soul-kindness challenge - elemifuentes

Day 5: Kindness challenge


I just got back from what it was an extremely long day in Katowice (Poland).

I went with a recently acquired from that has also moved into this country. She is from Nicaragua and leaves in a nearby town some 30 km from here. We drove there (she did) and made a day trip of it.

We talked non-stop all day and walked around the city. Plenty of silly jokes and getting to know each other.

My good deed today, other than an endless tirade of jokes both in English and Spanish (she also speaks English) wasn’t anything major. I bought meals for two homeless people, and also a pack of dog food for one them so that he could also feed his dog.

Kindness doesn’t take much, folks. Just a gesture. Be kind.

If you wish to post on social media, I recommend the following hashtags: #30DaysofKindness, #KindChallenge, #KindnessChallenge, #LoveOverHate, #LoveTrumpsHates, #HateIsNotWelcome, #LovePeople, #LoveIsStrong, #KindnessChallenge, #30DaysOfLove, #30Kindness, etc… These are just some suggestions. But I do hope you join me in this challenge.


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