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How to Spot a False Flag


A false flag is a covert operation event, usually perpetrated by a group belonging to or allied with our own government. It is designed to control populations through fear via a manufactured enemy; and often results in mass-casualty deaths. Some of these events use crisis actors as victims, which means that there are no real casualties, though it is staged to seem like it.

The term false flag has different, but related meanings in warfare, cyber-attacks, espionage, psychology, political campaigning, and civilian usage.

The actual use of the term false flag can be traced to pirate warfare in the 1700s, though probably the same tricks were used before, even if with a different name. Unlike what we are accustomed to seeing in movies, successful pirates wouldn’t really fly their own Jolly Roger flag (black background with a white skull and crossbones) but will fly a flag from any other country so as to not alarm any other ships or boats passing by. When they got close enough, the ship could launch a surprise attack on the unprepared victims, thus gaining a strong advantage.

But not only pirates did this. Navy ships and officials would often fly a Jolly Roger flag in order to hide their identity. Either because they didn’t want to be ambushed themselves by pirates, or simply to gain an advantage over enemy flotillas. In short, the term ‘false flag’ came to mean ‘hiding one’s identity’.

In modern civilian use, as stated in the first paragraph, the term false flag is synonymous with covert operations designed with the sole purpose of population control through public fear. After any such an event, there will always be a push for a certain political agenda. The most common being gun control (as seen after the Las Vegas Shooting).


False flags operations are often labeled as ‘conspiracy theories’ both by government officials and in media outlets. Since 9/11, however, people have wised up to the fact that the media is nothing more than an extension of the Shadow Government; and every single hit piece we see in the press and television has been manufactured by the CIA and passed along to every news channel and station. This CIA operation is commonly known as Operation Mockingbird.

Proof that the news is scripted

Since mainstream media outlets (and a lot of the so-called independent ones) are in fact, nothing but Deep State propaganda, a similar principle applies to false flags events. The catalyst is typically an explosive, spectacular event, which is followed by immediate media saturation. There seem to be certain patterns that are easy to spot and occur both before and after the event.

The false flag formula follows a few simple rules:

  • Drills. There are always military drills, or police drills or fire brigade drills on the day of the event at a nearby location. This is no small feat and actually takes some major planning and coordination. Drills are done so key personnel are removed from the scene, or slowed down in their effectiveness to reach to events, i.e. victims. It also provides optimal cover as to why there were lower security and defenses in or around the area.

The Aurora shooting had a drill going on just 16 miles away from the site of the massacre; which staged an identical exercise in which students trained how to react to a gunman firing at people in a cinema.

The shooting at San Bernardino had planned drills every single month. Coincidentally, the shooting just happened in the building that was well-prepared to deal with shootings.

In the case of 9/11, there were no less than 46 drills occurring simultaneously during the event.

9/11 Truth: NORAD Running 9/11 Drills

The Norway attacks, the Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook, Charleston shooting, and many others, all had active drills going on, on the same day that the events took place.

Boston Bombing: “This is a Drill”
  • Immediate and widespread news coverage. The media, law enforcement, and government agencies already have a set narrative that is not to be questioned. The narrative encourages citizens to understand the tragedy through emotions, rather than critical thinking.
  • The official story has geopolitical advantages for the government. The narrative serves to leverage emotions like patriotism. In the case of 9/11, that meant launching a ‘War on Terror that lead to the attack of several countries as well as the adoption of the “Patriot Act” that increased intelligence gathering and surveillance.
  • Emotion manipulation. They play on our fear and employ propaganda, essentially controlling our minds and the way we perceive events in order to get citizens to consent to previous controversial issues such as gun control legislation in exchange for increased “safety”
  • Patsy. The media is quick to name and shame an enemy that gets demonized with little to-no-trial or investigation into other possibilities
  • The lone gunman or autistic person.  Oftentimes, it will even be both: a lone gunman with Asperger’s syndrome.

Autistic people are not violent per se, (reports show that violence only happens when is combined with other Conduct Disorders); and depending on how mild they are on the spectrum, they prefer to follow repetitive patterns of behavior, meaning that they are more comfortable on a daily routine with little to no variations. They aren’t particularly comfortable in social situations and will hardly go out of their way to commit mass-murder of a bunch of people they never met or cared for in the first place.

