constitution-burning---dear maga friend

My Dear MAGA friend….


Life is nothing but a journey. A journey filled with wonders and mystery and love, but also filled with deceit and treachery and pain. The journey is yours to make, but you don’t have to walk alone. Some people walk with you for many years and some only accompany you for a brief period.

Life isn’t a straight road. Is a path with many bifurcations and sometimes you take a wrong turn and end up at a dead-end. And you have to backtrack your steps to find your way back to the main road.

You and I have walked along this road for nearly four years. We have shared many experiences together, and the memory of them is something I will always treasure. But we have reached a dead-end. I have shown you the way back, but you insist that there is a road under all the fallen debris.

Unfortunately, my friend, I cannot longer wait for you. It is time for me to move on.

You might be wondering why, so as always, I’ll be honest with you. It’s not me, it’s You.

I have stood by you regardless of differences. I have defended you as I watched you shed your integrity in pro of an amoral man. I have watched in horror as you descended into an abyss of bigotry and hatred, in order to stand and defend the indefensible. Somewhere along the way, you lost your humanity.

I have watched you defend a man that has continuously lied to you and to the American people. A man that has abused the country and the Constitution. And you stood by him.

  • When Donald Trump was accused of sexual assault by no fewer than 25 women since the ’70s; you attacked each and every one of these women calling them all liars and gold-diggers and manipulators.
  • When a tape surfaced of Donald Trump talking about women like objects and “grabbing them by the pussy“, you laughed about it all and defended his “locker room talk” narrative.
  • When two different complaints of sexual abuse of underage girls against Trump and his friend the “terrific guy” resurfaced, you turned a blind eye to it all. And when the complaints were dropped, you defended Trump assuming that the victims were lying instead of having been intimidated or paid off.
  • When Trump was bringing underage and undocumented girls into the country via the modelling agency he shared with Epstein, to pimp them to his rich friends, you defended him as Casanova, a Dandy, a womanizer. And when these women were exploited and forced to pay thousands of dollars for bunk beds and live in very poor conditions, you defended the practice by calling it capitalism.
  • When Donald Trump lied to you about having an affair with pornstar Stormy Daniels, you called her every name in the book for her right to choose the oldest profession in the world as a career. And when later he recanted, and in fact it was shown that he had paid her hush money via his attorney Cohen, you said nothing.

You saw all this and decided that everyone but Trump was lying. You called him a “family man” of Christian values, despite his inability to quote a single verse from what he called “his favourite book”.

I watched as you turned a blind eye to it all. And as he was sworn into office, I truly wanted to believe it was as a changed man. A man ready to make amends and do the right thing. I wanted so badly to believe, as Qanon would have it, that he was never “part of the swamp”, but that he was there “to collect information.”

  • Trump has claimed on many occasions that he loves the military and has great respect for veterans. But when he illegally used funds raised for veterans for his political activities, you called him a patriot. When he called a distraught widow after the loss of her husband, you did not care that he couldn’t even remember his name and that he told her that “he knew what he signed up for.”

You watched as Trump dehumanized everyone who tried to stand up to him, and through it all, you cheered and waved and called him a “great man”.

When CNN made a comedy sketch about Trump not knowing where Ukraine was, Trump attacked not the person that made the comment, but the person who laughed. You cried outrage and stormed social media, not knowing that it was in response to what Mike Pompeo had done earlier that week to a journalist.

  • When Trump attacked Greta Thunberg on social media, you clapped and laughed at his antics simply because, like him, you don’t believe in Climate Change.

And while Greta might be a Soros puppet, what she also is is someone’s daughter. Someone’s sister. A girl that might have been brainwashed and manipulated. But a girl nonetheless. An underage child with Asperger Syndrome. How would you feel if this was done to your own children? How well equipped were you at the age of sixteen (at the time of the attack) to deal with emotions? Have you stopped to think what sort of trauma can cause a child to have the most powerful man in the world, a 73-year old man, directing millions to hate her purely because he didn’t make it to the NYT magazine? Why not debate her policies instead of making personal attacks?


