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Qanon: the Qult and the legend – Part 7.1

15.1- Nobody is making money off Qanon

Qanon and their band of grifters often tell people that ‘nobody is making money off Qanon‘, and that ‘patriots don’t do it for the money‘. In fact, is one of their main mottos; but as it turns out, they are all doing it for the money and profiting off other people’s research and hard work.

Even my own work that I used to publish all the time on Twitter has been used by other people without receiving any due credit, while they receive all the compensation for ‘outstanding research’.

There are a great number of people out there that do outstanding work to bring about the truth. There are others that, just like the Q-a-con team, want to profit from the scam. It doesn’t matter to them whether they are decent people or just a bunch of con artists like they are; they call them ‘paytrots‘; even though is the Q people themselves making all the revenue. As it turns out, nobody is allowed to make a profit from Qanon, except the main Qteam. which, I can’t stress this enough, is definitely not high-level-classified-military-intelligence. If military intelligence was indeed posting on an open forum of dubious security would be nothing sort of treason. However, this subtlety is above the heads of many hardcore followers who believe that ‘big things are happening‘.

I have no problem with people getting donations for their hard work. Whether is journalism, charitable work, risking their lives…As long as people are working for the truth, I see no problem whatsoever with receiving donations. What I do have a problem with, however, is with a band of con artist and failed actors with criminal records that make up lies in order to profit from gullible people. Not only is the Qanon Qult profiting from people with good hearts, but they are also turning people into radicals and, as exposed on part 1, tearing families apart.

In the early days of Qanon, the first twitter account promoting the con was @mG7VJxZNCI (who back then used to go by the name of I_Am_Q and has since changed his name a dozen times). “I am” is a concept lifted straight from New Age belief system. In turn, this comes from “aham brahmasmi” in the ancient Sanskrit language of India. The concept basically specifies that we are all a global web of consciousness interconnected by energy. Nothing wrong with this particular belief, but goes to show that the people behind the Qanon scam are very much into the New Age understanding of philosophy and religion. And hence, “where we go one we all go“.


Back then, that particular account (@mG7VJxZNCI ) used to simply mimic Qanon’s posts and sometimes engage with individuals as if somehow he had insider knowledge or was in fact, either Q himself, or part of the team. Soon after he moved from there to perpetuating the Dinar Scam and the famous Gold standards from Nesara, along with other conspiracies like reptilians and forgotten history like the alleged legendary cities of Atlantis, Lemuria, Shambala, and many others. 

Not long after, the same account started promoting Qanon merchandise and, later on, the original Qanon website which, at the time (when it was originally set up), was also taking donations. The reason for promoting the merchandise was, apparently, to pay for the hosting costs of the general website and its maintenance. That in itself should have been a red flag, at least for me. But I was so deeply entrenched in it that I overlooked it. If Qanon was indeed part of US military operation, they would already have themselves a budget allocated to it, so there was no reason whatsoever for them to sell merchandise or beg money from unsuspected users to ‘pay for the costs‘.

The account has since stopped promoting Qanon merchandise, though stills sells it. He also uses all the main Q-tags. It has now moved to set up a Patreon account, a GoFundMe account, and a Youtube channel. It mostly now talks about Ancient history and Occultism. The account promotes mainly Majestic-12, Jordan Sather, Corey Goode, and David Wilcock.

Isn’t it amazing that is only the ‘secret Qanon Club‘ that is able to have an opinion, collect donations and sell merchandise, and everybody else is somehow wrong to do so and is paytrot? I mean, who wouldn’t take political advice from a guy that has the cheek to call others Fake MAGAs and even incites doxxing on people he disagrees with?

Dustin, of course, is not making any money at all from the Qanon movement. Besides his Youtube streams and a wide range of donations, he is also selling Qanon merchandise.

Of the actual Qanon book itself, we will speak of in the last part of this piece. But suffice to say that on Nemos own words, the book made over 50 thousand dollars in one month.

