organic.

That is the main reason, I think (and this is pure speculation on my part), that Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter) was banning Qanon accounts. Not because of the content per, but because they were fake accounts created to spread lies and disinformation. That being said, it is also true that both Twitter and Jack Dorsey are extremely biased towards conservative accounts, and sometimes they will ban some accounts purely because a snowflake here or there report a comment that ‘hurt their feelings’. I, personally, have been blocked from Twitter before because somebody reported this article I did a while back as ‘hate speech‘; even though all of it is backed up by solid facts.


Since I don’t seek validation from random strangers, whether I have zero followers or a million is completely irrelevant to me. I care about the truth, and I figured those who cared about the truth as well, will take the time to read over the facts and try to validate any of the claims I ever made. But those who didn’t, wouldn’t at least waste my time with endless questions simply because they are too lazy to read over any of the facts already provided. What I found the most amusing was that people needed to tell me what to do with my own personal account, from: ‘go back to research’, to ‘go cook something to your husband’ simply because I choose to focus my energies discrediting a movement that I knew, even then, it was a lie. The more you told me what to do, the more I focused on exposing Qanon for the cult that it has become.

And so as months went by, my suspicious about what Qanon really was continued to grow. Ask yourself: why would the U.S military have the need to post random ‘secret messages’ on 8chan to make you all believe they work for your country? Don’t they do that already? Have you ever doubted this? I began to notice certain patterns: for example, everything ever said on those ‘crumbs’ was always to do with the DNC, but never was the corruption to expose the Conservatives. This bothered me. Because the ‘Deep State Swamp’ is all but the same colour under the surface, and corruption, bribery, murder, and paedophilia runs rampant on both sides of the political spectrum. Right wing and left wing are all part of the same bird.

In fact, the deeper one looks into it, the more it becomes clear that the original Qanon movement was hijacked by certain unfriendly operatives. It is what is called a Pied Piper operation: “the operation exists to round up people that are otherwise dangerous to the Deep State (because they are genuinely opposed to it) usurp time & attention, & trick them into serving its aims.”

Qanon has long since been infiltrated by rogue FBI and CIA operatives. Since CIA is not allowed to operate domestically, they use Israel as a proxy in their pied piper operation. The same operatives that were calling for a change of regime in Iran with, of course, the full meddling of the United States. This isn’t a new concept either, under the guise of pretending to be the world’s saviors, The United States has a long record of involvement in regime changes worldwide to fit its own purpose.

the door of all doors -qanon posts
Qanon posts: “the door of all doors”

And so, I stopped doing decodes and started researching into the great abyss that nobody else was looking into. I started digging into Trump, his family, his associates, his past. When I questioned any of this, I was either get attacked as a ‘shill’ or I would get a simple ‘he was only there to collect information’. This didn’t sit well with me. Not only because of what I have found since (post pending), but because I saw and experienced an army of mindless drones intent on nothing but expose every crime of Hillary Clinton (I agree, she should be in jail, at the very least), but every other crime in Trump’s past or any member of his administration was put down as ‘just there to collect info.’ After all, Qanon said that he is a ‘good guy’ now and that the ‘door of all doors’ changed him.  We were meant to believe that he is no longer part of Deep State, despite his obvious connections to the Jesuits and to Freemasonry. Despite his promises to ‘drain the swamp‘, only to turn around and appoint the swamp itself as members of his own cabinet. Forgive and forget, apparently. So I looked harder and deeper. And I found there were too many ‘coincidences for me to ignore. I realized there was not a single piece of solid evidence to convince me that Trump was ‘a good guy’ now. I will leave the endless stream broken promises for another article.

And so, I stopped doing decodes and started researching into the great abyss that nobody else was looking into. I started digging into Trump, his family, his associates, his past. When I questioned any of this, I was either get attacked as a ‘shill’ or I would get a simple ‘he was only there to collect information’. This didn’t sit well with me. Not only because of what I have found since (post pending), but because I saw and experienced an army of mindless drones intent on nothing but expose every crime of Hillary Clinton (I agree, she should be in jail, at the very least), but every other crime in Trump’s past or any member of his administration was put down as ‘just there to collect info.’ After all, Qanon said that he is a ‘good guy’ now and that the ‘door of all doors’ changed him.  We were meant to believe that he is no longer part of Deep State, despite his obvious connections to the Jesuits and to Freemasonry. Despite his promises to ‘drain the swamp‘, only to turn around and appoint the swamp itself as members of his own cabinet. Forgive and forget, apparently. So I looked harder and deeper. And I found there were too many ‘coincidences for me to ignore. I realized there was not a single piece of solid evidence to convince me that Trump was ‘a good guy’ now. I will leave the endless stream broken promises for another article.