You have been flooded with so much propaganda that you have lost your ability for rationale. You think the first family are role models to follow.

  • But you don’t care that Chinese factory workers are abused and beaten up to make Ivanka’s shoes?
  • When Trump rolled-back the Endangered Species Acts, damaging the habitat and increasing the likelihood of a species going extinct, you didn’t bat an eyelid. Why would you, when Trump’s sons routinely hunt endangered species for sport?
  • When protestors got beaten up at a Trump rally by a mob of his supporters, Trump didn’t condemn the attacks. Instead, said that “Maybe he should have been roughed up because it was absolutely disgusting what he was doing“. And you didn’t stand up to him. You didn’t stand up to the violence. You supported the lynching of somebody for having a different opinion.
  • When the Trump family profits from the presidency, you see nothing wrong with it all.

You saw all this and you applauded Trump for cosying up to kings, dictators and despots. A man died, and you didn’t speak up.

  • But why would you care about a dead man, when you didn’t care about the fact that he spent his entire campaign talking about Wikileaks, only to win the presidency and turn his back on Assange? Surely Julian is comforting himself inside the maximum-security prison, by repeating over and over that is all “part of the plan“; a masterful 5D chess plan.
  • It is a fact that Hillary Clinton deleted 30 000 emails. A fact that has outraged many and a fact that history will never let her forget. But, since it is one of the major points you use to deflect the conversation, do I assume that you are just as concerned about the fact that Jared and Ivanka break “The Presidential Records Act” on a daily basis by talking to foreign governments via WhatsApp and on their private emails? Where is your concern for National Security now?
  • Donald Trump promised to make the world a safer place. He recently broke the Ottawa convention of 1997 signed by 160 countries that prohibits the use of landmines. Landmines were outlaw due to the high casualty of civilians. To this day, some 15 000 to 20 000 people die every year from the leftover landmines. I guess when he said “the world”, he didn’t mean the Koreans. And instead, you cheered and clapped some more because he just can’t do no wrong.
  • Donald Trump loves black voters. He repeats it often and he repeats it loudly. His lackeys Candace Owen and Diamond & Silk are put in place to convey the message. But he loves them so much, that he insults their intelligence by literally trying to buy them off by handing them out cash donations at his rallies, breaking a variety of charity and campaign rules along the way. But you don’t care what he does, or how many laws he breaks, or the fact that he thinks that the only way to appeal to an entire segment of the population is by giving them handouts. You don’t care because Trump’s propaganda machine is a well-oiled one that quickly stifles any complaint and any dissident voice speaking against him, is showered in a smear campaign that ruins his or her reputation.
  • You stood by MAGA and Qanon when they called Snowden a traitor. Snowden risked his life to expose the surveillance and monitoring of citizens by “Five-Eyes”, NSA and other government agencies working alongside a network of international countries. But when Trump extended the powers of the Presidential Policy Directive 20, giving said agencies even more power to spy on you and allowing them to perform cyber-psychological warfare, you called it free speech and said he was fighting for censorship.
  • When Trump supported Homeland Security Database known as HART, poised to collect every possible bit of information about you, from your biometric profiling to your social media records, you cheered some more and clapped and said he was fighting against terrorism.
  • When several different intelligence agencies concluded that there had been interference from Russia, even from a partisan GOP Senate intelligence report, you chose to believe Trump instead. You chose to believe that each and every one of those agencies and hundreds of individuals where lying, all corrupt Deep State agents plotting a coup to overthrow him. You chose him instead of the truth.
  • When he lied to you about the Ukraine-Biden relationships and used his propaganda machine to launch a disinformation campaign, you sided with him calling it a Witch Hunt. Despite the fact that the same GOP senators of today were fully involved in the procedures and aware of the actions taken by the Obama administration.
  • When he lied to you throughout the House Hearings and throughout the Senate Trial, you refused to acknowledge the evidence presented to you. You called it a sham. A hoax perpetrated by the left because they couldn’t stand the fact that he won the election.
  • You didn’t care that the so-called impartial jurors had already made a deal with the White House to acquit Trump and ignore all evidence. You purposefully closed your eyes to it all and, and like a well-trained parrot, kept repeating the same mantras you were taught: “Fake News, Witch Hunt”.
  • You ignored all the evidence that was presented to you do during the Hearings, including the testimony of first-hand witnesses that were on the call, and constitutional scholars that spent hours explaining the Law and the Constitution to the American people.
  • You repeated time and again that the Republican had no witnesses. Another lie propagated by Trump himself and his administration.
  • You turned a blind eye when it was proven beyond doubt that at least 4 Senators involved in giving an impartial vote, had been implicated in the Ukraine scandal.
  • You heard nothing about the second Whistleblower complaint because you refused to reach out to other information sources beyond the right-wing propaganda machines.
  • You cheered when Pam Bondi gave a terrible and hypocritical lecture about corruption when Pam herself took a bribe from the Donald J. Trump Foundation to look the other way when she was supposed to be investigating Trump University.
  • You stood by Trump when he defrauded over 5000 people via his Trump University, at a cost to $35 000 dollars each, and called him an entrepreneur and a business magnate.
  • You clapped loudly when Trump launched a smear campaign against witnesses. True American heroes that choose to put their country above corruption, knowing full well that their well-being and reputations were a stake. Instead of standing up for what is right, you called them traitors, just like Trump and the entire GOP party had done.
  • Instead of educating yourself about the Law in what is possibly the most important trial of the century, you purposefully chose to misread and misinterpret every bit of information and continued to scream that it had all been a “witch hunt”, and a #nothingburger.
  • When Lev Parnas, a key figure in the Ukraine scandal with first-hand knowledge of the corruption, volunteered to testify and offered a trove of evidence, including recordings of events that completely trumped the GOP defence, you decided to ignore the evidence of your own eyes and ears and believe instead what the party had told you to believe.
  • When people like John Bolton and Mitt Romney stood up to Trump and put their country over their party, you turned on them like a pack of rabid wolves and once more, called them traitors and scum, and lefties. Because that is what they have taught you to think.

