random acts of kindness - elemi fuentes

Day 28: Kindness challenge


I woke up to a snowy day. Deep grey skies and a frozen chill that cuts through the skin. It snowed all day. The first clear day of winter.

I made one of my specialties for lunch: cauliflower cream. It went very well to combat the chill outside.

My neighbours went to visit their daughter, so I was in charge of locking up the hens.

At the local store, I bought an elder lady a cup of hot coffee, so she could stay warm while doing her shopping. They started selling them about a month ago, so I assume they will continue during the winter.

I finished packing my box to the goodwill store, but it will still be a few days before I am able to take it there.

I have also done something for husband I haven’t done in a long time. Earlier in the relationship, I used to leave notes for him everywhere. Today, I wrote him several “I love you notes” and notes telling him how much he means to me. I hid them inside his work clothes, his suitcase, his sock draw and his wallet. When he finds them, I hope it puts a smile to his face.

Be kind.

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