Charitable-Giving-kindness challenge- elemi fuentes

Day 25: Kindness challenge


Today’s good deed wasn’t anything special. I gave my leftovers to the neighbours. When I say neighbours, you have to remember this is a very small town. We have a very small supermarket, an off-licence, a post office, a hair dresser and two “bars”. That’s all there is to the town. So when I say neighbours, it could be any one of them. It’s a tight, family-like close community.

I have also packed a few toys for a family we are going to see tomorrow. They are friends that lived in our old town. So we got some toys for the kids.

Husband and I went to bed around 5am last night. Today we had a lazy day with lots of food and wine and general laziness. Other than seeing our friends in the morning, we haven’t done sod all. Well, technically speaking, I have done some house chores and gift-wrapping, but nothing to throw fireworks over. After all, it is still raining.

As I was doing some folding, I added some more clothes to my new box for goodwill.

I also found a charity here that caters to the elderly people. They do so all year around, but even more so during the Christmas period. The charity makes sure to check on vulnerable people, specially those living alone. Brings them food every now and then, and even firewood if they don’t have any. It is a good charity and they do an excellent work. I made a small donation online. I wish I could give more, but I can’t.

I bit my thumb nails a bit more than usual, so I had to wrap it up with plaster because now everything I touch it is extremely painful. I also managed to massively twist my ankle. Is not broken, but it is swollen and painful when I walk. To make me feel better, husband is making some mulled wine.

That is all from me today, folks.

Be kind and generous of spirit.

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