Dustin Nemos - Qanon book - patriots don't do it for the money- qanon is cancer - q scam
Patriots don’t do it for the money”
Liz Croking worked with George Bush in the trail campaign in Iowa - 43rd President of the United States -Qanon posts
Liz Croking worked with George Bush in the trail campaign in Iowa

What about those who have been fervent Bush supporters but somehow know better than us now, even though their own careers were built upon writing gossip columns? How are they more qualified than the rest of us to ditch political advice?

Not long after the original I_Am_Q account started promoting merchandise, tons of accounts joined in the ‘for-profit’ cause. To this day, I haven’t heard of one single merchant that is donating his/her earnings to a good cause or using the intakes to help their communities in any way.

In the case of early Qanon promoter, Jerome Corsi, he was promoting a fake GoFundMe page to raise funds for General Flynn. It was later discovered that the GoFundMe page of Flynn was an entirely different one. Whether Corsi was pocketing the funds from the fake campaign or was a genuine mistake, is hard to say. What appears to be a fact, however, is that Corsi was making a lot of money from the promotion of Qanon and his books. The money came in the form of donations via super chats as well as the sales of his already published books. How much a day he was making is hard to say. Rumour has it that he was making up to 3000 dollars a day, on a good day.

Here is a very interesting and fairly accurate thread on Jerome Corsi.

Recently, Thomas Paine, aka Michael D More, of whom we spoke previously, is having a sale on ‘we the people’ hats.

Thomas also used to sell Qanon merchandise and WWG1WAG merchandise. It seems he has taken it all down for the time being and now is just selling ‘we the people’ hats. ‘We the people’ is also a Qanon motto.

Of course, everybody started cashing out on Qanon merchandise; either by selling directly on Amazon or by selling the merchandise via the hundreds of websites dedicated to custom printing.

The first day the Qanon app was released, they made $10,000 on the app alone. Since the app was on the market for several months and had hundreds of thousands of downloads, one has to wonder where was all that money going. Who is keeping it? The developers? The people who made the request to the developers? Obviously, there is only so much to be said for hosting and server costs, so where did the rest of it go? To a charity? To help victims of sex trafficking that the people from Qanon seem to care so much for? To help any given community after a natural disaster? Well, the money didn’t go anywhere, except to be laundered across Canada, Cyprus, and Greece via Papadopolus, Misfud and Raddel (this point will be expanded upon in further posts). And hence Papadopolus latest insistence on ‘trusting the plan’, because the moment people stop trusting it, the funds dry up.

But of course, patriots don’t do it for the money. And it is clear that if Qanon is indeed a Deep State psy-op now, having morphed and taken over from the original LARP, then, obviously the Department of Defense is already using your tax-payer dollars to promote a propaganda operation that is intent on nothing other than rallying support behind Trump, while promising that ‘something else‘ is happening, all part of a ‘master plan‘, that somehow seems to contradict his very actions.

There are also the so-called ‘Bakers‘: these are the people doing the ‘decodes’ on what Qanon posts on 8chan. Never-mind that the same people doing the postings get together in discord chat rooms to discuss what the next drops should be, and how they should be phrased. They create the ‘crumbs‘ and post them on 8chan, while replying to themselves anonymously pretending that Qanon has a lot more traction than it does. At this point is just hardcore followers and a myriad of bots, as well as themselves using hundreds of different accounts to mask the fact that hardly anybody anymore follows Qanon. The longer, well-written posts tend to come mostly from Lisa Mei and Aura Parytka. The vast majority of early supporters are very disappointed by the vague promises and failed predictions.

There are also many dozens of deleted Qanon posts to take into account. These are posts they themselves have deleted when they made a blunder, i.e. posting without tripcode, replying to each other, etc.

These ‘decoders’ themselves make thousands of dollars a month in revenue; either from donations for their ‘decoding knowledge‘, or from the sell of merchandise; either Qanon merchandise, or their own, or both.

How they make their money is done via either direct donations using Paypal or similar platforms, donations via Youtube superchats, subscriptions to their Patreon’s accounts, raising funds for causes (see Corsi above), etc. They are making thousands upon thousands of dollars from people who just want hope.