Nevermind that Rand Paul’s behaviour is akin to witnessing a murder, calling the police, and instead of the police investigating the crime, they investigate you for reporting it. We can only wonder why he worked so hard to hide facts, and deflect from the trial. Perhaps because he was the errand boy between Trump and Putin?

My dear MAGA friend, I could tell you so much more about Trump’s failed policies, broken promises and the record number of lies. I could write entire libraries just for you, but I know you would shrug it all off and shake your head and say “but Obama”, but “Hillary”…

I have been trying so hard to make you understand that this is not about party. This is not about liking a leader. This is about your civil liberties and those of generations to come.

Instead, I hear you talk about wanting to install a Trump family dynasty. And I feel so helpless to hear you talk like that. Here in the Old Continent, we know about dynasties and monarchies and feudalism. My people, your ancestors, fled these lands in search of freedom. They fled the very same dynasties you now want to impose upon others, solely to “own the libtards”.

You have been so brainwashed by the right-wing propaganda machine, that you no longer care about the rule of law. You defend the indefensible with the argument that is OK to break the law because someone else has already broken it.

You have chosen to alienate everybody around you. Your family. Your friends. You now believe that anybody that isn’t falling in with the party propaganda is either lying to you or not “woke” enough to see the truth.

You are no longer open to dialogue. You mock and deflect and think that anybody that questions the Party is an Antifa militant or a “leftist nutjob”.

You stand proudly in support of a corrupt and treacherous man willing to sell America to the highest bidder.

I have tried for so long to appeal to you. To make you see reason. But you are no longer the man you once were. You are consumed by hate and anger and fake narratives. You now believe that instead of dialogue, the only way to interact with anyone that disagrees with Trump’s policies is via insults and smear campaigns. You claim to want free speech, while simultaneously wanting to hang for treason anybody with different political ideas or worldviews. That is not free speech, my friend, that is Fascism.

I am begging you, my friend, review the evidence, put your country above Trump. Stand proud with your brothers and sisters that are calling for a fair trial and an end to government corruption. This is not about party or political affiliation.

