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Day 26: Kindness challenge


We drove to my old town today and spent the day with friends and their children. Children sure can talk a lot when they are excited.

I am not feeling too god today. But we still managed to have a good time. We chatted for a while, had some coffee, exchanged some gifts. Then drove home.

We stopped nearby at a kebab shop and got some dürüm. Because there wasn’t all that much to do and we have been away all day, we paid for some two teenagers meals. They were happy. And I did a small act of kindness.

It is the small things that make somebody’s day. Be kind, folks.

Sorry for the short post, but I am really not feeling well today.

#30DaysofKindness, #KindChallenge, #KindnessChallenge, #LoveOverHate, #LoveTrumpsHates, #HateIsNotWelcome, #LovePeople, #LoveIsStrong, #KindnessChallenge, #30DaysOfLove, #30Kindness


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