Jordan Sather, for instance, has diversified his image very well. Not only he capitalizes on Qanon’s views via his youtube videos and via the sale of merchandise, but his good looks and well-spoken manner has made him the poster boy for the movement. He is an expert on everything, from health consulting to UFO’s. From the UFO aspect comes ‘the awakening’ and the Qanon’s very own 5D. 5D is a reference on New Age religion to 5 dimensions. They believed that the self is above our own four-dimensional space-time and that the humans can evolve into this fifth realm. Moreover, he often pushes for the fact that 5D races from either outer space or other realms outside the visible spectrum are closely linked to the US Secret Black Projects and the President himself. While I don’t necessarily disagree with the view that there are in fact Black Budget Projects, it is interesting to note that the 5D reference is supposed to be somewhat linked to a biblical ascension (those who aren’t awake would be left behind); a sentiment that is somewhat echoed by some members of the CICADA community. The ‘Awakening’ has been in the making for decades, just like the mass arrests. Something that David Wilcock has been pushing for many years now.

Jordan Sather can be seen on IMDB. He was part of a documentary known as Above Majestic. In the said documentary, they talked about “a clandestine group of elite military and corporate figureheads charged with reverse-engineering extraterrestrial technology also known as “Majestic 12“. The reason I mention this is because there is a twitter account with the name of Majestic 12, which in turns seems to be closely associated with EyeTheSpy and Kabamur Taygeta. Kabamur claims himself to be ‘not of this world‘, to ‘fly at night‘, and to work closely with Trump. He also claims Qanon team are ‘Pleiadians‘.

In fairness to Sather, he claims no association with any of those accounts, but, in today’s world, appearances aren’t always what they seem.

Sather is racking in the money with all sorts of promotions.  It is interesting that Sather is also one of the pushers of ‘Gold Standards‘ and NESARA that was explained above, so of course, he capitalizes on the promotion of it all, as well as a variety of other products.

Jordan Sather was given the opportunity to come clean regarding what he knows of Qanon. James Brower gave him the chance; I gave him the chance; and many other people that have been working hard trying to put Qanon to rest have also given him the chance.

Money and fame apparently talk louder than integrity. Here is Sather NOT making money off Qanon merchandise.

Neon Revolt (aka Ethan Ralph), also had big plans for his promotion of Qanon. He was going to write a book about it. I do not know if that ever materialized, or if Joe M, Dustin Nemos et al beat him to it with their ‘Great Awakening’ book.

Edit 18-06-2019: Neon Revolt has raised over 50 thousand dollars to write a book about Qanon. Funnily enough, writing doesn’t cost any money per se, but there you go. An interesting note, Maga Coalition current claims is that Neon Revolt was a ‘plant’ of theirs all along within the Qanon community. Douglas Stewart went as far as donating money to Neon Revolt (according to his own claims).

Just like the rest of Q-a-con team, Neon Revolt also hah high expectations. He makes money via subscriptions, donations and of course, Qanon merchandise. As long as there is hope, the t-shirts will carry on selling and the money will keep pouring in. So is in everybody’s best interest to keep the scam alive for as long as possible.

The Qanon Queen herself, Tracy Beanz, had much higher ambitions than the rest of the Qanon grifters. After all, she is much better connected and ranks a lot higher in the Qanon hierarchy. On the one hand, she is connected to Cicada via Peacey and Thomas Schoenberger. On the other hand, she knows Gary Miliesfky (MITRE, MANTECH…) well enough to make it into his Facebook friend’s list.

By mid-year 2018, her goal was to make 9 thousand dollars a month. Who wouldn’t want to make that sort of cash just for making videos decoding the same stuff they are all creating behind the scenes, and write a few articles?

Because this is already a very long post and media starts to fail to upload properly, I am splitting this into two (or several, depending on lengths) upcoming posts. To make sure we are still on the ‘nobody is making any money‘ section, they will be titled ‘Qanon: the Qult and the legend part 7.2, 7.3‘. etc

The upcoming posts will cover the ‘usual suspects’: InTheMatrixx, Zero Hour, Your Voice America, Brenden Dilley, Joe M, Patriot’s Soapbox, Praying Medic, etc.

