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I am sure that you have all noticed my lack of posts recently. This has been mostly due to a number of factors. For the most part, I have been busy remodelling the new (old) house and dealing with my parents in law. I have also been working hard on a few side projects and also, writing.

 Lack of posts doesn’t mean lack of writing. It just means unfinished. A few dozens of documents here and there. Thousands upon thousands of words spread over many documents and hand-written notes. Half-finished articles pending to update the sources… But most of all, I have been philosophising.

Not about life and death, since I already do plenty of that when I have the blues, but about the current state of world affairs and lots of hypothetical “ifs”.

 Let me give you an example of hypothetical “ifs”. Let’s say there is terrorist threat, a gas threat, a chemical threat, a nuclear attack, or finally weather manipulation goes wrong and most of the Earth’s population gets wiped out. Imagine, if you will, all the possible scenarios leading to a doomsday cataclysm.

Governments have implemented measures for these kind of events. Bunkers, underground military bases, armored vehicles and vessels, and an array of other solutions that are no longer “conspiracy theories” as they have all been proven to exist.

In this scenario, who gets to safety? World leaders, career politicians and billionaires. Perhaps a few high ranking military personnel. Rich old guys, in short. And very few women. People who have dedicated their lifetimes to lies, to cheating, to doing anything in their power to advance their own agendas and to advance their own interests. Unskilled people, in short. People who had to buy their way to universities and subsequent degrees as they have nothing to account for other than a family name and a fat bank account.

Well, I have been thinking about them and I have been thinking about these kind of scenarios. Think about it for a second.

Think about rebuilding civilization from the ground up. No skilled labourers, no builders, no plumbers, no electricians, no doctors, no nurses, no historians or teachers, no mathematicians or engineers. Just the parasitic few that leech into the masses like a tick and suck their blood dry for their own survival.

Does financial wealth somehow equate to knowledge? Why aren’t we choosing the top ten doctors worldwide to hide in those bunkers? The top ten engineers, the top bricklayers and the top ten farmers. The top ten, in short, best in their fields. Fields that contribute to humanity as a whole, and not to private interests.

In this scenario, what is money worth? How would they survive? How would they reproduce? But most importantly, what skills do they have that are worth preserving? Why are they ‘the chosen ones’ for survival, and not the rest of us?

Recently there have been a number of articles that have gone under the radar by most people. These articles expressed concerns from the wealthy about how would they keep people in check if any doomsday scenario were to happen. All sorts of theories and possibilities were discussed. Two in particular struck me as ominous. They explain ways to get the ‘plebe’ to comply with their orders. One of the options was withholding food, or using food as means for bribes. That is to say, give more to the ‘soldiers’, or guards protecting the wealthy class from those “lucky” few that are chosen to survive end of times and are forced to labor for the benefit of the few.

The second option is more nightmarish. These wealthy men talk about collars to keep people in check. An electronic collar that shocks them, induces them pain, or kills them when they don’t comply with what they have been told. Think of Battle Royale, or think of Wedlock.

The problem isn’t so much that these are science fiction concepts. The problem stems from the fact that people consider using them on other fellow humans for the purpose of subjugation. And the problem with “conceiving” something, is that it can become true.

For those unfamiliar with these kind of thoughts, there is a whole philosophical concept between conceiving and idea and the idea becoming a reality. To summarize, it simply means that as soon as your mind can conceive of something, it is automatically possible (read true in the philosophical sense of it) for that idea to come into existence, even if it hasn’t materialized yet. It is possible simply because you can imagine it in your mind’s eye. And the moment you do so, you or others after you can make it a reality. All that is needed is the right technology and algorithms to make it happen.

So I sit and wonder about these kind of doomsday scenarios and the “whatbouts” after.

There are some interesting papers I have read in the past that talk about civilizations rising and falling previous to our own. Rising and falling due to various man-made events, mostly nuclear war. Apparently every so many years we either evolve into a state of which we travel among the stars, or we fall into the same patterns over and over and rise and fall every time. Rebuilding from the ashes. Tales of old forgotten lore about religion and customs imprinted in every New Era that flourishes after every fall.

Michio Kaku1,, among other greatest minds of this century have conceptualized and speculated about different types of civilization and what they could achieve.

Michio Kaku: The Birth-Pangs of a Planetary Civilization
Michio Kaku: Advanced Alien Civilization Types

In our case, we currently have the technology to spread among the stars, or to kill each other to a point where most of the planet becomes an inhospitable and inhabitable place.

At this point thought, our survival depends entirely on ourselves. What we choose to do with the technology we have achieved thus far.

However, there is a lot to be said for a society that places a greater worth on an individual’s financial wealth, rather than on his or her skills…

  1. Probably not the best article ever written on the subject, but a simple one easy for everybody to understand.

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