America has fallen


I have been following American politics for a few years now. In fact, I do know a lot more about America’s Constitution, Law and general Government than I do about my own country. People often ask me about this. The answer is simple: every time America makes a decision, its effects, affect directly or indirectly thousands of people. When America wants G.O.D (Gold, Oil, Drugs) thousands of people die as a result. When America wants to bring “Democracy” to other countries, the result is millions of people displaced from their homelands, with hundreds of thousands of deaths and just about the same number facing starvation.

So you betcha I follow American politics.

Corruption, bribery, lying, extortion, blackmail, etc, are all deeply rooted in American politics. On both sides of the aisle. On both parties. It is a country deeply divided over a corrupt leadership that gets worshipped as gods. Each party accuse each of other of the same crimes they all commit. A confusing circus of chaos, dishonesty and outrage.

And as I watch the political circus, I often wonder what is worse: a Justice system that makes a mockery of the law by giving lighter sentences to rich criminals with a fancy family name, or the millions of people who support this blatant corruption by accepting it? I could make a few dozens of references here at the top of my head, and most people, instead of looking at facts, will scream at me as taking “sides” just for making a statement based on facts. People go to prison for laundering money or tax evasion once or twice in their lifetimes. Sometimes even ten or twenty years later when they are no longer part of those schemes. We all pay the price for our mistakes. But when rich oligarchs do it, people jump on their defense of “forgive and forget” purely because that person supports a particular political candidate.

If people cannot hold all individuals to the same laws regardless of income, then America has not made any progress as a nation. If you can only see the guilt on one side of the political spectrum, but forgive the other based on “likability” when they are guilty of exactly the same crimes, what makes you think America is fit to bring Democracy to other nations?

America is a country divided over narratives. Most narratives being engineered for the purpose of distraction. What is interesting about narratives is that they are coordinated and pushed at key times by specific accounts and personalities. What’s even more interesting is that both sides do it, but each side believes their own to be the only righteous one and the other is always lying. Conservatives and/or Republicans are extremely upset when this is mentioned to them. They are able to conceive that a Left-Wing media is able to control the talking points of the news but somehow, that is an unthinkable concept when it comes to the righteous Right.

I have given many examples of Left-wing media manipulation before (mostly over twitter). And examples are easy to find by simply checking for keywords.

Sinclair Broadcasting coordinated talking points

In a way, I can understand the country’s division. A division that has been engineered for many decades using media to manipulate opinion. In this context, it is extremely worrisome not only that people are unable to discern the truth for themselves, but more so they fight tooth and nail to defend false narratives.

There is a quote attributed to the late C.I.A director William Casey. Allegedly, he said in 1981: “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

And an even more ominous quote from Zbigniew Brzezinski in 1972 reads as follows: “Shortly, the public will be unable to reason or think for themselves. They’ll only be able to parrot the information they’ve been given on the previous night’s news”

When I spend any length of time on social media, I often think of these two quotes and I leave the digital world deeply saddened and disturbed. I watched the vast majority of the American people that I have come in contact with unable of a single original thought. Not only that, but their whole world boils down to narratives they have seen on television or social media. The complexities of world politics are lost to them. Everything gets reduced to “good guys” vs. “bad guys” and nothing in between. Very few Americans are able to grasp the intricacies and complexities of the World-Stage. Not a single thought goes into things like diplomacy or culture or religion, or many other parameters like public sentiment. For the most part, their opinions are given to them by the likes of Rachel Maddow or Sean Hannity or their counterpart social media celebrities. And thus, they take over social media to parrot their left-right talking points believing that somehow they are changing the world. That they are digital soldiers. Without even realizing what has been done to them, or precisely that their media rage means nothing to anybody. Tame animals locked away at home, sitting all day behind a computer screen. Never a threat to the Establishment.


It says a lot about a nation that places more value on Kim Kardashian’s backside or a fart on television than it does on upholding the law.

Take the case of Trump’s presidency. When I first heard he was campaigning for election, I was one of the first people to support him. I believed he was different from the rest of The Swamp because of the way he talked. Up until then, I have never heard of him. I also admit my believing in Qanon at the time was also a strong influencing factor.

