isaac-kappy-decembre-2016-a last goodbye- elemi fuentes

A last goodbye


When Isaac Kappy died, I wrote for him the closest things to an eulogy I could come up with. Might not have been the best written eulogy, might not even haven been an eulogy at all. But it was heart-felt. I pour my soul into into every word I typed and I cried for hours while doing so.

Since his death and over the course of the next few weeks, an array of conspiracy theories surrounded his passing sprung into existence. Some claimed he was being remotely mind-controlled and was made to jump to his death. Others claimed that he didn’t jumped at all and that the incident was staged by the Deep State. Others went as far as claiming that he was living under an assumed identity in the Witness Protection Program.

It all made it sick. People seem to have no conscience any more. Anything and anyone will do for the sake of YouTube views and e-fame.

I waited with bated breath for the release of footage from the police and first responders.

I came across it sometime last night. I didn’t know what to expect and I certainly wasn’t looking forward to a gore scene of blood and flesh sprawled on the ground.

Today I finally saw the video. This video.

Do NOT WATCH if you are of sensitive disposition.

On Scene Body-Cam Footage Isaac Kappy Incident

I watched as the officers covered his body with a white sheet. I was so thankful to the people that had to sit through the footage in order to blurry out all the bloody and messy remains, so that the rest of us don’t get nightmares.

I watched as the officers lifted the blanket and from the inside of his white shorts took all his private possessions to be logged for identification. I watched as his passport was shown to the camera. His name and his characteristic hairstyle highly recognizable.

I watched his Hyundai parked only a few short meters away.

And then I had to switch the video off and take a break.

I guess there was a part of me that was hoping that the conspiracies were true. That he wasn’t dead after all and that it had all been a hoax. Alas, no!

As usual, I made the mistake to check the comment section. Most people were disappointed that they could not see any of the gore and wished the remains were visible. My faith in humanity just died a little more.

As I sat on the bathtub, I went over and over in my head through the footage that I had seen. My take from it all was this: Isaac didn’t wanted to die. He jumped from a low bridge into the tarmac. If he hadn’t been hit by oncoming traffic, he would have not died. It was a cry for attention. A cry for help that went wrong.

Wherever his soul might be, I hope he finally managed to rid it from all it’s demons.


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