Qanon: the qult and the legend part 3 - Elemi Fuentes

Qanon: the Qult and the legend – Part 3

8- A history of violence

The Qanon community claim themselves to be a non-violent research group that think for themselves, and definitely not a cult. In fact, every time a threat is issued, whether is a violent threat or a doxing threat, they all claim that is just a ‘couple of people‘ and definitely a minority of deranged people.

Obviously the dozen of images posted in points 1,2 and 3 as evidence, all done by hundreds upon hundreds of different people upon unsuspecting individuals, clearly shows a well-balanced community intent on nothing but ‘unity not division‘. Definitely not what you would call a mentally unstable folk that attack others for simply ‘questioning the plan‘ or send death threats to stranger’s family members simply because ‘Q sent me‘. It is clear to me that all the hate I personally got for daring to poke holes on the Qanon narrative was born out of love, and not because it questioned the narrative of the cult itself.

In fact, there have been several instances of Qanon followers taking matters into their own hands. The latest victim was a boy killed with a sword by his own brother who believed the ‘lizard people‘ conspiracy pushed by the 24/7 Patriot’s Soapbox live stream channel.

In no particular order, here is a little recap:

On June 15, Matthew Phillip Wright drove a self-made armored vehicle onto the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman bridge that spans the Colorado River and straddles the Arizona-Nevada border.

According to court documents, Wright, 30, of Henderson, Nevada,parked his truck perpendicular to traffic lanes and blocked the bridge.

The vehicle, which authorities said Wright had appeared to be living in for a while, had portal openings for guns. Wright, according to court papers, had two rifles and two handguns in the vehicle, along with 900 rounds of ammunition.

During his standoff, Wright held out a sign that read: “Release the OIG report.”

It appeared to be a reference to the Office of Inspector General report regarding the actions of former FBI director James Comey. The report had been released, but according to the QAnon theory, a second report was being withheld.

Two people were originally arrested in connection to the incident.


A man arrested on Tuesday in connection with a devastating wildfire in Southern California is a conspiracy theorist who posted videos about satanic rituals and QAnon.

“This place is going to burn,” Forrest Clark, 51, allegedly texted a volunteer fire chief two weeks before an inferno enveloped Orange County, burning nearly 20,000 acres and destroying 12 homes.

The Holy Fire still rages and is only 5 percent contained, the Orange County Register reported.


An Oregon man who believed that he was “shadow-banned” from YouTube due to a Deep State conspiracy was arrested yesterday for allegedly threatening to shoot employees of the online video giant, according to court records.

FBI agents collared William Gregory Douglas, 35, in connection with a recent series of threatening Twitter posts directed at YouTube and its chief executive, Susan Wojcicki.

In his tweets, Douglas complained that his YouTube channel had been disabled and threatened to kill “100 YouTube employees” and cause “massive casualties.” Claiming that he was a few hours away from the firm’s California headquarters, Douglas warned, “if you are just going to ignore me try ignoring my gun you fucks.”


A man charged with allegedly making threats against Donald Trump and the Trump family made several references to the QAnon conspiracy theory before his arrest, according to Twitter messages obtained by The Daily Beast.

Pennsylvania State Police arrested Jeffrey Gardner Boyd, 55, on July 31 in Berwick after finding a loaded handgun and ammunition in Boyd’s truck. Boyd is charged with four counts of making terroristic threats to kill Trump, daughter Ivanka Trump, son Donald Trump Jr., and son-in-law Jared Kushner. Boyd, who pleaded not guilty at his arraignment, is being held on $1 million bail. His attorney didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Boyd had initially driven from his home in Tulsa, Oklahoma to Pennsylvania, according to a police report, because he had become convinced that a Pennsylvania woman who posts about QAnon on Twitter was being held hostage by shadowy forces. Boyd allegedly told the woman that he planned to go to Washington, D.C. to shoot Trump or other members of the Trump family, claiming that he was being mind-controlled by the CIA.


Sayoc, 56, is accused of sending pipe bombs to 15 separate targets including former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

In a letter sent to the judge in his case on Tuesday, prosecutors described searching the van he was living in and finding ‘overwhelming’ evidence against him.

They searched his phone and laptop and found stickers inside the van on which he had drawn targets on the intended victims faces.

The shipping labels were saved in the documents on his computer, they said.

