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America has fallen

Corruption, bribery, lying, extortion, blackmail, etc, are all deeply rooted in American politics. On both sides of the aisle. On both parties. It is a country deeply divided over a corrupt leadership that gets worshiped as gods. Each party accuse each of other of the same crimes they all commit. A confusing circus of chaos, dishonesty and outrage. Continue reading America has fallen


Challenge: 30 days of Kindness

People often say that they all want a better world. A kinder world. A world without wars and hate and misery.

We can’t change everything at once, but we can make small changes to make the world around us better.

In order for the world to change, we have to change ourselves. We have to be the change that leads the flapping of a butterfly to cause a hurricane miles away.

Be kind to others. Pay it forward. And one day that kindness will come around to you when you needed it the most.

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