After much research and a wealth of information, I began to slowly drop questions to my followers. Those questions were always along the lines of: ‘do you guys want the truth no matter what?’; ‘do you want justice no matter who we find guilty?’ The answers were always yes. Always overwhelmingly positive. No questions asked. They all told me they didn’t care about who was guilty as long as justice was served. They all claim that they didn’t want anything but the truth. Naively, I believed them. I thought they cared for truth, and since people had looked at other research I have done, they will believe facts when presented to them. I was completely wrong. Those same accounts that were all pro-truth and pro-justice were the same ones that came on the attack when I started questioning Qanon. By questioning, I mean simply dropping questions here and there about why hasn’t such and such happen yet, or what happened to this or that.

This was me being nice. The attacks increased. I continued to be nice and did some long threads full of questions about where this master-plan was supposed to be leading us to. I became a ‘shill’. I still took the time to do a long post about the alleged theories regarding John McCain’s death, simply to get people to start questioning and thinking outside the box and looking beyond what Qanon was telling us reality was, versus the bigger picture, the actual reality of events. At this point was when the so-called patriots that called for ‘unity, no division’, started calling me every name under the Sun and started claiming that I ‘sold my account’, that ‘Soros pays me’, ‘Mossad pays me’, ‘Alex Jones pays me’ and that ‘I don’t sound the same’. This particular lie was started by Swampy, (aka Qproofs, Cabal Punisher, Cabal Crusher, SwampysGhost, Swamp Drainer, FedupWithTheSwamp, SwampyRocks). (How many accounts and personalities does one need to perpetuate a con and claim victim-hood? Perhaps trying not to break the rules and accuse others willy-nilly without proof might be helpful. As an addendum, once you are permanently suspended you are not allowed to create other accounts. Doing so also violates the terms.)

Yet, to this day, nobody has been able to provide a shred of evidence of when that happened, to whom I sold it, who is paying me, or how much I am getting. Never mind that Twitter accounts are free to create, and you can easily inflate the numbers using bots. There are even free applications online that would do this for you, and even SEO and marketing companies that would do this for you in exchange of a fee. So what is more likely, that I got sucked into the scam like everybody else, then realized what was going on and have been trying to tell you all for months now, or that somehow I sold my account to Soros? Occam’s razor, just like logic, doesn’t seem to apply with a cult-like mentality.

swampy cabal punisher qproofs aura parytka is a liar and accuses people without factual evidence - qanon - elemi fuentes
Qanon promoter claims I sold my account. Evidence? Qanon doesn’t need evidence

Here is a small sample of some of the comments I (and others) got for daring to question Qanon. Apparently, deciding ‘The Plan’ is nothing but a LARP makes you not only a Deep State agent infiltrator and a spy but nothing sort of a pedophile enabler.

Months later, nothing has happened, yet nobody has had the guts to issue an apology. Not even those that had the sense to leave the Qult. I, on the other hand, have issued apologies to people like Defango, Titus Frost, Mike Rothschild, Isaac Green, and a few others. And while I have been trying my best to make amends ever since, I am also sure there are a few people I haven’t had the chance yet to apologize for my behavior. This is as good a time as any to say I am sorry. If you are one of them and feel that I should apologize directly to you, feel free to get in touch.

Eventually, I got tired of all the endless, mindless attacks and name-calling. I blocked hundreds of people every day. These so-called-adults started then spreading, even more, lies about me while whining about free speech. It seems to them, free speech is all about insults and defamation without facts, and one such as myself has to just lay down and take it all in the name of… well, free speech.