One document dated July 26 contained addresses for Debbie Wasserman Schultz. On July 15, he carried out internet searches for Hillary Clinton’s home address.

He also searched for the ‘wife and kids’ of former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former Attorney General Eric Holder and former CIA Director James Brennan.


“Q,” the online poster whose messages make up the basis of the QAnon theory, targeted Avenatti on Sunday by posting a link to Avenatti’s website and pictures of his Newport Beach, California, office building.

“Buckle up!” the post, made on 8Chan, read.

About 45 minutes later, Q posted a picture of a man standing in the street near Avenatti’s office. The man, who has his back to the camera, is holding what appears to be a cellphone in one hand and a long, thin object in the other.

A few minutes after posting the picture of the man, Q posted again, saying the man’s appearance at Avenatti’s office meant that a “message” had been sent.

And predictably, the Q community that clearly think for themselves went onto the attack.


A self-proclaimed member of the far-right Proud Boys group who also believes in the QAnon conspiracy theoryallegedly murdered his own brother with a sword.

Prosecutors say Buckey Wolfe, 26, killed his brother in Seattle on Sunday night by stabbing him in the head with a four-foot-long sword.

Wolfe frequently posted QAnon-related content on Facebook, including references to QAnon believers’ motto, “Where We Go One, We Go All.”

He encouraged people to share QAnon graphics, telling his followers to “share this meme ammo.” He also made posts in the style of “Q,” the anonymous person or group of people giving the “clues” that have inspired QAnon, and posted links to the now-closed QAnon subreddit.


Travis View makes an excellent point in his thread below. It is very likely and possibly true that Wolfe and the other people involved in previous incidents where already mentally unstable in one way or another. But Qanon is pushing already fragile individuals towards the edge of their psychosis, making them do unspeakable things they might have never done before, if it wasn’t due to the lies and empty promises coming from the Qanon Larp.

I also wanted to add this video yesterday (I couldn’t find it) that proves the point of how individuals that might not be all that mentally stable might be triggered by Qanon. 

An Illinois trio bombed a mosque and a women’s health clinic, according a federal indictment filed last week. Then they tried to set up rural militia, sell their neighbors a phony local currency, and ransom a stretch of railroad tracks.

Michael Hari, Joe Morris, and Michael McWhorter of Clarence, Illinois were arrested in March on charges related to the bombing a Minnesota mosque in August 2017. The trio is also accused of a failed bombing at a Champaign, Illinois women’s health clinic three months later. A pair of cases, including an indictment returned against the group in Minnesota last week, describe the trio as a wannabe terror cell that carried out bombings and robberies under the banner of their right-wing militia, the White Rabbits.

The group also went by the “White Rabbits.” The name is a possible reference to QAnon, a right-wing internet conspiracy theory that claims President Donald Trump is not actually under investigation, but that he is actually playing the stooge to help convict the Clintons and other high-level Democrats of crimes relating to Satanic pedophilia. The trio appears to have adopted the White Rabbit name after October 2017, when the QAnon theory kicked off and its adherents took up the rallying cry “follow the white rabbit,” a reference in The Matrix.

But the militia wanted to bring white rabbit worship offline and into the real world. On their YouTube channel, launched in late December, the group pushed “White Rabbit Money”. The currency consisted of phony bills the militia claimed could be used at “downstate Illinois” businesses and cashed out “in gold upon maturity at the White Rabbit Bank.” (No such bank exists.)


9- Why nobody asks about Qanon?

This is, yet again, another lie from the Qanon group. People have asked about Qanon and people have been told it is fake. And yet, to the members of Qult, the answer apparently does not apply to Q.

For example, on August 4, 2018, former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was asked to comment on the conspiracy theory in his “ask me anything” session on the /r/The_Donald subreddit. In response to the question “is Q legit?”, Spicer answered “no

Sara Sanders, the current White House Press Secretary was also asked about Qanon. She explicitly said that the president does not support any group that advocates for violence. Once again, the members of the Qanon community decided she wasn’t talking about Qanon, but about the second group mentioned on the video: Blacks for Trump. The excuse they give when confronted with this evidence is that Qanon is in no way a violent group nor does it advocate for it. I suppose the mass murder via public hangings of hundreds or thousands of people they all seem to want as part of restoring Justice to the nation does no in way constitute violence. They also don’t see personal attacks, death threats and doxing as violent acts either. So of course, Miss Sanders was in no way talking about Qanon when she made these comments. Here is the full transcript.