To most people, criticizing a sitting president automatically means that I love “the other side”. Three points. First, most criticism I see people make about either side is not on policy or accomplishments (or lack of), but it is based on appearance, on speech patterns, on clothing style and religious beliefs. The people that use these attacks to defend their positions are the first ones to cry wolf when the “compliments” are returned. I don’t make those kind attacks and purposefully ignore everybody that uses that technique to prove a point.

Secondly, no, I am not fond of Obama or Hillary and I have criticized them both in the past. But mostly the Clintons, as I am much more familiar with their history of dodgy dealings than I am of Obama’s. Neither of them is the current sitting president.

And thirdly, why the blind loyalty? Does casting a vote automatically means that we ought to give “The Leader” our blind alliance and defend said leader no matter their actions, lies or failed policies?

I am not that kind of person. I care about decency, and I care about honesty. But most importantly, I care about the truth. Empirical truth, at that. Facts that I can research and prove and corroborate. And if those facts lead me to understand that my original assumptions were wrong, then why shouldn’t I change my point of view based on that evidence?

I have stayed extremely quiet (by my own standards) regarding what I think about Trump’s impeachment hearings. This isn’t to say that I haven’t got an opinion. But this is due to two ambivalent perspectives. Morally speaking, the call with Ukraine isn’t an impeachable offense based on how other world leaders do “dealings” across the globe. From the side of the law, however, it is an impeachable offense.

Despite this, I am looking forward to Trump being removed from office. But not because of the call, but because of decades of corruption and malfeasance. Backroom deals with both Russia and Ukraine that also span for decades. Associations with Mafia mobsters. Inappropriate behaviour towards women, including sexual assault. A fake university and an array of charities that were created to launder his own money and funds were raised towards his own benefit, not those he claimed to support. Not even mentioning his affiliations with notorious paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and their fight over who gets to “pop the cherry” of an underage girl. And the list goes on and on. Facts I was unaware of when he first ran for office. I don’t personally believe somebody like him is fit to represent the highest office of a country. But what do I know about morality?

(Do yourselves a favour and spend time reading official court documents for all the statements I made in the previous paragraph. Don’t let yourselves be swayed by fake Facebook pages or accounts that agree with your point of view and tell you its all lies. Or, even more unbelievable, as Qanon would have it, “he was only doing it to collect information.” If you truly care for facts, then “dig”. Don’t just be a follower).

Morality means, at the very least, expressing an opinion over a subject matter. The fact that people are coerced for those views is rather troublesome from a society that claims freedom of speech and equality as their banners. Take Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman. The attacks hinged on the fact that he was offered jobs in a foreign government and, he not only refused them but reported the incidents to the chain of command. Even worse is the fact that he gets attacked for wearing his military uniform. Even though, according to a US Army spokesperson: “a Soldier performing duties in an official capacity will normally be in uniform.”  

Whether Vindman is lying or not should be something to be decided not only by the court but by those watching. The same applies to the rest of the witnesses and testimonies. The fact that people are hanged upon their looks, speech patterns or clothing choices is nothing but a smear campaign.

Vindman is not the only one who has been attacked. All the witnesses are currently undergoing smear campaigns by Trump himself, his administration, and their “journalist” and other mouthpieces. It certainly has been horrific to watch Jim Jordan (a man who turned deaf ears when complaints of sexual abuse were brought to him) constant stream of attacks to the witnesses. It is fair to point out that all these witnesses are under oath, and none of them is accused of wrongdoing. It doesn’t stop people from creating campaigns to smear their reputations and bring their businesses down. Is this what the rule of law in America is? Anybody that disagrees with the president, puts forward different views or voices complaints about his modus operandi gets silenced by any dirty means necessary. It sounds a lot more like an authoritarian state were voices are prosecuted purely for testifying against The Leader. It might explain why he gets on so well with Kim Jong Un.

But even worse, is the millions of voices echoing the very sentiment: comply or else. Else we will track you down and attack you, your business, your family…How would you feel if this was done to you? So why do you behave this way towards people that you have never met, have done you no harm and have never harmed your country but are the very definition of patriotism? Why? Because they have concerns over a corrupt president?