This is a peek preview on what is coming about the so-called Man of God, Praying Medic.



  1. The above information is 100% correct to the best of my ability. Should any information be incorrect in light of new evidence, it will be corrected and highlighted in Red to show the changes. Grammar changes do not count as I am forever correcting those in everything I post.
  2. Some images are my own while others have been taking from various sources. While it is tedious to link the sources of the images and would make the post very cluttered, everybody involved or every source where they have been taken is either linked in the ‘special thanks’ section or in the ‘sources’ section.
  3. I am finally splitting the post into several articles purely because after 50+ pages with videos, twitter links and images, the embedded stuff would not load. I have spoken to WordPress about it and they told me it was merely because of the size of the whole document, and hence, time outs from external servers due to a large amount of time it was taken to load.
  4. Sources. Since I originally conceived of this piece as one article only, some of the same sources may appear at the end of every post. However, the ‘sources section’ is getting way too long and making the posts lag, therefore I am only including sources used in this post with a few others from previous posts. If you need to see all the sources, you will have to check every Qanon post to get a fully comprehensive list.


Decoding the deleted post on greatawakening

The Story of Q Patriot Sponsored Website hack users with Malware Ads

The 5 stages of Qanon

Some of Qteam


Steven Kelly – Admin Qanon

Discord Fakes


Corsi and Q leaked emails

VOP inaccuracies 

Becoming a non-profit: Pamphlet 


For a full list of sources please view all previous posts.

6 thoughts on “Qanon: the Qult and the legend – Part 7.1

  1. Very shoddy journalism.Really sad that this housewife who fashions herself a investigative journalist was fooled into thinking Tracy Beanz was part of Cicada, or actually has a close friendship with Tracy Beqnz. beyond an introduction to Lestat, can this author even find the braincells to explore if Defango and Lestat have profited from Q? Can you find evidence Thomas Schoenberger has? Nope. Its a good thing I know the author’s true identity.
    And motives.
    She should go back to making sandwiches for her husband.
    Praying Medic is connected to @Tafoyovsky and @MerlinDefango.
    I will be posting an article which will include “Elenas” explosive emails and more very soon.
    I am sure she will not mind.

    Thomas Schoenberger


  2. Rachel Maddow is getting paid $7 million per year, which works out to $20,000 per day, every day of the year. Since we all know her TV channel is crap, that means she’s being subsidized directly by some group, assume the Deep State… Now, if some yokel wants to dedicate all day to reposting Q drops, clamoring support for their elected President, sharing cute pics and articles, it’s great, it really is, smells like the fruits of democracy — if they were to collect a fraction of a penny for each site visit, or a 5% commission for each hat sold, seriously, these people would be lucky to earn $100/day. Now, 200 of those people hustling their hearts out would be earning as much as one Fake Rachel… Yes, you have some earning loads more, collecting donations, selling apps, but who really cares? Let them! I would rather “donate” or “pay” someone trying to do good then let my eyeballs be sold to Rachel and friends for so much more… Many are missing the boat on the Paytriot question: the initial bar was that information not be behind a paywall… (since few did that) it led to a higher bar of no donations… leading to another bar of no hats. Listen, the media system is broke. Newspapers used to earn by ads, then FB and GOOG took all the ad money away, and CL had started before them. I think news should be sold by ads, I think the donation model is always going to be flawed. But I also think the Paytriot debate is doing a service to no one, because Rachel is still making $20 grand a day and most of these yokels, seriously, are probably earning $20.


    1. Thanks for the stupidly long and unrelated comment that nobody gives a fuck about cos, guess what? The post had nothing to do with Rachel Maddow.
      Thanks once more for proving your idiocy.
      I can’t hardly wait to release how much the rest of the Qanon grifters make.
      And since you missed the point, let me explain: The point is not that they are making money, THE POINT IS THAT THEY ARE MAKING MONEY OF SOMETHING THEY KNOW IS 100% BULLSHIT!!
      Hey, don’t forget to donate to Praying Medic and buy the Qunt t-shirt
      Shit is happening… any day now.. get new popcorn


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