The person, in most cases, is just a lone gunman, has no military training whatsoever, yet can shoot extremely fast and accurately. In the case of San Bernardino, a young wife and mother was strong and skilled enough to participate in the killing of 14 people and injuring another 17 while holding heavy weaponry.

  • No obvious motive for the attacks. Media leads you to believe that attacks just happen without reasons behind them. Somebody just snaps one day and goes on a murderous rampage.
  • Patsy quickly gets killed or ‘Suicide’. If they are not killed on the scene, the subject gets drugged to the point that he or she becomes a zombie and is unable to articulate anything, as in the case of Aurora’s mass murderer James Holmes. This behavior was also exhibited by Nikolas Cruz in his court appearance after the Parkland shooting.
  • The Manifesto. Shooter conveniently leaves a manifesto that seems to provide a perfect explanation for the official story.
  • Evidence is destroyed. Evidence gets conveniently destroyed.

In the Sandy Hook event, the entire school was demolished. In the San Bernardino case, mainstream media journalists were allowed to touch and poke around everything in the suspect’s house, with complete disregard for what it was or could have been a potential crime scene. In the case of 9/11, the ruins of the WTC were actually shipped to China and India.

  • Conflicting stories from witnesses. During the Sandy Hook alleged massacre, we were told over and over that Adam Lanza was the perpetrator. However, the first reports from law enforcement, we saw three men running into the woods.
Police search the woods after Sandy Hook Shooting

In San Bernardino, two eyewitnesses described the shooters as three athletic white males, in conflict with the husband-wife official narrative.

  • Advanced foreknowledge of events. There are many instances of events in which people were forewarned that an event was going to take place and certain individuals were able to avoid it.

During the WTC attacks, the law firm Sidley Austin, (Michelle Obama’s former employers), the entire six hundred people workforce didn’t turn up from work and no lives from that particular firm were lost except for one, Rosemary Smith, who appears not to have gotten the memo that was sent out by the company. Sidley Austin also took out an insurance policy mere weeks before the attacks, which conveniently covered everything from art to terrorist attacks. So when the Twin Towers fells, they made billions on the insurance.

As a matter of fact, BBC News, -in the UK, reported the collapsed of WTC7 building twenty minutes before it actually happened.

BBC: Reported Collapsed of WTC & Before it fell

Sandy Hook did have several websites set up for donations and vigils days before the event.

Sandy Hook- Foreknowledge and Preparation
Sandy Hook: Foreknowledge and Preparation
  • Fake victims. Most commonly known as crisis actors. Every false flag has them, and in fact, they seem to recycle them at different events. Some of them seem to die a few times at different events and locations, only to be miraculously resuscitated and play the part of another distraught victim.

Below are examples of crisis actor companies, as well as renting crowds for political events or mobs of people to stage any other rally or activity:

  • Connection to Elites. Most crisis actors in false flags events do have, in fact, acting listed as part of their resumes. But most interesting is that the vast majority of them are connected to the ‘Elites Club‘. This can be anything from the Federal Reserve Bank to members of different political parties closely affiliated with the top people, to FBI and CIA connections, etc.
  • Shoes. There seems to be a correlation with false flag events and shoes left behind for grand effect. But this seems to happen only in some events. I believe this is strongly related to specific deaths and ritual sacrifices, and hence why they are left behind.

There are some Youtube videos that expose the shoes left behind in false flags events, though nobody satisfactorily explains why.

Though the civilian term for false flags is associated with a mass-casualty event, false flags can indeed take the form of less deathly happenings. Economical false flags would be one of them. The most recent one happened back in February when the stock market closed 666 points down. This happened exactly when President Trump released the FISA memo and was done, most likely, to distract from the memo itself.


Originally Published 14-08-2018













Norwegian Police Confirm Drill Identical to Breivik’s Attack

Eerie Coincidence: Colorado University Had Identical Drill On Same Day As ‘Batman’ Massacre

















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  1. Lately I’ve been seeing so many false flags in the news that at some point I even considered stopping reading any news at all. That’s not realistic, however…


  2. I enjoyed reading the article, really explains everything in detail about how to spot a false flag, the article is very interesting and effective. Thank you for sharing with us. GOOD JOB.


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