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Day 21: Kindness challenge


Today was a nice day. It rained for most of the day, and it looks like it will carry on raining all through the next week. But it is still surprisingly warm. We have the fireplace on all day, and it is extremely hot at home.

Husband is doing much better, though still not fully healed. So I looked after him, but not so much today.

My act of kindness today goes to my friend George. George lives in Birmingham, UK. But for many years he lived in London, and for a while we used to be flatmates. George has an interesting past and an even more incredible life story full of ups and downs. However, that story is not for me to tell.

Sometimes we go by spending months without talking to each other, and sometimes we are in touch often. We are both like that. But I guess that is what friendship is all about. Today I sent him a funny video and he sent me a few audio messages. I could tell straight away that something was wrong. So I gave him a call.

Life has taken a turn for the worst. Recently, heo took a job as a delivery driver for Amazon. A week an a half into the job, somebody broke into his van. Stole his phone and wallet, and a tons of parcels meant for other people. He was fired. Not only that, but Amazon’s insurance didn’t cover the cost. So they fired him and refused to pay him for the time to he was employed. The withheld his salary to cover the costs of the damages, plus a bill with the remainder of the cost. How Amazon can get away with that is beyond me. Hurray for capitalism, I suppose.

But there is more to it all. To his lifestyle, I mean. England has changed a lot, and for the worse, in the few years that I have been away. George is tired of living day to day. Tired of being stuck in dead-end jobs that barely cover the cost of living. Tired of the crappy food, the bad weather and the unkindness of people. So he is moving to Barcelona for a new job opportunity and the opportunity to turn his life around.

I spent some time explaining about the current political situation, and told him to be careful. Not because of the people, but because Cataluña in general is currently in a state of open warfare against the government. I also offered to give him lessons via Skype. When I lived in Slovakia, I taught English to Spaniards via Skype. So in this case it would be the same thing, except that it is easier to teach your own mother tongue. Free of charge, by the way. He will take me up on that in the New Year, as soon as he is settled in. I also offered to wire him some money if he needs it, but this last offer he has refused.

Acts of kindness don’t cost much. Most of the times are free. Sometimes all people need is to know that they have a friend during those tough times. George had been a very good friends to me when I needed him. All I can do is return the favour.

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