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Is Trump afraid of Impeachment?


The impeachment process carries on. Tomorrow the votes will be in. Tonight, in what is known as “Impeachment Eve“, demonstration are schedule to take place all over the country, both in favour and opposing the impeachment.

Trump and his acolytes have been frantically on social media, trying hard to put their views forward and assure the American citizens that the Senate will not be impartial, and most likely the trial will be dismissed after the opening statements. So much for impartiality and the rule of law. So much for witness and testifying.

A lot of Republicans are also coming in favour of Trump’s impeachment. And that also includes military veterans. Unfortunately, it seems the only GOP members who are willing to say that they favour Trump’s removal are those that have either left office, or retiring soon.

All in all, Trump is appealing to Pelosi not to proceed with Impeachment. In a letter released by the White House only minutes ago, Trump states the following:

1- Articles of Impeachment introduced by House Judiciary are not recognized under Constitutional theory or jurisprudence.

2- No crimes and no misdemeanors.

3-The call with President Zelenski was perfect and was also misquoted and taken out of context.

4-Brings up Joe Biden.

5- You suffer from Trump’s Derangement Syndrome.

6- Brings up the firing of James Comey.

6- Adam Shiff is a liar and a cheat.

7- You are distracting America from the great stock market and flourishing economy.

8- Historic tax regulation.

9- I made a Space Force, even though nobody is exactly sure what they do.

10-I defeated Isis.

11- I take credit from UMSCA trade deal.

12- I gave Israel and embassy and gave them sovereignty over Golan Heights.

13-I made a deal with China.

14- Colossal reduction of illegal border crossings.

15- You have radical left theories by funding late-term abortions and want to eliminate the 2nd Amendment.

16- Your party is a Do-nothing Democrats.

17- Mueller report is a hoax.

18- This is a Russian Witch Hunt against me.

19- Abuses of power by FISA and FBI prove that Russia meddling is a hoax.

You can tell the letter was written by Trump himself because nobody uses that kind of childlike language when writing to the House of Representative, or in this case, to the Speaker herself.

Letter-from-President-Trump-final- to Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi
Letterr from President Trump to Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi

Is worth noting that the Republicans controlled the Senate for years. They had ample time to put together a case against Biden’s son, but choose not to. They are diverting from Trump’s crime.

It is worth noting that Trump didn’t held aid any other previous years, only this one when Ukraine could do him a favour.

UMSCA trade deal was a bipartisan deal.

Isis has not been defeated, as per current news reports.

China trade deal is a sham that is going to leave Americans way worse than the already are. (Seriously, look it up).

Border crossing are the highest they have ever been under Trump than under any other president.

I could go point by point and refute every one of Trump’s claim. But thankfully, he is not my president and it isn’t my job to do so. I am hoping the American people are finally waking up from their slumber and seeing the truth for what it is.

Good luck tomorrow!


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