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Day 17: Kindness challenge


Today has been a very weird day. Earlier this morning I went to a council meeting. To tell you the truth, I barely understood anything that was a said, and I only got the gist of it all because husband explained it all before hand.

Around these very little towns like the one I lived in, Council meetings are more an assembly of citizens getting together, explaining what is happening and what steps are going to be taken whenever there is any issues.

Anyway, exactly 7 days ago there was a mass shooting in an hospital in the city of Ostrava. A man, defined by everybody as friendly, hard-working and optimistic went into a hospital and shot 6 patients and injured two officers of the law.

He seemed to have been off working during the last month, was ill, and complaint often that they weren’t taking him seriously at the hospital. In short, he lost his mind, shot 6 people, then left on his car. When a police helicopter was hovering over his car, he shot himself.

These kind of events are unheard of and uncommon in this country. Every Tuesday for the foreseeable future (I didn’t catch for how long), every town, village and city in the country are sounding the alarms for two minutes straight, to remember the victims that were lost.

Citizens all over the country, media, police, prime ministers and everybody else is standing with the families of the victims and rising money for them so that they can be looked after. Some 2.4 million Czech Krones have been raised so far.

It was a rather sad event but beautiful the way the whole country stands and unites together against crime. It’s not wonder crime rates have down by 5% since 2018. Crimes here and mostly pickpocketing, cannabis use (because is still illegal) and corruption by government officials.

Moving on. I came home. And so did husband. Without his work van. Turns out he developed a common condition overnight around his rectum and is unable to walk, work, or even sit for that matter.

I know he is in a lot of pain, but besides taking care of him all day, like a good wife, I have been laughing at him non-stop. I can’t help it. The whole situation is hilarious. I pulled out my best and worst jokes, and even told him about that South Park episode in which Cartman kills a kid’s parents and feeds them to him. I quoted him that particular letter he writes to Radiohead:

“His got cancer… in his ass”

Anyway, I made husband a bath. I put cream, gave him painkillers and sent him to bed. I keep checking on him every half an hour. I gave him a hot water bottle at some point, which made it better but gave him “boiled eggs”.

He says when he coughs or pees it hurts so much that he sees angels and all he has to do is pencil them around. He says that is probably the reason Michelangelo was so good at painting angels, because he was in constant pain.

Anyway, we have been back and forth with the jokes all day. Luckily, he has the same twisted sense of humour as I do, and is able to laugh with me.

On the plus side, he is going to be off for the reminder of the holidays until January the 6th. On my end, I’ll be able to get back to my routine tomorrow. I have a few things to do that I have neglected.

So my good deed is looking after him all day. Even if I make jokes because he does not have cancer in his ass. But the whole situation is still hilarious.

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