The nice approach didn’t work at all. People behaved like spoiled children and did nothing but make up lies about me rather than even remotely think about the possibility that perhaps, it was all a con. For people who claim to be all about ‘truth‘, they certainly don’t mind making up claims if those claims fit their own twisted reality. Since the rational thinking approach did not work at all with these people, I decided to do something drastic and dramatic: I changed completely the way I talked to anybody that refuses to see logic and evidence. In other words, I became a #Qunt. I came up with the #Qult #QultAnon and #Qunt hashtags to reply every time somebody attacked me for no reason other than not believing anonymous sources as facts. It has been glorious and extremely entertaining to watch people get sucked into a cult-like mentality and behavior. So offended by what a bored a housewife has to say, so triggered by an online comment that, you have all become the very definition of snowflakes that you all accuse the left to be. With no other sources to back up any claim other than “Qanon said” or you are a “shill“. The harder you tried to discredit me, the harder I dropped Q-debunking proofs. And I have been hard at it ever since.

2-Cult-like behavior and the useful mindless drones

The above is only a small sample of people. There have been hundreds if not thousands of attacks, not just against me, but against other people that choose to question the movement or disbeliefs it completely. Apparently, the mindless drones behind the cult all have the moral superiority to tell everybody else they are wrong and call them all sorts of unspeakable things. Even though, to date, everything ever predicted by Qanon turned out to be a lie.

Let me give you some more examples of hive mentality. Blackstone Intelligence is a Youtube channel that has been posting for months. The person behind this channel does not believe in the Qanon movement and is a free-thinker. He has had the audacity to question some of Trump’s policies and was met with hundreds of attacks from the Qanon community. The attacks were all personal, from calling him a traitor to even attacking his child and threatening his family.

This Satan parody account was also attacked by an army of useful idiots because ‘Q sent me. Avenatti, Lee Stratham, Bill Maher, Rainn Wilson, Senator Schumer, and countless others are being relentlessly attacked on a daily basis simply because ‘Q said so‘. The latest victim appears to be Maggie Haberman from the New York Times. What exactly did she do to get under Qanon radar? Nobody is fully quite sure. But obviously, she deserves a full backlash and relentless attacks because Qanon posted about her. 

For those who still say that Qanon is non-violent movement, let’s not forget that the Satan parody account was attacked only because Qanon referenced it.

But of course, it is only a ‘couple of people‘ and there are crazy people in every cult and in every religion, right? Well here are nearly two hundred  ‘couple of people‘ of those so-called-patriots from the Qarmy.

satan parody account attacked by Qanon mob

In fact, any simple search on Twitter with the wording ‘Q sent me’ will return thousands upon thousands of these unhinged people threatening others purely because Qanon referenced them on his posts, or because Q referred to them as ‘bad actors‘ aka ‘Deep State Operatives‘; without any proof, of course.  But how dare I calling it a cult, right?

Another prominent member of the Qanon community who goes by the name EyeTheSpy has also issued threats against Bill Smith, who made several videos exposing him. Bill Smith has not been heard of (online) ever since. This very same person, EyeTheSpy, who claims to work for NSA and be a true patriot, also threatened to dox my location (as if I care) for questioning the Qanon narrative. It is fair to point out that while I still believed in the con, this person was an ‘online friend’ who would share my research and have lengthy private conversations via DM (direct message), all of it I still have. Obviously doxing a bored housewife on the other side of the world for not believing in a LARP is truly the sign of a patriot. What an impressive, tough guy! It is also worth noting that every time this person has been found out to be lying, he would reset his account and claimed he was hacked while starting again the same con all over. He uses several accounts all with similar names.

Despite overwhelming evidence that Qanon has turned into a cult, the only people allowed to use that word are those prominent figures in the movement. Anybody else is not allowed; just the same way that nobody is allowed to have a Patreon account or get paid for their work unless they support the Qanon narrative.

The online cyber-activist group known as Anonymous, have also been working very hard to expose Qanon and it’s main members as nothing more than a ‘pied piper operation’. On Twitter specifically, a lot of their work can be found using the hashtags #opFuhQ #FuhQI personally would have used #FuckQ or #FuckQanon, but I appreciate not everybody is as fond as swearing as I am.

It is also safe to say that this particular account that claims to be part of Anonymous is, in no way, associated with the group and has only taken their name as a way to perpetuate the con and make average people think that Anonymous supports Qanon. In fact, the stand of the cyber-activist group can be summarized with this one single image:

Anonymous group denounces qanon with  #opFuhQ #OpQ #FuhQ #FuckQ #FuckQanon

Bill Still, a popular conservative voice from The Still Report, has finally spoken against Qanon. What he has to say summarizes very well what Qanon truly is:

3-What is Qanon exactly?

