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Qanon: the Qult and the legend – Part 6

14- The 4am talking points and Media Manipulation

A lot has been said about ‘the 4am talking points’, and how Qanon super-secret-Intel were able to find the information before it became news. On the one hand, we have the explanation given by UnirockTV’s pastebin. The pastebin was a copy of an email UnirockTV says he received from one of the alleged ‘Qanon bakers‘. In said email, the baker explains how easy it was for skilled computer people to simply hack into the ‘cloud news‘ where most of the pre-packaged news were going to be served as talking points the following morning to the general public.

The most common argument I hear about this is that it is impossible to hack into a news server. Well, no. Not at all. The security of a news agency server is minimal. But in fact, security all around tends to be at an all-time-low even when it comes from big corporations. Nobody really wants to spend any money on security, because most companies (Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Google, and many others) actually do profit from selling user’s data. The vast majority of companies tend to overlook security because spending money on data protection does not give, in business-speak, what is called a return on investment (ROI).

Companies can and will track you everywhere you go. Even if you change and/or disable the tracking settings. That is just the illusion of privacy. You have none. This particular thread by Dylan Curran does give a very simple explanation with regards to what Google does to your data. However, none of this is news nor modern. Spying on citizens goes as far back as there was technology for it. We never paid attention to it because reading the ‘terms and conditions‘ of any application or platform is akin of reading The Bible: nobody fully reads it, they just scroll down and click ‘I accept‘ without being aware of the consequences.


I see hacking much as an analogy for picking a lock. If I forget my keys, I might try in vain for hours, days or even weeks to open my front door without any success. If I call upon a locksmith, he will be able to open the door in about a minute. Hacking, just like much else in life, has to do with knowledge and experience. Just because most people reading Qanon don’t know how hacking can be done or, for that matter, the basics around a home computer, it doesn’t mean is magic, or even difficult; it simply means one doesn’t have the technical skills or know-how.

However, knowing what I know now about how the Qanon operation works, I think the baker’s information was incorrect. I do not think he lied on purpose, simply that he was told that the news servers were hacked and hence he believed it. Qanon is a well-coordinated operation that includes many members of the media.

us media broadcast corporation control over all tv and radio networks
Media control

It amazes me that somehow the Qanon community fully believes that operation Mockingbird (C.I.A.’s infiltration and subsequent control of the media) was successful; and indeed, it appears every major and minor broadcasting and network station is controlled by just a handful of companies but, somehow, despite the Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act of 2016; despite the Countering Information Warfare Act of 2016; despite the millions paid to alternative news outlets to change their narrative; and despite the 12 million dollars paid to Milo Yiannopoulos (who, interestingly spends a lot of time between Israel and Russia) literally to ‘troll the Internet‘; despite it all, they still believe Qanon to be not a psychological cyber-warfare and propaganda operation employed by the Government (I believe C.I.A in this particular case), but to be a branch of ‘white hat patriots‘ with nothing but the best interests at heart for their fellow human beings.

Edit on Milo: I don’t know how much Milo received. The company operated for a little while, but when one of the main financial backers died, Milo was forced to fire all his team.

Interestingly, one of Qanon mottos, ‘the Sum of all fears‘, it literally comes from a C.I.A. movie.

As an addendum to post 5, I forgot to add that former FBI agent Mike Rogers, a Republican of the Trump transition team is also a member of the board of Trustees at MITRE Corporation. If you recall, Gary Milifiesky, the man handing down the daily talking points to some members of the Qanon community is also involved with MITRE. But most importantly, MITRE and ManTech seem to work together in many projects and have a history of FBI, CIA and NSA advisory and/or board members overlapping each other. In fact, it appears that Mantech, Mitre, and In-Q-Tel are all C.I.A.’s tech tools. This article does a phenomenal job describing the CIA-defense corporation network.

On a personal note, I came across this posting of from a book of former KGB agent and defector (to C.I.A) Antoly Golistym. According to the reviews (I haven’t had the chance to order it yet), it lays out perfectly well the art of disinformation, propaganda, and infiltration that are, to this day, perpetrated by governments.

There are a number of so-called-journalists apparently more than willing to sell themselves for a bit of spotlight, fame, and money. Originally from InfoWars, Jerome Corsi, Alex Jones, and Jack Posobiec all claimed at some point or another to be in contact with Qanon. The information appeared to have been bought in to or pushed by Baruch The Scribe (Paul Furber) and Milo Yiannopolus. Roger Stone (see part 5), currently under investigation, was also a main contributor of InfoWars.