The endless campaigns of smear aren’t a new thing under Trump’s administration. I wrote, not long ago and only in passing, about Julian Assange’s role in getting Trump into office. A lot of people didn’t like me writing about this, because in their opinion I was wrong. But Trump was happy to throw Assange under the bus after using him and was a party to his current imprisonment. Not a word of pardon. Not a word of liberation. Not even a word of thanks.

Trump is using his own social media accounts to attack anybody that raises concerns about the way he runs the country. His acolytes, a great number of them also with criminal records, flock to echo the view of The Leader. But if this wasn’t enough, government officials such as the Vice President and the Secretary of State are using their official twitter feeds to conduct smear campaigns against guiltless witnesses testifying under oath. Trump also uses his official twitter account (@POTUS) for his campaign of witness intimidation.

If Trump’s childish behavior, and that of his administration weren’t rising enough eyebrows, now the official twitter account for the White House has joined arms to promote the views of their leader. Let me say this again: THE OFFICIAL WHITE HOUSE ACCOUNT.

The White House is regarded as the highest office in the country. While it certainly is the arm of the presidency, its behavior lately is rather appealing. Let’s not forget the White House exist due to taxpayers dollars. And while it works alongside the president, it certainly it is there to serve THE PEOPLE, and not to comply with the political manipulations of a corrupt individual. Historically speaking, the White House has remained a neutral office, concentrating on reporting news about the presidency, their involvements in foreign relations, and other governmental issues worth of notice.

Tracking data from a variety of polls shows that the public’s opinion is divided on a nearly 50-50 regarding the impeachment of Donald Trump.

So why are they putting so much effort into alienating half of the country? Does this sound in any way how a competent office should conduct its official business? Is it speaking for ALL AMERICANS? So why are people putting up with this? Are you calling them to express your displeasure? Writing letters or emails? Staging protest in their front porch?

The White House twitter account is no longer committed to reporting facts, it is just doing the bidding of a very questionable individual. It has been reduced to retweeting individuals offering only one perspective, and it has been reduced to posting memes in order to make a statement. Hurrah for your tax dollars! I am sure it is money well spent.

When Bill Clinton was going through his own impeachment hearings (lying under oath and obstruction of justice), was the White House releasing stories against the witnesses or the prosecutors? Did they create a smear campaign against Monica Lewinsky? If they stayed impartial through it all, why are they suddenly acting as Trump’s muscle?

Even more astonishing and reprehensible is their push to “out the whistleblower“. Literally, they want to break the country’s law for their own gains. The Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989 clearly states that: ” is a United States federal law that protects federal whistleblowers who work for the government and report the possible existence of an activity constituting a violation of law, rules, or regulations, or mismanagement, gross waste of funds, abuse of authority or a substantial and specific danger to public health and safety. A federal agency violates the Whistleblower Protection Act if agency authorities take (or threaten to take) retaliatory personnel action against any employee or applicant because of disclosure of information by that employee or applicant.”

White House wants to out the Whistleblower

When the Watergate scandal broke out, it took 31 years for the identity of the individual to be known. The Whistleblower Protection Act was put in place precisely to protect individuals from retaliation. The fact that Trump and most of the GOP party and their media friends are incessantly asking for his or her identity to be released rather than address the actual claims and/or accusations, says a lot about the state of the nation, and the state of morality within their ranks. And these are your leaders? These are the people your worship? These are the people you open your wallets to?

The vast majority of people with a moral compass would report criminal activity to their superiors, or the police, or specific branches of the law. Outing the whistleblower will mean only constant attacks, death threats to himself and his family… The GOP knows that and the DNC knows that. It is nothing but intimidation. So if the identity gets released, his or her life will be torn to pieces. It sends a powerful message to anybody else with damning information: don’t do it. The rule of law does not apply here.

