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Day 15: Kindness challenge


Today has been a simple day. I made husband a very good pasta dish with blue cheese sauce, beef, mushrooms and other basic ingredients and spices.

After lunch I took some food to my neighbors. There goes my good deed. I spent a good couple of hours with them helping them set up Christmas decorations, despite my dislike for a consumerist holiday. Still, I had fun with them.

I left some more food outdoors for the little animals that roam the night. It is very fun to watch it all disappear every day, or every couple of days.

I had a long call with one of my best friends back in Spain. She wants to get her PhD but she can’t afford the 5 grand that is going to cost her. That includes the tuition, the back and forth trips (i.e petrol), books and other bits and pieces. So I am trying to figure a way to help her. Perhaps I’ll make a secret GoFundMe or something, and secretly share it with all her friends and family. She has many friends and is very well liked and loved, I am sure we can all pitch in a few bucks and make her dream come true. But, seeing how the Internet is and quickly things spread, I don’t know how I’ll be able to keep it a secret. I need to think on that for a while.

Today I only spent about an hour working on the “behind-the-scenes” pages. Is not much, but besides socializing with neighbors and calling my friend, I have been busy preparing my husband’s suitcases and food that I always pack him for a few extra days whenever he leaves.

Most of the day we spent cuddling and watching movies.

My acts of kindness today aren’t amazing, but they certainly helped us (in terms of relationship) and my neighbors, in terms of not having to cook. And of course, the little animals that get to eat every night. While it isn’t much, it is certainly better than nothing. Every little thing makes a difference.

So that’s all from me today, folks.

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One thought on “Day 15: Kindness challenge

  1. Thank you for sharing your anecdotes and experiences, it’s very good for the spirit and the heart, keep doing it because it helps a lot even if you don’t believe it. It is always a blessing to share with others a good deed.


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