These individuals did have just as much access to the pre-packaged news handed down from the government like every other news outlet. The only difference between right left and alternative media is the spin put on the stories that play on our emotions. Otherwise, everybody reports the same stories.

Other Qanon promoters such as Liz Crooking, Tracy Beanz (The Hangman Report, YourVoiceAmerica) and Laura Loomer (all self-declared independent journalists) might very well have had access to those same servers, given their involvement in the media. Lisa Mei also used to write for Breitbart News (Steve Bannon), so it is also possible that her ex-colleagues were passing information to her on upcoming news or, that she still has access to the same ‘News Cloud‘. But, given how both Infowars and Breitbart were involved right from the start, it comes as no surprise that they had access to the same ‘4am talking points‘ as any other journalist out there.

It is interesting that while Laura Loomer was once a fervent promoter of Qanon, she recently, like many others, claimed to know next to nothing during an interview at the 24/7 Livestream Patriot’s SoapBox Youtube channel.

Other ‘alternative’ media outlets that promote Qanon are Jordan Sather (from, Destroying the Illusion); Praying Medic (aka David Hayes), who does a lot of work with with Your Voice America and capitalizes his own content via his own website and other infomercials; George Webb (Truth Leaks); Brenden Dilley (, , @realhublife ), a washed up life coach who ran an unsuccessful campaign for Arizona’s 8th congressional district; screenwriter Shawn Boutwell (known as WarDrummer), who allegedly has connections to Antifa; a small youtuber by the name of Dustin Nemos (of whom we spoke of part 1); True Pundit (aka Michael D. Moore, aka @Thomas1774Paine, aka @true_pundit), who as of now appears to be anti-Qanon, but originally was providing support and made up articles in pro of fitting a narrative; Neon Revolt (aka Ethan Ralph), a writer and producer with a criminal record known for the show The Ralph Retort Killstream; and Drawandstrike (aka Stealth Jeff, aka Manofaiki, aka Brian Cates), a paper-boy turned political pundit. 

Interestingly, it was reported on post 5 a few of the many accounts connecting Maga, Qanon and Trump’s websites to Russia. Dilley himself appears to be indexed in Russian locations.

Advertisements (since this account is no longer available, I will do an update here with a few screenshots).

Another ‘alternative outlet’ promoting Qanon narrative was Lionel Nation (aka Michael Lionel Lebron). Lionel gained access to the President and posted a photo with Donald Trump, himself and his wife. This fueled the conspiracy followers even more, as they saw that their meeting was a confirmation from POTUS himself that Qanon was real.

Lionel Media talks Qanon with Jerome Corsi
Lionel Media talks Qanon with Jerome Corsi

There are, of course, plenty other Twitter accounts like Occulturalism, IntheMatrix, Educating Liberals, Enoch, JoeM, TheSharpEdge, , @findtruthQ (this last account appears to be a close friend of Liz Crookin), and many others pushing the Qanon narrative. However, they are not, for the purpose of this article, considered ‘alternative news‘. Also, for the purpose of fairness, I am currently unsure about which of these accounts are part of the Qanon con (I have a few theories), and which of them are just regular citizens that fell for the Deep State cyber-operation.

It is well-known that Fox News Network is the media of the ‘Right‘ or the GOP, just as much as Media Matters caters for the ‘Left’. What is interesting here is the number of people involved promoting the Qanon sham.  Mike Cernovichwho made a name for himself in the ‘manosphere‘ of Pickup artists thanks to his extreme views and tweets about rape and women (he was accused of rape himself); but this doesn’t seem to deter followers that view him as a respectable journalist. This website does show a much more in-depth view of his true character.

Q sent me
Lots of sealed indictments

Also from Fox News supporting the Qanon narrative are Sean Hannity and Sarah Carter  (notice the subtle hints about the ‘lots of sealed indictments‘ that any respectable journalist would have been able to debunk). Hannity appears to be fully aware of Qanon psy-op, but instead of speaking against it, he just went on promoting the Qanon narrative. He also appears to have done a few shows wearing a Q pin.