You are no longer the man you once were. A sweet and kind and honest man. A hard-working American that wanted nothing but to peacefully coexists with his neighbours.

You once valued honour and decency. You once valued truth and fairness. You once valued family and country. Those were the core conservative principles that founded America and the Constitution.

Don’t get stuck in a dead-end. Come back to the road with me. Let’s walk hand in hand once more. I miss my friend and I miss the man you once were.


22 thoughts on “My Dear MAGA friend….

  1. I can feel this post is filled of anger, dissapointment and pity. There is too many people blinded for what it is called the ” Trump Phenomenom “. That people is being completely manipulated by trump’s words and I do not think they will react anytime soon.


  2. President Trump has always been characterized by his controversies and contradictions and this type of situations obscures his achievements. I share and respect many of his opinions and I hope that Trump will change his way of being and that in this journey and path called life he will be reunited with his friend.


  3. I don’t like the neo-liberal trump government, it only aims at exploiting developing countries for its own benefit, in addition to a retrograde guy who is extremely racist. I hope that the Americans will never again elect a person as unspeakable and inept as this


  4. I believe that President Trum has done a great job but I respect what you say and the value you have to say it, it is a different point of view from mine but I respect it totally, in the same way I like reading this article


  5. Wow, I really didn’t know all this stuff about President Donald Trump. I really liked this reflection, somehow I share your point of view.
    Thank you for sharing it.


  6. I really respect Mr. Donald Trump, but on the other hand, I am very sick of his sexual scandals that point to him !! Of course, as a person they make it look very bad! but not necessarily as president !!! I think he has done many successful things !


  7. Hello, I loved your article, you speak with great reason and the trips are extraordinary so much that they could change the way we see life, and find the right people to live to the fullest.


  8. I feel very plesure to see how someone is writting about real life, this is a journey with have to walk alone sometimes you lucky if have some people to walk toguether


  9. I wanted to be able to spread this message further on the internet and outside it too, despite all of this being an exercise in wisdom to reach the conclusion that this person does not do a good job for his country or the world. we continue in the fight


  10. I am Venezuelan and I may not be very aware of the social situation in your country, but for many Venezuelans like me, Trump represents political anti-values, but with all that, we respect those who chose him. We are also grateful for the comments on our dictatorship. But as I said before, we don’t live there, we don’t know your real political situation …


  11. nothing is further from reality many politicians make believe that they are not something or that they do not transgress values ​​only to get where they want and once there they do not care about anything they do or what they cause to society


  12. I couldn’t agree more with this article. He is a narcissist clearly, and he reminds me of other world leaders with that God complex who thinks they are always right even when there’s a lot wrong, these type of people in power are so dangerous because they could truly turn into dictators and that’s why the people who still supports him needs to wake up.


  13. I love your point of view, i can feel you just reading it…likewise, it is like having someone with whom you have so many things in common as it is to dream for a better country and become a totally unknown person, seeing goodness where there is none, politics break love between each other and just create disputes


  14. I really like your point of life, unfortunately that is the disguised policy of unscrupulous men who lie and deceive the world. People decided to believe always waiting for a change by taking a leap of faith and there is no worse coefficient than the one who does not want to see. thanks for sharing


  15. I read this article and I really feel the pain and courage as you project it, it is sad that people really get carried away by those standards of rulers that we do not deserve! I really liked your article, thank you for sharing it with us!


  16. What a jocular and at the same time deep way of shouting truths. Trumps is a wolf disguised as a sheep, your reflections have reached my soul, I wish that that friend, yours, mine, of all, who is blind, can open the eyes, can appreciate reality and generate a change.


  17. I liked what you wrote, and the way you wrote the terrible things that trump has done, and that beginning”Life is nothing but a journey. A journey filled with wonders and mystery and love, but also filled with deceit and treachery and pain.” it was awesome.


  18. BRAVO! This is THE finest piece written regarding all that has covertly transpired within the past 3.5 years under Trump’s rule. All, I can say, is … WOW, you surely hit those nails perfectly!

    Liked by 1 person

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