Qanon started last year (at the time of writing, specifically 2017), late October, on the forums of 4chan. It moved from there to 8chan, where it has since developed into a crazy cult that literally involves every conspiracy around: from lizard people, to flat Earth, to Pleiadians and other multi-dimensional aliens saving Earth from humanity, to Trump being Jesus 2.0, The Saviour of mankind, to JFK Junior being alive and secretly planning Military Tribunals with POTUS using the name of Vincent Fusca. All of this, of course, is supposed to have been done with the approval of Donald Trump.

Qanon supporters themselves seem to have many theories as to what it is all about.

If all of the above sounds confusing, fear not, because the Qanon community have put together not one, but three very handy maps that explain what Qanon is truly all about.

And while Donald Trump is not behind ‘The Plan‘ per se, it is safe to assume that he is fully aware of its activities. And if he hasn’t publicly denounced it yet it is only because it serves his own purposes and rallies supporters behind him.

However, if Donald Trump was in fact behind Qanon, why would he get his Secret Services to stop Qanon supporters from entering his rallies?

Qanon was also referred to as ‘the calm before the storm‘.  This video of Trump mentioning those exacts same words, several weeks earlier than Qanon first post, was proof enough, apparently, to confirm that Donald Trump was behind the Qanon operation. Some believe he even posts there himself using ‘Q+‘ as his signature.

While it is hard to summarize what Qanon is or more exactly, what it has morphed into, the consensus among the community is that there is a ‘secret military intelligence‘ behind the Qanon movement who works with the President of the United States and whose only intention is to ‘save the world‘ from the evil Deep State Cabal that rules over every nation.

What Qanon truly is, is a big psychological operation designed to make Trump’s followers look like crazy lunatics. Already there is a division between Trump’s supporters and those who believe Qanon is nothing but a big con. In fact, more often than not, those Q supporters will attack genuine citizens and call them ‘shills’ and paid operatives simply because they do not ‘trust the plan’, i.e., follow along with the crazy conspiracy theory. This mystical plan which, by the way, nobody really is quite sure what it is about, but that we are supposed to follow blindly based on an anonymous poster. Some even go as far as to call it ‘heresy’ not to trust the plan.

If it were to be true that, at this point, Qanon is nothing more than a psy-op, then one could argue that it has done its job well. The job is that of turning every critical thinker out there into a crazy lunatic. While there are plenty of conspiracies that in fact turned out to be true (JFK was indeed killed by rogue Deep State operatives, 9/11 was an inside job done by the CIA and friends, child trafficking networks do exist just like prostitution rings, etc); the truth is, that by lumping together every conspiracy out there, it has made the general public want to detach further from the reality of events; separate themselves from every critical thinker or any other person that ever exposed the truth about any events. Lumping them all together makes the average citizen think they are all crazy and not worth knowing (them or their thoughts). Even if there are truths within the lies.

But not only that, it has quenched the thirst of citizens for Justice. It has put them into a stasis of inaction where they simply wait patiently for ‘the plan’ to materialize. By hoping (and waiting) that somebody else is taking care of the world’s problem, they have become pacified sheep waiting to be led to oblivion.


Dustin Nemos, a prominent figure behind (and actually part of) the Qanon movement, for instance, is one that routinely calls to dox people (i.e have their details publicly released) simply because they do not follow Qanon. According to him (and his followers), anybody that doesn’t trust Qanon and doesn’t want to follow it blindly is labeled as a ‘fake patriot’. This is really very interesting, given that Dustin already has a criminal record, one of the charges was cyber-stalking and sending threats via email.

One of Qanon’s motos is ‘Unity not division’. But I guess that means unity only to those who follow the cult. Everybody is else is worth attacking, condemning and even sending death threats to, even if we don’t know them personally or have any evidence whatsoever that they have wronged the world somehow.

According to Dustin, Qanon wants us to expose ‘fake magas’, i.e. anybody that goes against Qanon, for ‘muddying the waters’.

Muddying the waters seems to be a common theme lately.

