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Humour in Times of Chaos


This week has seen the news filled with an array of bizarre stories. Stories that distracted the public for a little while from the Senate Trials on Impeachment.

Among those bizarre stories, was that of an interaction between NPR journalist Mary Louise Kelly, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Pompeo had agreed to be interviewed by Kelly on a radio show about Iran and Ukraine, which included questions about former U.S ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch.

One day after the interview, explosive revelations from Miss Kelly, claimed that in an unrecorded conversation, he accused her of lying to him “twice”.

I agreed to come on your show today,” Pompeo replied, “to talk about Iran.

Kelly pushed back, telling Pompeo, “I confirmed with your staff last night that I would talk about Iran and Ukraine.” She later said she specifically flagged her intention to do so in writing, noting, “I never agree to take any topics off the table.

Source: NPR

After the interview was cut off, Kelly asserts that a Pompeo aid summoned her to the Secretary’s private quarters. She claims that Pompeo shouted at her, used cursed words and, even more strangely, asked her to find Ukraine on a blank map.

Marie Louse Kelly’s statement

In an statement released by the State Department, Pompeo accused Kelly of lying to him, “twice”, and then adds, “Bangladesh is NOT Ukraine.”

Statement by Secretary Michael R. Pompeo

Pompeo doesn’t dispute the claims. He simply accuses her of lying. It is unlikely that a Magna Cum Laude graduate from Harvard University, who also has a masters in European Studies by Emmanuel College in Cambridge (UK), can’t find Ukraine in a map.

An article by the Washington Post, shows the emails exchanged between NPR’s journalist Kelly and Pompeo. It appears Pompeo was lying.

Following the dispute between Kelly and Pompeo, the State Department has removed (without any reason) NPR reporter Michele Kelemen from the press pool of Secretary Pompeo during his trip this week to Europe and Asia.

Of course all this has prompted a number of debates and outrage from journalists and political activists. But also, some lighthearted comedy from CNN.

Source: Steve Krakauer, CNN producer

The president himself, who constantly mocks and name-calls everybody and anybody who disagrees with him (including underage children and disable reporters), wasted no time to show his displeasure on Twitter.

The President of the United States

His daughter, Ivanka Trump, followed suit.

The president, a self-declared “very stable genius” seems to have issues when other people, including world leaders, mock him.


The whole affair has prompted renowned conservative lawyer and writer George Conway, to write one of the most hilarious twitter threads to date. The fact that he backs up every single claim with sources, means that what he says is actually true. And despite the hilarity, it should be of concern to the American public that their own president is so misguided and ignorant when it comes to countries and policies outside the United States.

Perhaps “The Chosen One” should learn to “take it”, before he “dishes it”.


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