There was an account in the Twitter world with the name of B (aka @B75434425 aka Bailey Olson). This particular account used to post exactly two minutes apart from Qanon posts, giving an aura of mysticism and ‘inside knowledge’ to the whole operation; much like 72 seconds (who at times pretends to be Elvis and to have access to secret information and occult knowledge). It is widely believed that this account (the original B account) was connected to the media, though it is impossible as of now to say who was managing that account.

As to whether Sebastian Gorka (also Fox News) promotes Qanon or not is hard to tell. He has usually been very vocal against the Qanon narrative, but he recently started pushing some of the conspiracies in a more surreptitious manner.

British blogger Louise Mensch also appears to be involved in the Qanon conspiracy along with ‘Team Patriot‘ (also read here and here). What is interesting about Mensch, just like with a few of the other people involved, is that she (along with others) manages a small group of people who also create fake accounts to spread the narrative, and also threaten and harass anybody that gets in their way. There is enough evidence to support the claim that accounts like Zero Hour (this person has had over 40 different accounts, and whose real name is Fiore Dipietrantonio) and Brenden Daily who made a name for himself doing live stream (periscopes) promoting the Qanon agenda, work closely with Louise Mensch’s team.

A few of the following threads (click on them and read them fully, not just the first post) might shed some light on how they operate their network. However, I will update this part of the post with further evidence.

Major celebrities like Chalie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA; Roseanne Barr, and Curt Schilling are all promoting the Qanon conspiracy theory.

The above images will be updated shortly with more pictures to prove the point of all the main media players.

I guess for me the most interesting of them all is YourVoiceAmerica. YVA came into the scene in 2016. Before that, nobody really knew who Bill Mitchell, Tracy Beanz or Ann Vandersteel were. Of course, there was a GoFundMe. YVA was founded by business executive-turned-political-commentator Bill MitchellIt is unclear to me why would Bill choose a name that so closely resembles C.I.A front Voice of America, and as such, one that Trump wasted no time to politicize for his own gains. But, since I haven’t found any evidence to link Your Voice America to Voice America, I am going on the naive route and say that Bill (as a businessman), might have chosen that name as a simple way to capitalize on word positioning in search engines (Aka SEO).

Tracy Beanz (aka Tracy Diaz), a little  known rebel rouser and anarchist with a small-time radio show and an alleged criminal record (other than she lived in NY for a while, I cannot prove the link refers to her specifically, follow and read and use your own judgment), is not only one of the masterminds behind the Qanon conspiracy theory, but also one of the regular contributors of Your Voice America, as well as one of the main Qanon posters in 8chan. Previously, it was also mentioned that she was one of the moderators of Reddit, where they were promoting the Qanon conspiracy theory.


It is also very interesting that Ann Vandersteel is connected to Your Voice America. Ann is a compulsive liar and con artist, who was originally married to pedophile Gagliardi. Ann has built a reputation on lies promoting pizzagate (it seems the original story was pushed by Posobiec and InfoWars in general) while simultaneously claiming to have worked on Trump’s campaign. Her lies got so big and so convoluted that in the end, a spokesman from Trump campaign had to issue a statement disavowing Ann altogether.

Obviously, all the main players and scammers from Qanon have been in Your Voice America. Mainly: Liz Crooking, Laura Loomer Tracy Beanz, Praying Medic, Roger Stone, Mike Cernovich, Sebastian Gorka, Charlie Kirk, and many others.

And even more strangely, is the fact that retired intel officer and FBI agent Steven Rogers, who represents Trump’s campaign, also associates himself with Your Voice America. Now, if you look at the man’s intelligence records and capabilities, he has to be fully aware as to what is going on with Your Voice America and Qanon. He has also been directly informed about what is going on with 0 hour account and his connections to the rest of the group. And yet…

An interesting little story comes from a few sources that wish to remain anonymous. While these sources wish to remain anonymous and I respect their privacy, I was able to confirm and verify their stories independent of each other. Paraphrasing a little bit, purely for a flow purpose, the story goes like this:

I first met Praying Medic at a political meeting in Atlanta. This was back in August 2017. At this same meeting there were also a bunch of Q people. Though at the time nobody had ever heard of Qanon; and it was only later on that we came to know what it was all about. In the same meeting we met Meg (0 hour’s girlfriend) and her twin sister Karen, as well as Ann Vandersteel and Tracy Belmonte.

