Love-hotel-kindness challenge -elemi fuentes

Day 4: Kindness challenge


Today’s kindness challenge was a simple one. I have moved many times during my lifetime, including across countries. In all those moves I have lost many books. I realized that I could never have the library I wanted. But I have also realized that books are meant to be read and to be shared.

Years ago, I took tons of them to my local library in Spain before I moved to England. When I lived in London, I would randomly find books in parks. Sometimes in the benches, sometimes in the bushes. At first I thought it was strange, until somebody explained to me that people did that to pass them to others for free.

In that spirit, I took tons of them to the local library this morning. It was closed. Is a very small one and it only opens two days a week. Lucky for me, the lady in charge lives right next to it and she took them all in with the promise that she will sort them. It was a good thing. They have barely any in English and none in Spanish. So I gave them away.

I also topped the food up I left outside to make sure the animals out there don’t go hungry.

Kindness doesn’t cost anything.

If you wish to post on social media, I recommend the following hashtags: #30DaysofKindness, #KindChallenge, #KindnessChallenge, #LoveOverHate, #LoveTrumpsHates, #HateIsNotWelcome, #LovePeople, #LoveIsStrong, #KindnessChallenge, #30DaysOfLove, #30Kindness, etc… These are just some suggestions. But I do hope you join me in this challenge.


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