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Day 18: Kindness challenge


Today I wasn’t able to do much in terms of kindness except spend all day looking after my husband.

He is actually in a lot of pain. I ran him a hot bath this morning, which made it better for a while. He was able to sit for about 30 minutes on his PC, but after that had to move to bed. I keep checking on him every few minutes. Putting cream, bringing him food and painkillers. We even tried ice for a while but nothing seems to work.

He barely slept last night, but today managed to finally sneak in a couple of hours. Not much, but better than nothing.

I cooked some nice homemade meal and brought it to bed for him. Also gave him his laptop, water, cigarettes… really, everything he needs.

I feel terrible though, because he is in so much pain he can barely move and I don’t know what to do to take it away from him. If only I could, it will make everything better.

It is such a terrible feeling to watch somebody you love being sick or in extreme pain and being unable to do anything.

On a side note, I have also been watching all the the House Votes on Articles of Impeachment. I literally spilled my glass of Coca-cola when Barry Loudermilk from Georgia basically compared Donald Trump to Jesus.

Let’s compare a few key points:

I could go on about how the statement is absolute nonsense. But the fact is that is very worrisome that the vast majority of Trump supporters are actually calling him God-sent.

Oh well, I better go and check on my husband again.

Be kind, kids.

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One thought on “Day 18: Kindness challenge

  1. It really is crazy that comparison made, it does not make sense, you can not compare Jesus with that demon that is Donald Trump


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