Life changes- Elemi Fuentes

Life changes


Life is in constant change. We, as humans, as individuals, are in constant change. At a microscopic level, our cells are forever changing just as the world around us is always in constant change. Motion drives change. It cannot be stopped. You can try and freeze particles to near absolute zero, but you can’t never stop motion.

There have been a lot of changes in my life recently. Changes, in general, are either for the better, or for the worse. It seems, according to both shrinks (i.e psychologists and psychiatrists) and the religious folk, that changes are either positive or negative only, and apparently exclusively dependent on our outlook in life.

What a load of baloney. How easy is to judge and pass judgment upon others from the comfort of our divans, our central heating, our working electrics or our bellies full? How easy, I say, is to believe that we have the key to the mind, the key to fixing other’s problems simply because they have read a bunch of literature than one has not? As if the key to the mind itself, to the root of feelings, to the well-being of the soul could be found in just a few words written on piece of paper.

How foolish to believe that a single word, a single prayer, a single quote can unlock the key to happiness and fulfillment?

Life is nothing but change. You are born and you die and in between there is nothing but change. Either you go along with the change, or you condemn your soul to stagnation and decay.

Take, as an example, a ship leaving port on a voyage across the world. She is named “Sacred Life“. As Sacred Life leaves the port, one of the planks that makes up the structure is broken and replaced on route. And another one. And yet one more. And by the time the ship reaches her destination, every plank that made it what it was has been replaced with a new one. Every decoration broken and fixed or replaced. And by the time Sacred Life reaches the end of her journey, once can only wonder if it is the same ship that left on a trip many months previously. To the crew, it will certainly seem so. To the boat itself, it will also seem so, since the changes have been minute, yet constant. She will think herself the same prideful ship full of wonders than once left her port in search of a promise land.

But, to an outsider, would it be the same ship? Apply the analogy to life. To your life. Are you the same person you were at 5, at 15, at 30? Not only does our body change, and our environment and our outlook, but so does our soul. By the time we reach the end of our life, is our soul the same we had a birth, or is it but a collection of souls, patches, if you like, memories and recollections and experiences?

There has been a lot of rapid changes in my life recently. I didn’t have internet for over a month, though that didn’t matter as my scheduled posts run on time like a well-oiled machine. Yet my writings flourished. My soul, somehow, flourished also in ways it never did before. I often wonder if this is the cause of the passage of time (“más sabe el diablo por viejo que por diablo“): maturity, so to speak. Or if is a new understanding, a new outlook towards life and death. Or perhaps a combination of both.

A friend once told me that he liked me because of my ‘humanity‘. That I had more of it than he had ever seen. I have been pondering over it for a very long time. I realized that he might be right. As a society, as a community, as a whole bunch of individuals trying to just get on with life, we have lost our humanity. And the resulting effect of it is nothing but unhappiness, frustration, and a never-ending war-like system that we accept to be as natural to our existence as is breathing.

But that is a lie. We have been told nothing but lies. The corrupt side of science along with the media is constantly telling us that human nature is evil. That we need Daddy Government to look after us because otherwise we would be nothing but savages killing each other for sport. There are a lot of bogus studies on the subject of our humanity. And those studies that have been implanted, conditioned into our brains to make us all believe that at the very core of our souls, our human nature is inherently evil.

But, truly, is it so?

And if it is so, how did we ever survive as a species? I often wonder about the origins of our kind, the humans, the first chimps, and monkeys and primates roaming the vast lands of the world. If you are unable to picture it, think of Moon-Watcher minus the outer space monolith.

We worked as teams. We put our differences aside and worked with each other to hunt mammoths, elephants, mountain lions and any other big animal we could for nourishment, or for the protection of the tribe. In a way, the reason men can easily put emotions aside in pro of pressing matters. But this particular subject will be a discussion for another post. And one, at that, that will have feminists crying with rage.

So life goes on. We go on with it and we go on with change. And as everything changes in my life so my blog must change with it. Expect new changes and ideas to come and go in this, my lonely corner of the internet.


One thought on “Life changes

  1. Nunca hay que temer a los cambios en la vida, la vida esta llena de cambios, unos nos gustaran otros no tanto, pero sean como sean hay que afrontarlos y aaptarse a ellos


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