Who is Elemi Fuentes?



Elemi Fuentes is a pseudonym I used for my writings when I was a child. Since I am writing once more, it seems only too fitting.

I was born in Spain, but I only lived there for the first 18 years of my life. I am 35 years old. I spent some 12 years in UK, 10 in London where I met my husband, and 2 in Glasgow.

After that, I moved to Slovakia with my husband and spent nearly 3 years there. We are now living in Czech Republic. We purchased a little farmhouse here and are in the process of renovating.

I am a woman of simple tastes and small pleasures. I enjoy very much reading and listening to audio books. Playing chess and making puzzles. From time to time I collect stamps, and I am a great self-taught cook. I love trekking, playing in parks, with swings, with my hula hop or my devil sticks. Fun team-building activities like climbing, obstacle courses and segways. I love kayaking in the summer and mushroom-picking in Autumn. And I absolutely love theme parks.

Unlike most people with an organized lifestyle, I have had various jobs in a number of fields. Some of which I am more proud of than others. And my education has been just as erratic. However, in between the ups and downs, the moves and the jobs, I have had time to build a somewhat unusual portfolio.

Portfolio would be updated here shortly.