qanon hoax

Qanon: the Qult and the legend – Part 2

4- Cold reading and propaganda 

When I started learning English (nearly 18 years ago), I purchased ‘Life of Pi‘ as an audiobook to help me with the learning process. If there is something I truly learned from that novel, is that “repetition is important“. This is akin to Pavlov’s experimenting with dogs and conditioning their behavior. Humans, it transpires, are easily malleable and can also be conditioned under very similar circumstances. We are, after all, also animals. Political animals, perhaps, but animals, nonetheless. And so Qanon played on this repetition for the full effect of its conditioning:

  • Trust The Plan.
  • Trust Potus.
  • Trust Jeff Sessions.
  • Trust Huber.
  • Trust Grasseley.
  • Trust yourself (this point, in particular, is rather useful, given how it will be turned around to simply trust the plan, not your own thoughts or intuition).
  • In God we trust (this plays on the gullibility of religious folk and the patriotic-type of people).
  • Pain is Coming.
  • Sit tight and grab the popcorn.
  • Public awakening.
  • You are watching a movie/Think movie. 
  • WWG1WGA (where we go one we all go).
  • We have everything.
  • Patriots in control.
  • Great Awakening.
  • Future proves pasts.
  • Disinfo is necessary. Perhaps the most important of all. Because if Qanon is wrong, is just because disinformation was necessary. If Qanon was right, then it is obviously because they had inside knowledge. The greatest trick they ever pulled indeed… Repetition is important.

And so on. Mantras that are repeated over and over so they will take hold in the subconscious and people will believe them to be true, even if countless amounts of evidence disproves every claim ever made by the Qanon team. Not to mention the fact that all these mantras are either copied from Cicada, or from movies, books or historical events. Here is one example pertaining to ‘The Great Awakening’ concept.

Great Awakening 1730s qanon historical facts
1730s: “The Great Awakening”

All of Qanon’s predictions are down to ‘cold reading‘. This is what psychics, mentalists, fortune-tellers, channelers, spiritualists, clairvoyants, mediums, illusionists and scam artists in general use to trick people into believing they have magic powers, or that they can talk to the dead, or see the future, etc. Another prominent member of the Qanon groupPraying Medic (Dave Hayes), a self-proclaim faith-healer and man of God with a history of domestic violence towards his ex-wife Penny (Case Number: 05-2-30712-6; Court: Thurston), claims that he can raise people from the dead. A large fee usually does help him to pray very hard for your deceased one.

I have to admit, though, Qanon greatest achievement has been ‘disinfo is necessary‘. If nothing happens at all, it was part of the plan. But if something in the news and/or world events happens that Qanon predicted, is seeing as confirmation that in fact, the group is in possession of secret information.

The fact that every piece of news that has been ever shared by Qanon happens all to be publicly available information that links to online newspapers and twitter accounts doesn’t appear to bother hardcore followers who all still claim is ‘secret military information‘. Qanon is all about cold reading and guesses. Guesses the vast majority of us can make based on the current political climate. If you actually bothered to read the news, you can make fair predictions based on which way the winds are blowing. Below are a couple of simple examples that give a brief overview of how it works. If you are more interested in the subject, I would suggest you do some research on sociology and human behavior. Once you understand some of the basics, is very easy to manipulate ‘group think‘.

Let’s see a simple example pertaining to Qanon posts. Specifically, here it says that the Pope would have a terrible May. Now, one would have to go down five decades (for millennials, that means 50 years) of press to actually find that at least every single month of every year going back 5 decades, there has been at least one reporting of either pedophilia or sexual abuse done by the Catholic Church (or any other Church).

Pope will be having a terrible May - Qanon posts
Qanon cold reading: “Pope will be having a terrible May”

But these aren’t just the only instances. Were one to pick a history book (or several), it should become clear that there have been hundreds upon hundreds of recorded sex scandals where the Church is concerned. The fact that abuses and resignations did appear in the newspapers, it truly has nothing to do with foreknowledge of events, but surely, as explained in the videos, is down to cold reading.

5- Q clearance vs Military clearance

Q clearance is an internal clearance used in the Department of Energy. People with this type of clearance are usually scientists and engineers, working with energy (KE=1/2mv2 ; E=mc2 , etc.)  A Q clearance grants access to carefully compartmentalized nuclear weapons information. It is, therefore, highly unthinkable that the President of the United States would put an individual with Q clearance level in charge of a type of operation that issues commands and shares national security information with strangers via a website of uncertain security.

