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Day 16: Kindness challenge


Today has been a very, very long day. I spent the vast majority of the day babysitting a two-year old. While I love children, is way harder to figure out what they need when you don’t speak her language.

The reason for this is that the older sister, which is 7, had to go to the hospital with the mum. Apparently she had some bad allergic reaction to something, and they spent a lot of hours in hospital doing test on the kid.

On my end, I had a lot of fun running around the little one, playing and watching cartoons. I watched a movie called “Lajka“. Lajka is a Czech animated science fiction comedy movie inspired by Laika; a soviet dog which was one of the first animals in space. The beginning is truly depressing, but it gets better.

Other than that, two-year olds have no attention span and apparently, infinite amount of energy. I am completely exhausted and all I have done is just play, tidy up after her and feed her. I would have gone to the park, but it is still extremely windy and keeps raining on and off.

That’s my good deed for today. Unfortunately I couldn’t do anything of all the stuff I had plan. I am just about to make some dinner and go to bed.

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