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Trump’s Priorities Are Not Your Priorities


Elemi Fuentes –27/02/2020

Trump’s priorities are not your priorities. No matter how much you try to convince yourself, the reality is otherwise.

In early 2020, a new online application launched under the website of The website was launched by CAP (the Center for American Progress). A think-tank advocacy organization which presents a liberal viewpoint on socio-economic issues.

The online application offers useful insights into Trump’s tweeting habits. These habits show a correlations between Trump’s priorities and the priorities of the population at large. The tool is very useful as it gives an overview into what the President cares about when it comes to his social media account.

The application works by giving a comparison between the numbers of tweets about one subject compared to another. For example, by looking at the President tweeting about himself using the keyword “Trump” versus other priorities citizens have such as opioids, poverty or inequality.

On selecting the period of time between January 20th 2020 until February the 27th 2020, we get the that Trump tweeted his name on 2917 occasions, compared to just 2 about Medicaid, 10 tweets about Medicare, and 4 times about Social Security. To put this into perspective, a simple percentage calculation between two numbers* yields the following results:

  • Trump tweeting “Trump” vs tweeting “Medicaid“. The results are simple. Within the same period of time, Trump tweeted “Trump” a 145 850% per cent more compared to only a 0.0685% of Medicaid.
  • Trump tweeting “Trump” vs tweeting “Medicare“. A nearly 29 170% rate compared to a small 0.3428% tweeting about Medicaid.
  • Trump tweeting “Trump” vs tweeting “Social Security“. Here the percentage is 72 925% of Trump tweeting Trump vs a mere 0.1371% tweeting about Social Security.

The web application offers many other interesting values to track. From Trump’s priorities, Russia, Democrats, Fake News and Witch Hunt are some interesting options to watch out for. From the side of “Your Priorities“, the least that concern the President are things like Housing, Equal pay, Prescription Drugs or the Working Class.

Trump’s priorities can’t be defined by just one source of information such as Twitter. But if his feed is is anything comparable to what goes on through his mind, it is indeed a worrisome prospect to know his concerns are not about the future of his people, but about himself.

Most unfortunately, the website only tracks tweets from the 20th January 2020 onwards. It would be interesting to see what the statistics could truly show if we had an app that fed all of his tweets and presidential tweets; perhaps even sorted by date.

*Percentage calculation follows the rule (A/B x 100). The results are given by dividing the small number by the large and multiplying by 100, and vice versa for comparison.


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