Dustin has recently (at the time of writing this piece) got himself a website. He has a section there called ‘evil’, and within it a sub-section called ‘fake magas; i.e., anybody that doesn’t ‘trust the plan’ or says something against Qanon is automatically labeled as fake MAGA. If you want to read more on Dustin Nemos, Capitalist Army did an expose on him a while back.

But what Qanon is doing is not only dividing Trump supporters and making them all look like crazy wackos, is literally tearing families apart, from those who simply follow the news (yes, I appreciate they all lie), to those who follow blindly the posts of Qanon like a gospel, and try to insist onto others that ‘big things are happening’ behind the scenes, despite no evidence for any of it, or in fact, evidence that proves completely the opposite of what Qanon is actually saying. Fear not, because for this the Qanon cult (or #Qult, as I prefer to call them), also have an explanation. When nothing happens after every major prediction or given date, is purely because ‘disinfo is necessary‘ (disinformation). Of course, the Deep State and its Cabalistic minions all read 8chan too, so false information is given on purpose to mislead them and create chaos among all the military intelligence in the world, whose only means to know what the President of the United States and his operatives are doing is purely via an anonymous website, notorious for spreading fake news and conspiracy theories, supremacy movements, an extremely high amount of X-rated material and even pedophilia.

On the other hand, if the opposite of what Qanon has predicted comes to pass, that is obviously fake news, or simply put: the events are happening for the ‘normies‘ (regular people who don’t know about Qanon or 8chan), but behind those events, there is a masterful plan, called the “5D Chess Plan” that POTUS is playing. What this means is, that you are to be deceived by the reality of your own eyes and ears (1984, anyone?) and have to believe that is all part of a gigantic movie played on a global scale. What is happening is obviously not the truth. The truth is only what Q anon says is the truth.

the party told you to reject all evidence of your eyes and ears. it was their final, most essential comman - 1984 George Owell - Qanon
Everybody lies except Qanon. Qanon also lies but that is ‘disinfo is necessary’

How many families have now been split apart and its members have stopped talking to each other due to political differences and conspiracy theories? Can you remember any other time in history that that happened? Do you remember a time when you or your relatives stopped talking to each other due to political affiliation? And if not, what does that say about the current movement that is intent on nothing but smearing those who don’t follow blindly or trust anonymous sources? What part of it all exactly falls under ‘unity not division‘?

This paragraph from the Daily Beast gives an excellent summary of what is going on withing the Qfolk community:

People in the QAnon community often talk about alienation from family and friends,” View said. “Though they typically talk about how Q frayed their relationships on private Facebook groups. But they think these issues are temporary and primarily the fault of others. They often comfort themselves by imagining that there will be a moment of vindication sometime in the near future which will prove their beliefs right. They imagine that after this happens, not only will their relationships be restored, but people will turn them as leaders who understand what’s going on better than the rest of us

Another part of Qanon conspiracy theory involves the belief that there are over 70000 sealed indictments (cumulative, by the way, since 2017). These alleged indictments are all supposedly of high-ranking individuals from the Deep State. It is widely believed that they will be all declassified at once, once Martial Law goes into full effect. Once this happens (January 2019), Donald Trump will set Military Tribunals (with the help of Jeff Sessions) and all the information will be released and televised to the public. Every one of those personages involved (according to the conspiracy) in high treason or child trafficking will be either send to Gitmo (Guantanamo Bay) for life or they will be executed in public squares. Within the Qanon community, it is also widely believed that at the same time those sealed indictments get unsealed and the military tribunals happen, then JFK Junior, an old friend of Donal Trump, will be making a public appearance to show that in fact he was not killed in a flying accident (despite his body being recovered a couple of days later), but in fact has been in hiding for many years and working alongside Trump under the name of Vincent Fusca to bring down the Deep State Cabal.

Sealed indictments Qanon Qlarp
Qanon lies about sealed indictments and many other things

It is also worth noting the lies spread by the Qanon army regarding the over 70 000 sealed indictment. This post here does a great job of breaking down the system, and how the Qpeople just keep uploading every case in their Google Drive documents, even when they are not criminal in nature (i.e. they can be speeding tickets, taxes, domestic violence, bankruptcies, gangs, drugs, wiretap inquiries and more.). Not only are they not Federal cases, but you can also check the statistics here, here and here, Qanon literally goes on to say: “Have you ever witnessed 40-50k sealed indictments? Not all federal/criminal”. This literally proves the original explanation given in this post. Will Merthon has done an incredible job researching and debunking said claims, and even more, has gone above and beyond to explain how and when the hoax about the sealed indictments started.


