brotherly love -elemi fuentes -kindness challenge

Day 23: Kindness challenge


Today, as an act of kindness, husband and I did some deep-cleaning house so we get to start the year with a measure of order in our loves. We also bought some food, some of which is currently marinating to go in the oven tomorrow.

As part of the cleaning process, I started putting together another box of clothes, books and old dvds to take both to the goodwill store and to the local library. Though I don’t expect to take them until after the holidays.

I made lunch, and later homemade mini pizzas for dinner.

We also went to visit some of our neighbours. I brought them a bunch of sweets and cakes to have during the festive period. It was nice. We had some coffee with them and a friendly chat.

Today I have also been spoiling my girls Misha and Buffy. Because truly, they bring me so much joy.

I put some more food outside for the night creatures. Though it is raining all day, so I am unsure that it will get eaten.

I also did some work on the behind-the-scenes part of the blog. Still unfinished, but making progress.

I made a point to talk to a friend I haven’t spoken in a while. A social media friend, not a close one. However, he is a nice person and needed me for a while, so I was there to listen to his troubles.

And lastly, I got a new money box to start saving for my brother. Him and his girlfriend are buying a flat together, and I expect he will propose to her soon in a big, romantic way. He is a tough guy, but deep down he loves doing those gestures for the person he loves. Soon after that, there will come a wedding. Which means both husband and I will have to travel to Spain, and find a caretaker for my pets. And of course, the wedding gift.

Of course, I do that because he is my brother and I love him. But I hate couples who put up a shopping list in exchange of a party with family and friends. Ah, well. I’ll get into traditions and why they annoy me another time.

Be kind, folks.

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