Most of the Americans I know often talk in terms of “France has fallen”, or “Germany has fallen”, or “Europe has fallen”. These statements come after watching a short clip of a foreigner beating another man, or of people going about in prayer. But we have not fallen. We are fighting. We are fighting against our own corrupt governments. We are fighting against those that use every means at their disposal to get us to hate our neighbours based on their family origin, their skin colour or their creed. We are fighting against a system that hoards wealth while the rest of us work some sixty or eighty hours a week just to pay rent. We are fighting against those who enjoy the finest luxuries in life without doing an honest day work in their lives, while the rest of us need two or three jobs to feed our children. We are fighting. We are fighting against those that constantly lecture us on how we should live our lives when they have never experienced what our lives are like. We have not fallen. We are taking our countries back. People all over the world are rising as one. Fighting as one.

What are Americans doing? You are sitting behind a computer screen complaining on social media about how bad everything is while opening your wallets to Right-Left wing oligarchs. You are literally paying to have propaganda pushed down on you. You are giving money to a corrupt system so they can continue pushing an array of narratives that are inconsistent with your country’s beliefs. You are paying to perpetuate a political circus that does nothing but lie to you for 4 years straight and then carries on lying.

It is time for America to rise.


11 thoughts on “America has fallen

  1. Muy buen punto de vista.
    La corrupción está en la mayoría de los países del mundo, pero si es cierto que todas la decisión que tome la primera potencia del mundo como lo es Estados Unidos tendrá mayor repercusión en el resto de los países que dependen de el. Compartiré este articulo.


  2. This is very informative, well described, and professionally done. It’s easy to understand all the points being made about American politics. I like how it goes into great detail because this is something that everyone should know about. I enjoyed it a lot and will share what I learned with all of my friends.


  3. I’d be interested to know your take on the impact that G Soros had on those giving testimony in the impeachment hearings,as he has much influence within our State Dept.and deep connection in the Ukraine, apparently F Hill worked for his Open Society Foundation. Also an open call for whistle blowers to come forward by J Brennen while the former admin IC is running a soft coup on the Presidency for the purpose of destabilizing our constitutional republic by bringing articles of impeachment is not the American way, Love or hate Trump we should let the people decide at the ballot box.


  4. I agree with your view that there is corruption related to the wealth.We are fighting against our own corrupt governments to hate our neighbours based on their family origin, their skin color or their creed.


  5. As an American, I agree with your view that there is corruption related to the wealth of a person who committed a crime. Connections and money too often result in people getting away with obvious crimes. Another good point you bring up is that some can only see the bad on “the other side”, wherever that may be from their view. I do think that comes from a shrinking minority, though. There are still plenty of independent people who would not follow a dogma off a cliff.


  6. Of course, America has fallen – corruption runs deep in all society, at the higher levels it’s the elites that run the show and use politicians as there stage actors. A very good article, but maybe more relevant to democracy than just one country!


  7. Thanks for writing your post! I’m always intrigued to read what those living outside the country think about what they feel is going on.

    It’s hard for me to find fault in much of what you said. I will, however, suggest that your call for America to rise is what many of us are doing. It just doesn’t get the media attention because it’s not sexy to cover anymore.

    One major issue, I believe, is the fact that our media companies are owned by entertainment studios (e.g. Comcast, Time Warner, Disney, etc.). I believe media should be publicly owned. I also believe that the law has not kept up with the arrival of social media’s influence on “news’ for users.

    Facebook, Twitter and other social media should have to, at a minimum, follow the same rules about slander, libel, etc.

    Now this is where I’m going to differ from you slightly.

    I was struck that you stated at the beginning of your post that you paid more attention to American politics than you do of your own country. This says to me that you are not as accountable as you want us Americans to be. It tramples all over your argument, in my view.

    Is America perfect? Absolutely not. But when I read the news of other countries, it was hard to not see this coming. America gets much of the blame for quite a bit throughout the world because it’s a “superpower.” Our countries are all facing similar situations – to a degree – and if we all focus simply on the other, this world will burn much faster than it already is.

    I truly appreciate your post and will be following to read more. I wholly believe that if we begin having conversations, maybe we will find a solution.

    One can hope…


    1. Thank you for your reply. It truly makes a difference to find people willing to have a civilized conversation without needing to slander each other based on minor differences.
      The truth is, if more people made an effort, we probably all get along much better

      Liked by 1 person

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