There are also the pedophilia arrests, right? According to Qanon followers, Trump is massively cracking down on pedophilia, and there have been several thousand arrests. Not exactly either. The vast majority of those operations were in fact initiated way before Trump took office and have a lot more to do with prostitution, pimping or soliciting adults, than it has to do with pedophilia. These articles here and here to give a better explanation of the actual figures. The numbers applied to Trump’s crackdown on pedophilia are actually very inflated because they do count those of human trafficking and prostitution, among others. The point is that the figures originally produced by self-declared ‘award-winning journalist’ Miss Crooking (her award was for a fiction book, not for her journalistic skills) are incorrect. Either we group prostitution, pimping, human trafficking, and pedophilia all in one group and count them, or we separate each group and count them individually, but not just from the one source, but from all the agencies involved in human trafficking and pedophilia hunting and from every single US state. In either case, neither of the figures reflects a substantial increase from previous years. Once more, the Qanon movement is making up facts, picking and choosing to paint a picture of deception, in order to convince their followers of inside knowledge.

At this point, it is also interesting to note that it was Liz Crooking who also pushed the theory that JKF Jr faked his death and was writing some of the Qanon posts (the narrative). She was also one of the main promoters of ‘Frazzledrip‘ conspiracy theory. Frazzledrip is the title of an alleged video of Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton that was (supposedly) circulating on the Dark Web and showed both women filleting the face of a child. I have personally not gone looking for the video myself, so I can’t prove or disprove said claims.

Liz Crooking - frazzledrip -qanon
Liz Crokin central figure promoting Qanon conspiracies

Miss Crooking was permanently banned from Twitter for accusing JK. Rowling (author of the Harry Potter novels) and a few other celebrities, without evidence, of being pedophiles. In fact, other celebrities like John Legend and Christine Teigen have threatened to sue Miss Crooking over such accusations. Her ex-boyfriend Mallory Hill also sued Liz Crooking for libel and slander when in her fiction novel ‘Malice’ (the one she won an award for), she accused him of giving her herpes, being a sex addict and also a pedophile.

Never mind that every Qanon posts links directly to either Twitter accounts or sources like Your News Wire or even the British newspaper The Sun; both of them are notorious for printing misleading and/or false information. On top of that, Q himself often posts while logged in his/her twitter account, and this can be seen by the tags attached in the links he/she posts. In fact, these tags can be traced to real users (aka, the fraudsters behind the Qanon scam), none of which have Q clearance, or even military clearance. But this part will be discussed in further posts.


Edit: At the time of writing this article (not just part 1 but the whole thing), the claims made about Bill Smith were correct. It appears he came back online around the time I hit ‘publish’ on this particular piece. These piece has been in the making for several months.


  1. The above information is 100% correct to the best of my ability. Should any information be incorrect in light of new evidence, it will be corrected and highlighted in Red to show the changes. Grammar changes do not count as I am forever correcting those in everything I post.
  2. Some images are my own while others have been taking from various sources. While it is tedious to link the sources of the images and would make the post very cluttered, everybody involved or every source where they have been taken is either linked in the ‘special thanks’ section or in the ‘sources’ section.
  3. I am finally splitting the post into several articles purely because after 50+ pages with videos, twitter links and images, the embedded stuff would not load. I have spoken to WordPress about it and they told me it was merely because of the size of the whole document, and hence, time outs from external servers due to a large amount of time it was taken to load.
  4. Sources. Since I originally conceived of this piece as one article only, same sources will appear at the end of every post. Sources will be updated as new information comes to light.


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15 thoughts on “Qanon: the Qult and the Legend – Part 1

  1. you lost me at “JKF was indeed killed by rogue Deep State operatives”

    As if #GHWB, the 41st POTUS, was “rogue” rather than Deep State elite.

    Hilarious. It’s like you know everything except for the base of the thing itself. You can’t read 100 or 200 years of USA history without understanding how the Cabal killed JFK and have been running the place ever since, after partially controlling everything for the 50 years before that. The only conspiracy analyst who would describe JFK’s assassins as “rogue” would be the clowns themselves – who did it.

