Month: December 2019

Day 7: Kindness challenge

Today was a good day. Not great. Just a regular everyday day. I spent it all with my husband. We cuddle lots and watched movies, given that he is still recovering a little bit from his injury.

Day 4: Kindness challenge

Today’s kindness challenge was a simple one. I have moved many times during my lifetime, including across countries. In all those moves I have lost many books. I realized that I could never have the library I wanted. But I have also realized that books are meant to be read and to be shared

Day 2: Kindness challenge

Today’s act of kindness wasn’t anything impressive by anybody’s standards. But here is what I did: I took all the leftover food that I cooked yesterday and gave it away to two struggling families. We have no homelessness here, given that is such as a small town, but we do have families who struggle. Families with children, at that.

Day 1: Kindness challenge

Today is day 1 of my 30 days of kindness. Technically is going to be 31, given how December has 31 days. We are not talking semantics here, so for aesthetic purposes, I am calling it #30DaysOfKindness.