I didn’t think much of them at the time, and like any other group, we all took a few photos together. A few of us bumped into each other not long after that at a Florida meeting.

But the real events happened some weeks later in Southern California. There, among many other people, would come to join us  our dear friend Ginger Queen; as well as another friend of a Praying Medic’s by the name of James R.

Medic (David Hayes) and his wife were also in this California meeting just like they were in Atlanta. They didn’t stay long after dinner due to some differences in opinion, and chose to retire to their quarters instead. Not long after that, Praying Medic and his wife would rejoin the scene telling everybody about interpreting a dream about a mass shooting and murder happening the following day. They told everybody who would listen not to attend next day’s meeting as it was going to be filled with death and destruction, and encouraged everybody not to go.

Because of Medic’s words, a lot of people didn’t turn up for the event the following day. Including a lot of people the organization had paid for (their plane tickets, accommodations and food) which meant that the organizers were short-handed and had to rely a lot on everybody else’s help.

Ginger McQueen herself had this to say about Praying Medic:

I prefer to call him Preying Medic because he is a deceitful charlatan who preys on gullible weak-minded fools. They are fools, but at heart they are good, decent, honest people who are being taken advantage of because they believe he is a man of God. He claimed that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, gave him a vision through some other loser’s dream that a group of people, including myself, would all be murdered at a party by a mass shooter. His forked, vulgar, lizard tongue uttered the words on Periscope that my friends and I would be killed in early November 2017 when Jesus swooped down from heaven to deliver a dream for him to interpret. The Jesus I know does not give people bloody visions of murder that are up for interpretation by false prophets. That came straight from the devil’s pie hole. Medic and Satan are one in the same. He has been scamming people with Qanon since December of 2017. He wakes up every day, looks at his sneaky, slimy, fat, lizard head in the mirror, and still somehow manages to live with himself. Someday, he will have to answer to the Creator he blasphemes. There is a special, blazing, hot place in hell for deceitful people like him who take advantage of others. He also just begged for money so the person who runs q maps dot pub could quit their job and work on the website full-time. He lied about that too because it is hosted overseas. He is grifting at every opportunity because he is a lazy con artist. Some sweet day, karma will slap him and his domineering, pig-headed wife so hard that it will ruin her ugly paintings. They are vile people who need a rectal exam by the IRS.

Not long after that, Praying Medic put out a scoop about how 0 Hour was part of God’s plan and had an important role to play.

Ever since, Zero Hour’s girlfriend, Meg, and her sister Karen, have been helping Ann Vandersteel and Bill Mitchell set up Your Voice America. In fact, it appears that they are all propping each other up to line each other’s pockets.

As Will Sommers puts it, there is a Civil War between the Qanon movement and the MAGA (Make America Great Again) followers. But, as I explained many times, it is my belief that some are anti-Qanon simply as means to counter-balance the movement and make it look more genuine. I admit, at times, is hard to tell the difference between those genuinely against it and those who appear to be against it simply to draw attention to it.

For instance, celebrities like James Wood (which has become an icon within the MAGA community) and political and intel consultant Jacob Whol seem to be pushing certain Qanon narratives and conspiracies like ‘where is Ruth Bader Ginsburg?’ or ‘Kamala Harris is ineligible to hold the presidential office‘.

Edit (28-02-2019). As of today, James Wood has started promoting Qanon. (since this update James Wood was suspended for promoting violence. I will update screenshots accordingly).

Other people that have jumped into the Qanon bandwagon include (but not limited to) former Congressional candidate Stacey Dash.

Even George Papadopolus, “a former member of the foreign policy advisory panel to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign” is promoting the Qanon scam. “Papadopoulos was interviewed by FBI agents on January 27, 2017, regarding any Trump campaign connections with Russia. He was arrested at Washington-Dulles International Airport on July 27, 2017.  He pleaded guilty in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to making false statements to FBI agents relating to contacts he had with agents of the Russian government while working for the Trump campaign. The guilty plea was part of a plea bargain reflecting his cooperation with the Mueller investigation. Papadopoulos’s arrest and guilty plea became public on October 30, 2017, when court documents showing the guilty plea were unsealed.”

George papadopoulos - trust the plan - qanon

It is truly amazing how many of the Qanon grifters are failed actors with criminal records. And speaking of failed actors, there was Isaac Kappy who also jumped into the Qanon bandwagon in other to spread the word about the Qult and gain himself some extra notoriety and, of course, cash-in in the form of donations from innocent people who believed his story.