    If you publish this post, I hope your gentle readers understand that Q is real and Trump is winning this one.

    The enemy, beyond the deep state, is the media controlled by them, and, without Q, millions of people would have no idea what’s been going on here. Q is a psyop to get around the bought and paid for media, to give enough of the story to Trump supporters for them to understand the counter-narrative.


  2. Never mind that every Qanon posts links directly to either Twitter accounts or sources like Your News Wire or even the British newspaper The Sun; both of them are notorious for printing misleading and/or false information

    Funny coming from someone who quotes the Daily Beast

    How many families have now been split apart and its members have stopped talking to each other due to political differences and conspiracy theories?

    1.Cheap appeal to emotion.

    Using the term conspiracy theory to describe someone going against the official narrative

    I’ll finish reading this on a pc but I am unimpressed so far.


      1. My take.. this movement contains a lot of noise so we really have to focus on what “signal” is evident. Q does very little to correct people or steer them. People beg for direction & specific answers but rarely get them. Q disconfirmed JFK Jnr, but only months after it took hold, and at the request of followers. Q delegates critical thinking – he says the truth lies in the open and must be discovered organically, not by being spoon-fed.

        The information provided is both unbelievably crazy but also delivered with precision and remarkable restraint (an odd combination that supports credibility).

        Q has never confirmed any of the nutty decodes or advanced numerology. The extent of the complexity in his message appears to boil down to double-meanings, the frequent appearance of the number 17 and simple logic & inference. It would be very easy for infiltrators to “discredit” Q by operating sock-puppet social media accounts and injecting nonsense. In fact, the Q narrative claims the majority of our mainstream information is infiltrated disinfo.

        Most importantly, the running Q narrative does appear to match reality, give or take a 6 month lag.

        The entire premise RELIES on confirmation bias. It does not seek to provide conclusive evidence as to whether it is real or not. It seems to provide obvious mistakes to allow debunkers to say it’s fraudulent. The ability to choose between confirming and disconfirming data points self-identifies each individual observing “Q”.

        It appears the goal is to provide the public information, whilst remaining a conspiracy theory. It does not want to come out of the shadows, yet. Perhaps ever. The coming out party at the Trump rally was quickly followed by dozens of alt-conservative media proclaiming Q to be a LARP. Q went back into the shadows.

        Debunkers rely too heavily on the confirmation bias aspect and “failed” predictions. Q has provided the framework that predictions are not made, stating they “do not telegraph moves to the enemy”. The information is dropped on free-speech chan boards where self proclaimed autists are tickled by small constructed coincidences. In the scientific domain, an unending stream of “coincidences” is called a signal.

        Critics call Trump the most unorthodox and norm-breaking POTUS in history, capable of anything. In the same breadth they scoff at the possibility of his military dumping the contents of the NSA database on the internet.

        No one has debunked Q yet. It’s also the most interesting thing happening outside of President Trump.


        1. I am working on debuking Q from many different angles. Including the infiltration aspect which I do believe it happen at some point.

          While I do not agree with your point at all, I must say it is refreshing to have a perspective that calls for a civilized conversation without having to resort to name-calling or any other simply for having different opinions. I truly appreciate that.

          Everybody is entitled to an opinion and we are all wrong and right at different times through life and that is fine on my books. I must say you truly are the first q believer that made a point (several in your case) without having to go on the personal attack.

          That being said, I get how the coincidences make for a believe. Though I would also address those in upcoming points. Then again, its just me. Remember I used to be behind Q right from the start. It was evidence that changed my mind. But I appreciate that we all see things different ways

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          1. Your gracious response to my terse dig invited me to respond in kind. Although I do generally rely on logic over insults.
            I originally skimmed your post and made some false assumptions about you (I arrived here via a disingenuous “debunker”).

            We really don’t need to be drawing conclusions yet. More information will come – Mueller’s final report isn’t even out.
            Some elements do want us herded into opposing groups, encouraged to fight and dish insults. I believe in similarities over differences, unity over division.
            We are on the same page with JFK and 911, a tragic reality that leads me to make a few additional conclusions than you do.
            I respect your sincere efforts to unravel this puzzle. The mark of an educated mind is the ability to entertain a thought without accepting it. Instead of “trusting the plan” I would encourage you to trust yourself.

            “Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity” – Marshall McLuhan.

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