#Blackout21: This Site is currently unavailable.

I am unable to add scripts and/or widgets on my site, or do any modifications due to not having access to my back-end (cheap WordPress plan). However, I would like to show my support.


This Site is currently unavailable.

We are participating in #Blackout21, because the new Copyright Directive threatens the internet as we know and love it.
Educate yourself about the possible harm caused by this regulation at stopacta2.org and look up protests in your area!
Creators: We recommend that you review Article 12 of the proposed regulation. It hurts you instead of helping!

If you are able to update your website, use the instructions below:

Website Blackout


For a complete blackout just redirect to this site: blackout21.eu/redirect/en_blackout.html
There are many ways to redirect. If you’re not shure how to do it just ask your support, they should help you.

JavaScript Widget:

This possibility shows information, but can be closed. So the users can still get on the site.

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  1. missing you, too, my friend


  2. This is dlnarch. I have missed you and hope you are well.

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