kindness challenge - elemi fuentes

Day 20: Kindness challenge


We have a major windstorm all day. Still goin on. It is so bad it is unsafe to even drive. So husband and I stayed home. It’s been going on for hours. For a little while the town’s electrics went off. On the plus side we are having a very warm winter. It’s about 11 degrees celsius. Which, to be honest, I am not complaining. This time last year we were hitting a solid -15 to -20C.

Husband is still in pain though on his way to recovery and doing much better already. I really can’t wait because I miss intimacy. Yep, I said it.

As per usual, I have been looking after husband. I made some nice, simpe lunch. Crispy chicken legs in the oven with fries from real potatoes and just spices. I am not always in the mood to make killer meals.

However, as per my nice act I got in touch with my uncle and aunt. I haven’t spoken to them in a while, and my uncle just got laid off Red Cross after working there for 17 years. This had nothing to do with his performance. It has to do with where the government contracts get assigned to, to provide healthcare and ambulance services to the the townsfolk. A lot of people lost their job. But unfortunately that is how open-bidding contracts work. I am sorry for him, but it happens. I guess is lucky that both his wife and himself have their local newspaper to fall back on, as they own and run it.

When I lived in Madrid, the CNIO center (National Research Cancer Center) also had open-bidding contracts to employ their IT technology back-end. It was a sham. Sure, it was all announce in the newspaper. Sure, a bunch of company submitted their proposals. But CNIO never looked at them. Every year without failure they gave it to the same person. A freelancer. Sure, he was and still is good at his job. And he also went through the motions of submitting his own project proposal. The same every year, he would just changed the date and get the job. Talk about fairness.

Anyway, I made my uncle a little happier. I made him laugh, and let me take a few cracks at me as he always does. The side of the family I am in touch with, are all under the impression that I still behave as 15-year-old me. Oh well.

I brought my neighbours some dry bread for the hens. I collect it and every week or so I give it to them. They are a sweet old couple. It looks like we are going over to their place for Christmas dinner. Not that we celebrate, and they aren’t religious, but hey, traditions and all.

I moved the food outside to my door. My front door is shielded against my neighbours house and half of a wall that connects the entrance, laundry and computer room. So even though I can go outside and half the trees are bend, in exactly my front door there is barely any wind. I hope the little guys of the night will find it.

Also, I have been doing some behind-the-scenes editing on the resources pages. I hope they are ready soon. But I might change some of the layout. Perhaps another template, too? I like the colors, but I am not sure if everybody else does.

Anyway folks, be kind to each other. Not just because is the season of giving and all that, but purely because kindness brings kindness.


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