In Qanon’s the very first post, and a few subsequent ones, Qanon claimed to be a ‘Q clearance Patriot’ who was going to give us the goods on the Uranium One scandal and told us Hillary Clinton would be arrested.

The fact that even the very first post ever made by Qanon was a total lie, doesn’t seem to deter hardcore followers from the belief that ‘big things are happening‘.

But more importantly, when the idea of Qanon was in fact stolen (or passed on, depending on sources) for the first time, the new group didn’t know where the idea of Q originated, so they made the blunder of referring to Qanon as a Qteam, members of the military within the NSA working  alongside POTUS. This particular blunder was saved by the lucky coincidence of this article. Something that everybody took as confirmation that in fact, Q team was really posting on 8chan as a branch of the military and part of a super secret, highly-classified military operation.

If they were really posting highly-classified military operations on an open forum, they would be in fact traitors.

Never mind that the military has only three levels of classification: Confidential, Secret and Top Secret. There is no Q clearance in the military. So how does one go from having Department of Energy Clearance to suddenly working on the NSA? 

Of course, it is easier to overlook all these facts if one truly wants to believe that somebody in government really is working for the citizens, rather than for the corporations and themselves. It is a lot easier to ‘sit tight‘, ‘trust‘ and do nothing while hoping somebody else is solving all the world problems.


If one can overlook all the many facts that prove Qanon is nothing but a larp, it is also very easy to overlook the many times Pamphlet Anon (aka Coleman Rogers), has been caught on live stream posting as Qanon. Coleman Rogers is part of a small group of individuals that run 24/7 live stream on a youtube channel called Patriots Soapbox. The members of the team take turns around the clock talking about Qanon decodes and other general conspiracy theories like lizard people. All the while, racking a lot of money in donations.

pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

It also appears that the channel Patriot’s Soapbox is the one making the most money out the Qanon movement. Though I suspect some of that money might get shared with other ‘behind-the-scenes’ members of the con that take no part in the live streams. What’s more, they had been offered a lot of money to use the channel in certain ways and lead people in one or another way of thinking. They claim they never took the one million dollar offer, but nobody can prove that.

6- The Tripcodes

In layman’s terms, a tripcode is a hashed password used on anonymous imageboards for a person to show identity. This is the string of letters and numbers shown at the top of Qanon post, to show that in fact, is Q posting and not somebody else. This article gives a fair explanation of how tripcodes are created. In the images below, the tripcode can be seen above the date.

The encryption system used on 8chan appears to be something called DES (Data Encryption Standard) that was standardized in the mid-seventies and was phased out, due to known weaknesses and security issues.

Given that online security has advanced a great deal since the ’70s (something beyond and above my knowledge), it is highly unlikely that the NSA’s encryption systems would still be using such a system to post classified information on a public forum. What NSA or any other agencies use is truly beyond my comprehension. However, it is fair to assume that they would not be using a 70’s encryption system that can easily be hacked into. It is a lot more likely that their encryptions look like ‘schemes‘ from the number 5 down in the image below. For the non-tech people like myself, I imagine the encryption is likely to look a lot like the long string of characters people use when they want to get paid to their Bitcoin or other electronic wallets.

Security encryption
Types of security encryption

At the time of writing, the following information taken specifically from this source appears to be correct:

Using an open source password cracker (Hashcat), publicly available information, and a little guesswork about Q’s favored keyspace, a user can successfully recover all of the passwords that correspond to Q tripcodes. These are posted below in chronological order of use:

  • Tripcode:  ITPb.qbhqo  ->   Password:  Matlock
  • Tripcode:  UW.yye1fxo  ->  Password:  M@tlock!
  • Tripcode:  xowAT4Z3VQ  ->  Password:  Freed@m-
  • Tripcode:  2jsTvXXmXs  ->  Password:  F!ghtF!g
  • Tripcode:  4pRcUA0lBE  ->  Password:  NowC@mes
  • Tripcode:  CbboFOtcZs  ->  Password:  StoRMkiL
  • Tripcode:  A6yxsPKia.  ->  Password:  WeAReQ@Q

Specifically, here are 7 instances of password leakages from the Qteam. And yet, we are led to believe that the people that are clumsy enough to leak their own password not once, or twice, but at least seven times, are capable enough to be in charge of our Security and Intelligence Systems.

