Calling the FBI

On August 1st, 2019 (yesterday), Yahoo News published an article that names fringe conspiracy theories like Qanon and Pizzagate as domestic terrorist threats.

In said article there was an official-looking document, allegedly from the FBI. The document in question, reads as follows:

For a much clearer version of this document, click here

It is interesting to note that on the very same day, Secret Services were banning people from entering the Cincinnati MAGA rally if they were wearing any Qanon t-shirts of merchandise.

Interestingly, this is not the first instance of Secret Service banning people from entering rallies if they are wearing any Q-merchandise. This has been happening for over a year an half now. Of course it didn’t stop people from smuggling in the Qanon merchandise, as they have always done.

All the main Qanon promoters jumped in at the opportunity to vilify the FBI. Currently the main claims are as follows: the document is a forgery; the FBI has been infiltrated; it is all fake news to ‘divide the patriots’.

I have been writing about Qanon for a while now, including debunking many claims. So I thought it best to find out for myself whether the documents are genuine, rather than take the word of known con artists.

First, I searched online. Far and wide. Nothing yielded results, except for uploads of the same document reported by Yahoo News.

So I decided to call in directly the FBI field office in Phoenix, Arizona.

FBI field office Phoenix, Arizona
FBI field office Phoenix, Arizona

The first call was me listening to the options. I pressed for option 3 for ‘members of the media’.

FBI call 1 – listening to options

I realized this wasn’t doing anything so I called again and spoke with help-desk.

Apologies for the bad sound quality. My phone was not recording, and the second phone I was using to record the call is half-broken. Once I figure a way to clear out the sound, I will re-upload it again.

FBI call 2 – asking about Yahoo article

The second phone call put me to a lady on helpdesk. I explained what I needed, and she put me through to ‘media’. Unfortunately, the ‘media department’ yielded the same answers as my previous call. Nobody picked up.

From listening to the recordings I got an email address to send inquiries. This one:

The following exchange took place:

This wasn’t all that helpful, if I have to be honest. So I did a copy and paste email to the second email address that was given to me. This one:

The first email I received, was an automated response of acknowledgment.

Two hours later (while writing this post), I received the following email:

Before I pester them with more information, I am going to look at the resources provided.

For ease, I have decided to add them here.

The first piece of information is a video of director of FBI Director Christopher Wray, testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the 23rd of July. The discussion centers around domestic terrorism.

Click here to view full video

The second piece of evidence pertains to Counter-terrorism Division Assistant Director Mike McGarrity, June 4th House Oversight hearing on confronting white supremacy. Click here for full details.

Confronting White Supremacy (Part II): Adequacy of the Federal Response

Confronting White Supremacy (Part II): Adequacy of the Federal Response

The third piece of information provided is by Assistant Director Mike McGarrity, May 8th House Homeland hearing on domestic terrorism.

House Homeland Security Hearing on Domestic Terrorism

House Homeland Security Hearing on Domestic Terrorism -Click here for full video

And lastly, I was pointed to an statement on 8th of May 2019 by Michael C. McGarrity, Assitant Director, Counterterrorism Division FBI. Which, I must admit, I have already seen before I emailed my request.

Confronting the Rise of Domestic Terrorism in the Homeland – Click here for full statement

However, it is worth noting that by March 2018, Qanon was not only fully aware that the FBI was conducting an investigation into the group, but was also bragging about it. So how is it possible that back in 2018 this was a fact, but currently is ‘fake news’, according to their narrative? Wouldn’t that be the same investigation?

Qanon post fbi investigation - march 2108
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  1. I am confused. Most of this was published by you earlier. What are you trying to convey/prove with this post? I see nothing new.

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    • You are right. I had no internet for over a month and at times I was able to connect to husband’s phone when he was home. I accidentally trashed it and it disappear. So I found it on wayback machine and put it back on as it was no longer on the site. Hence why I put the original date of publishing


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