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Day 14: Kindness challenge


Today has been a quiet day since husband is still at home. We went to the goodwill store this morning, and I made good on my promise of donating two boxes of old clothes, a few blankets and old jackets.

We came home very soon after that, given how we went to bed very late last night and are feeling sort of walking zombies all day.

Later we had a wind storm with some rain, and the electrics was down for a couple of hours. This seems to happen a lot since I moved here. I don’t know if there are more wind storms compared to where I lived before (it certainly seems so), or if the system is very old and keeps crashing often due to meteorological conditions. Or both. I am going on the third option.

It was nice though. We had some x-rated husband and wife time. All good.

My good deed today goes towards the people on the internet. I have been working hard on updating my “Resources” pages. The one I am almost done with is the “Science and health page“, though still not finished. The “English resources” page is also nearly finished. I have all the resources up, but I will be writing small description of the contents. I have also updated my “STEM reading” and “Independent reading“. Though I am unsure at this point if for these two I’ll be writing descriptions of the content. Perhaps on the STEM page.

What you don’t know yet, because I haven’t publish them, is that I have also have a few other pages I am simultaneously working on. One is to do with Government research, archives, etc. Mostly because people keep asking me how or where I find things. So I am putting together a small list of my most useful sites. Other pages to do with learning include the following topics: history, law, business, computer science and languages. All free resources.

Another page I am working on is a simply one for non techie people like myself. Simple resources to download videos, mp3s, convert to pdf, screenshots, etc.

While this might not seem like an extremely kindly act, it certainly is as I am spending many hours sorting through my bookmarks and other collections to make sure people can access knowledge and information freely and can educate themselves in any way the choose.

In the era of information, we have a world of culture and knowledge at our fingertips. For most people is not always easy to find these kind of resources. So bookmark the above pages, or the “General Resources” page, which is currently being updated also and unfinished. Every above-mentioned page will be linked there as they get publish.

I intend to finish this project by the end of next week. So I am going to be hooked on my PC for a while. But if that does not happen, I hope at least some 70% is completed.

Kindness is free, people. It only requires time. In this case I choose to spend my time putting resources together for strangers I will never meet. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that people can get the education they want and deserve.

If you wish to post on social media, I recommend the following hashtags: #30DaysofKindness, #KindChallenge, #KindnessChallenge, #LoveOverHate, #LoveTrumpsHates, #HateIsNotWelcome, #LovePeople, #LoveIsStrong, #KindnessChallenge, #30DaysOfLove, #30Kindness, etc… These are just some suggestions. But I do hope you join me in this challenge.


One thought on “Day 14: Kindness challenge

  1. I truly congratulate you for the hard work you are putting in helping others, it’s a selfless act that can help a lot of people get information in an easier and accessible way. You have inspired me to try and make something kind today.


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