Note that Q seems to be unaware that the algorithm only takes the first 8 characters of the password and ignores the rest.  In the past, Q has claimed to have baked meaning and foreknowledge of future events into these passwords, in particular, the 4pRcUA0lBE:NowC@mes tripcode-password pair.  If I understand correctly, Q claims that the full password was “NowC@mesTHEP@in—23,” with 23 signifying the date of an important event, but anything beginning with “NowC@mes” would yield the same tripcode signature.  This weakness severely undercut any claimed predictive power and indicates a possible intent to mislead.  For example, all of the following passwords should yield the same tripcode, 4pRcUA0lBE:

NowC@mesTheKing      — Q is Snoop Dogg

NowC@mesTheSun       — Q is Ringo Starr

NowC@mesTheAnswer-42 — Q is Douglas Adams 

These can all be tested at at minichan’s tripcode test page. To directly test all of these examples with a DES cypher, go to , paste the password in, and use the second and third characters of the password as the salt. The tripcode will be the final ten characters of the resulting DES hash. Most concerning to me is the penultimate password, which contains the word “StoRM,” which is Q’s prophesied calamity which will sweep away those Q calls out as enemies and may involve mass arrests, executions, and institution of martial law in the worst case.  The second part, “kiL”, is self-explanatory.  Both of these are especially concerning since Q has been ramping of his rhetoric of late.  I urge everyone to be VERY careful before taking action which could injure anyone, especially yourself, your family, and your fellow patriots, at Q’s direction.  I do not believe he has our values or best interests at heart. Finally, many of you know someone who has handled highly classified information, worked in SCIFs, and communicated securely in a professional context.  I urge you to seek their wisdom in this matter, to evaluate to feasibility of Q’s claims.  I also urge you to study the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM), which covers handling and protection of national security information in exhaustive detail, then contrast its instructions with what “Q” is doing.

If indeed the information quoted above was correct, it will explain this particular post (see below), I am guessing, by either Freddy Benson (who has been working hard to take down Qanon), or simply by an anonymous poster intend on exposing the whole movement. Trip codes are not unique ID’s generated only by Qanon. In fact, these codes can easily be generated by simple combinations as explained above.

Qanon sheep
Users mimics Qanon tripcode
7- Banning Qanon from Reddit

Between March and September of 2018, Reddit shut down a number of boards all related to Qanon, Great Awakening, Follow the White Rabbit, etc. In fact, the boards that got shut down can be summarized as follows (there is a chance I must have missed a couple):

Of course Qanon knew about these bans.

So how is it possible that Qanon had foreknowledge about the banning of several boards within Reddit? Well, simply because the same moderators behind the Reddit boards are in fact the same people behind the Qanon con; among them: Farmer Funk, Tracy Beanz, Pamphlet Anon, etc. Knowing this, it does not take a genius to know that they would have received several messages and internal communications with regards to the day-to-day operations.

The moderators themselves broke the rules in several ways. Mostly by not marking and deleting threats of violence towards other people, but for allowing it to continue because it was profitable for the Qanon movement. Others like Tracy will link to their own work outside of Reddit, thus profiting at the same time from the extra views the conspiracy brought to her pages and/or videos.

It is said that Reddit received hundreds of complaints from users that have either personally been threatened, or reporting the violence and doxxing against other individuals.

Congratulations if you made it this far. Take a break before proceeding to part 3.



  1. The above information is 100% correct to the best of my ability. Should any information be incorrect in light of new evidence, it will be corrected and highlighted in Red to show the changes. Grammar changes do not count as I am forever correcting those in everything I post.
  2. Some images are my own while others have been taking from various sources. While it is tedious to link the sources of the images and would make the post very cluttered, everybody involved or every source where they have been taken is either linked in the ‘special thanks’ section or in the ‘sources’ section.
  3. I am finally splitting the post into several articles purely because after 50+ pages with videos, twitter links and images, the embedded stuff would not load. I have spoken to WordPress about it and they told me it was merely because of the size of the whole document, and hence, time outs from external servers due to a large amount of time it was taken to load.
  4. Sources. Since I originally conceived of this piece as one article only, same sources will appear at the end of every post. Sources will be updated as new information comes to light.


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