newyearsresolution - elemi fuentes

New Year, New Resolutions


No. I don’t have any of those. That was just a catchy title because I couldn’t think of anything else to write.

But, as I’d imagine Jack The Ripper would say, “let’s go part by part”. (This is way funnier in Spanish, i.e “vayamos por partes”).

First of all, you would all have noticed that I missed the last 2 days of my kindness challenge. I didn’t miss it. I did do my duties and did my challenge all the way to the end.

What happened was that my mother and father-in-law showed up unexpected for a surprise visit. They wanted to spend some time with my husband on his birthday (31st December). They stayed with us until the 4th of January. We set up beds for them in the computer room. It is rude for me to intrude in “their bedroom” while they were here. Which meant no internet on PC for a few days. Just my tablet and phone. And unlike others, I am unable to type anything decent on either of those two devices. Hence my lack of posts.

I think, however, my not violently killing, chopping into pieces and dissolving in acid my mother-in-law should also constitute a good deed. Weirdly enough, she has now turn to religion. What branch of the Bible particularly I could not say, nor did I care enough to ask. That being said, I always thought that when people turn to religion, or God, they somehow try to better themselves and become a better person. Not the case here.

Anyhow, moving on to the new year. I have not made resolutions this year. I make them yearly and I break them and then I go on feeling terrible with myself for not keeping up with my word. So this year I am trying a different approach: no resolutions. Just try to be a good person in everything you do. I believe I am a good person. I swear like a truck driver’s daughter (which I am) and I have little patience for self-inflicted delusion and stupidity. However, neither of those traits make me a bad person. Or so I like to believe. Nobody is perfect. But at least I am working on my patience skills and I try to be decent to people and not hurt anybody. At least not on purpose.

What I have been concentrating on is mostly my house. I have some pictures. But I do want to do a before and after post. And while the “after” isn’t finished yet, I’d though I wait for full impact. I have had non-stop drilling in my house for the last week and a half. Which makes it hard for me to be productive, and then I go to bed with headaches at nights. Not long now.

On the other hand, I am working on something epic. Something I can’t share just yet, but I expect I will be able to in the next year. I can assure you is going to be a blast.

I have also been working on side articles and little stories (in English and Spanish). And, being the weirdo I am, I can only work for so long on certain things before I get bored or lose my mojo. So I expect in the coming weeks you will see an influx of articles and information coming on. .

Those are mostly my excuses for not keeping up my blog. Something for which I truly apologize to my readers (because, believe me, you are the only reason that I keep doing this). I promise I will be back soon with all sorts of news and information and random articles about information nobody but me cares about. After all, this is my little corner. Full of everything “me”.

I hope you are all keeping well. And if you all made promises for the new year, I hope you are better than me at keeping them.


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