It is worth pointing out that before Kappy started doing periscopes and jumped into the world of Twitter fame, we (he and I) spend some time emailing back and forth. True to my word, I do not post personal emails or private chats or any other forms of private communications (unless I get given permission for it). However, because something always seemed off about him, I never pushed his story or promoted him.

It is interesting that in order to gain himself some fame (and donations), Kappy started his Twitter fame by accusing his friend Seth Green and his wife Clare Grant of being pedophiles. The couple severed ties with the failed actor long before that, but that didn’t stop Kappy from stalking them and sending them letters. It appears that Kappy himself has a history of abuse and has been under police investigation on several occasions, the latest one for threatening a mass shooting.

What’s more, before Kappy went mainstream, I can report that during our email exchanges, he said to me he wanted to challenge pedophiles (or pedophiles enablers and/or protectors) to an MMA fight in a televised ring. The money raised was supposed to help victims of child abuse. Kappy went as far as to issue a challenge to Gabe Hoffman from ‘an open secret‘. Hoffman accepted the challenged, but soon after Kappy backed down, issued a half-hearted apology and suddenly became very concerned with the Paypal account of Vegan Mikey. This is a rather interesting story that appears to involve some illegal activities between Kappy and Mikey and hence why Paypal froze the account.

Note: I reached out to Vegan Mikey for comment and to tell me his side of the story at the time of writing this piece. It took him a month to reply with a simple yes, ok. In response to my asking to tell his side of the story. I asked him a few questions since and provided him my email address as well as open my DM’s to him. To date, I have received nothing from him.

Isaac Kappy did raise a lot of money during his periscope and youtube rants on the promise that he was going to expose Hollywood pedophilia. However, most of what he did was accuse Seth Green and his wife of pedophilia (without producing a shred of evidence for it) and encourage people to email Paypal about Vegan Mikey’s account, while, at the same time, also promoting Qanon. In fact, when he was asked if he ever went to the authorities to report any of it, he flat out said that he did not. Instead, he went on both 4chan and 8chan to make his allegations public and reported that he ‘got in touch directly with Qanon ‘. He accused other celebrities (again, without any evidence) of being pedophiles. However, the people he named have been the source of Internet rumors for decades. He never gave any real information but told campfire stories while conning people out of donations.

It appears that Isaac considers it to be beneath himself to get an average-Joe job. Apparently working in a fast food chain, or washing cars, or cleaning or any other honest work is not suited for him. Made-up stories are a lot more profitable than working. He then went on to open a t-shirt business.  To this day, none of the money he ever made via donations or via the sales of his merchandise has ever gotten to any charity, least of all any charity dedicated to the recovery of those who have been abused.

The original location where Kappy was selling merchandise was here. Eventually, his merchandised got pulled off due to copyright infringements (or so I heard). Youtube has a dozen or so videos of users claiming Kappy flat-out stole their designs and used them to sell his (Kappy’s) merchandise. (I have lost the original video links. I will look for them and update this post accordingly to prove this point).

Obviously, people like LiftTheVeil, Jordan Sather and even Infowars all jumped at the opportunity of cashing in on the extra views and donations from gullible people.

What’s interesting is that it was thanks to Thomas Schoenberger (aka Thomas St. Germain) and ex-CIA agent who infiltrated Cicada 3301 around 2015 that put them in contact. When I asked Thomas about this, he simply said that at the time he believed Isaac Kappy and wanted to help. To me, given what I know about Thomas (more coming) and what I know about Kappy, it seems an unlikely answer coming from such a clever man.

It is also interesting to point out that earlier on we noted Tracy Beanz’s connections to Cicada as one of their members jumped to her defense. Thomas and Tracy also appear to know each other.

Qanon 'patriot' promoting Isaac Kappy
Qanon ‘patriot’ promoting Isaac Kappy

As reported in part 5, LiftTheVeil (aka Nathan Stolpman), Isaac Kappy and Vegan Mikey promoted a fake pedophilia ring (Voodoo Doughnut). It is worth mentioning that he used to promote endlessly fake Sexual Ritual Abuse victims like Sarah Ruth Ashcroft (SRA, get it?) and Fiona Barnett, who gained a reputation for making up events about being raped that has since been debunked in a number of occasions. Moreover, Fiona appears to have infiltrated groups of real Abuse Survivors victims, only to sell their information and stories without their consent. People like Aschcroft, Barnett, and Kappy are there to cash on somebody else’s pain. They do not care about real victims, nor do they mind making up falsehoods if it gives them a profit. Their behavior is truly despicable because it makes real victims seem less credible and people are more likely to not want to take them seriously.

