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Day 7: Kindness challenge


Today was a good day. Not great. Just a regular everyday day. I spent it all with my husband. We cuddle lots and watched movies, given that he is still recovering a little bit from his injury.

I also took Misha for a long walk because it was a beautiful day. Ok, not extremely long, about an hour an half. It is winter after all, it gets cold.

It was during this walk that I did my good deed for the day. The one I had planned on doing yesterday. I took a pack of rubbish bags with me. The small kind. And as I walked about familiar trails, I picked up all the rubbish I could find. From bottles of beer and vodka, to empty cans of coca-cola to plastic sheeting and so on. Everything I could carry except for biodegradable things like tissues.

Today, the world around me is a little cleaner and a little better. And those who would come after me will enjoy the trails a little more due to the them being less cluttered. As a matter of fact, out of all my challenges, this day is pretty much the one I enjoyed the most. So most likely I will be repeating this particular deed sometime this month.

Be kind to nature. Be kind to the world and the world will be kind to you.

If you wish to post on social media, I recommend the following hashtags: #30DaysofKindness, #KindChallenge, #KindnessChallenge, #LoveOverHate, #LoveTrumpsHates, #HateIsNotWelcome, #LovePeople, #LoveIsStrong, #KindnessChallenge, #30DaysOfLove, #30Kindness, etc… These are just some suggestions. But I do hope you join me in this challenge.


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