Google's New Propaganda Program Changes Everything

The veil is lifting. Americans are coming to grips with some paradigm shattering truths that have been carefully kept from public view. Whether the recent surge of revelations and exposés are due to the efforts of hacktivists and those long-since fighting to revive the remnants of this once great nation, or simply part of the elite agenda, one thing is certain, change is coming. Regardless, this mass-awakening collective must be led down the right path lest it be unwittingly guided into the next phase of “the plan.” Continue reading Google's New Propaganda Program Changes Everything

real-fake - yacoov Apellbaum

The Rise of the Shadow Data Brokers

A number of internet researchers and reporters have asked me to evaluate some of the imagery and files that are being distributed by one George M. Nasif through his Twitter, Facebook, and website. Nasif claims to possess vast amounts of proprietary DOJ, diplomatic, intelligence community, and law enforcement records, in addition to donor credit card payments and a variety of classified emails. Nasif, who promotes himself as a network security specialist has significant presence and engagement on SM. His Twitter network alone has over 17K followers and its growing. Continue reading The Rise of the Shadow Data Brokers