It was, of course, An Open Secret (and their seasoned team of researchers, including Gabe Hoffman, who have been fighting and exposing pedophilia networks for years), who first called out the Voodoo doughnut scam. Originally they didn’t even mention Kappy, but next day Kappy went on to attack Hoffman, the culmination of which was the challenge of an MMA fight. If you read again above, Hoffman even offered to cover the costs of the venue, but, as stated above, Kappy quickly backed down.

Below are some of the threads (click on to read them fully), done by An Open Secret where they exposed the hoax.

Enty Lawyer has recently spoken about Isaac Kappy and the thousands of dollars they scammed out of people. If the rumors are to be believed (so far, I can’t recall a time were Enty’s information was incorrect), Kappy is currently hiding out in his mother’s house (or, as other sources indicate, some ‘4 blocks away from his mother’s house’)

Enty lawyer Blind Item 9 on Isaac KappyEnty lawyer Blind Item 9 on Isaac Kappy
Enty lawyer Blind Item 9 on Isaac Kappy

For the sake of fairness, I reached out to Vegan Mikey and Isaac Kappy for a statement. Vegan Mikey has, so far, not replied to my questions. If he does, I will update this post accordingly. Fiona Barnett has deleted all her social media profiles and is, currently, unreachable. If I find a way to contact her, I will ask her about her side of the story.

There were 11 emails exchanged between me and Kappy. They are posted below.

I would like to point out a few things about this exchange:

  • The attachments are regarding a confidentiality breach agreement by Mr. Henzi during the filming of ‘An Open Secret‘. Henzi’s lawyers and Open Secret’s lawyers exchanged a couple of letters. Neither of them pursued any legal action.
  • Kappy is unable or unwilling to answer any of my questions. If money was indeed given to charities and/or victims, he would be naming them or providing any sort of paper trail that proves that his statements are correct.
  • He claims he only raised money for an hour. I am unsure as to whether or not this is true. I think there were several chats where he was getting donations (either on live streams or his Paypal account). But soon after he was getting a share via Vegan Mikey’s own Paypal, and hence his concern about the account getting frozen by the company while conducting internal investigations.
  • If he had 4 thousand dollars to give away as he claims he did, why then was he asking for money online ‘for security’?
  • He did not answer or provide any evidence that any charges were ever filed against Voodoo Doughnuts. (Filling police charges on false accusations is illegal).
  • He didn’t answer either what happens to his t-shirt business.
  • Qanon is very real.
  • Not only is he not answering questions, but he is also deflecting and turning the whole issue against what a ‘piece of shit’ Gabe Hoffman is. Even going as far as claiming that Seth Rich, Macaulay Culkin and ‘Crazy Days and Nights’ (aka Enty Lawyer) are all conspiring against him to ‘ruin his reputation’.

As to whether who is telling the truth, I’ll let you be the judge of that.



  1. The above information is 100% correct to the best of my ability. Should any information be incorrect in light of new evidence, it will be corrected and highlighted in Red to show the changes. Grammar changes do not count as I am forever correcting those in everything I post.
  2. Some images are my own while others have been taking from various sources. While it is tedious to link the sources of the images and would make the post very cluttered, everybody involved or every source where they have been taken is either linked in the ‘special thanks’ section or in the ‘sources’ section.
  3. I am finally splitting the post into several articles purely because after 50+ pages with videos, twitter links and images, the embedded stuff would not load. I have spoken to WordPress about it and they told me it was merely because of the size of the whole document, and hence, time outs from external servers due to a large amount of time it was taken to load.
  4. Sources. Since I originally conceived of this piece as one article only, some of the same sources may appear at the end of every post. However, the ‘sources section’ is getting way too long and making the posts lag, therefore I am only including sources used in this post with a few others from previous posts. If you need to see all the sources, you will have to check every Qanon post to get a fully comprehensive list.


Ann Vandersteel promotes pizzagate

Twitter Bullycide linked to Louise Mensch


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