The president himself has said on several occasions not to listen to ‘anonymous sources’. What is more anonymous than and anonymous image board like 8Chan?

Trump qanon

The most disturbing reply regarding this specific tweet from Donald Trump is that Q is not anonymous source, but Q is in fact his name. It is very had to reason with this type of cognitive dissonance.

Wikileaks, and some of their support groups, have also stated on several occasions that Qanon is a pied piper operation. That should have been specially clear when Qanon was pushing for a change in regime in Iran.

The fact that Wikileaks does have a 100% truth record in over ten years of operation doesn’t seem to mean much to the Qult. Obviously they even told Mrs Christine Assange that her son was free.

Christine Assange Qanon

As it was stated in previous posts, the cyber-activist group known as Anonymous has also denounced Qanon on several occasions.

What’s more, Michael Flynn Jr (the son of General Lieutenant Michael Thomas Flynn) also did tell you that his father writing WWG1WAG had nothing to do with him being involved in the Qanon conspiracy theory, merely that he was asked to write that. If Flynn is not telling you himself is most likely due his gag order and unwillingness to get into any more trouble by speaking with the press or making any other public statements.

And predictably, the Qanon folk obviously know better than his son.

How many more times does it need to be addressed for people to realize that Qanon is nothing but a psy-op? Why does the president himself need to address it directly when he had his team already talk about this issue?




  1. The above information is 100% correct to the best of my ability. Should any information be incorrect in light of new evidence, it will be corrected and highlighted in Red to show the changes. Grammar changes do not count as I am forever correcting those in everything I post.
  2. Some images are my own while others have been taking from various sources. While it is tedious to link the images sources and would make the post very cluttered, everybody involved or every source where they have been taken is either linked in the ‘special thanks’ section or in the ‘sources’ section.
  3. I am finally splitting the post in several articles purely because after 50+ pages with videos, twitter links and images, the embedded stuff would not load. I spoken to WordPress about it and they told me it was merely because of the size of the whole document, and hence, time outs from external servers due to the large amount of time it was taken to load.
  4. Sources. Since I originally conceived of this piece as a one article only, same sources will appear at the end of every post. Sources will be updated as new information comes to light.


Special thanks to:

@ddavenport213 I couldn’t have done this without you.

@SatoriSpitfire@hermoneyness@MOpinionation  Your friendship and support means the world to me. Probably left some of you out, please let me know.

@KarenChristensn You always seem to find what I am looking for.

@antischool_ftw@ImperatorTruth@rothschildmd For being the bigger man and accepting my apologies.

@steveouttrim @Roosevelt2017@travis_view@promises_q@WMerthon@GH05t0fStew

@GingerMcQueen@Weaponize_Truth Thank you for your help and letting me use resources.

Special thanks to a few other sources that do not wish to be named but have provided me with a lot of evidence I did not have. Thank you. You know who you are.

Sorry if I forgot anybody else, I will add you as I remember or you can point it out to me.



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  1. MAGAbomber ‘had been planning pipe bomb attacks since JULY and had saved shipping labels for packages he sent to Democrats on his laptop’

    Nothing to do with Q.
    Obvious false flag was obvious. He wasn’t even right wing.


  2. How many more times does it need to be addressed for people to realize that Qanon is nothing but a psy-op? Why does the president himself need to address it directly when he had his team already talk about this issue?

    In the first article you called Q a LARP, that is very different from a psyop.

    Still didn’t go to


  3. Didn’t miss a beat even got the lizard king murder. My name for it. Got keep that stuff funny in my head to read it it’s sad really. A few things you could add these are not criticisms this is so well done. The Anonymous video calling out QAnon its funny and another layer of truth to that aspect. They specifically talk about the co-opting of their shit. Total amount of bail on all those individuals is pretty staggering and i have most of the court docs thus far if you wish them. They are easy to get but takes hours to track down.

    Side note. Q has gotten much more violence prone in his rhetoric recently ” carpet bombs are good tactical nukes are better” and the prospect of civil war was debated on 8chan just days ago in between anti semitic memes. Again by far the most complete and well done. I had not seen the disturbed woman. I suppose pizzagate guy was prior to Q. Oh also funny title the trump assassination plot. I think it was that guy who yelled at the cops “I was fucked by the deep state and MKultra!” reportedly told them all about QAon on the drive to station.


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