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The Mockery of Law

The first three days of the impeachment trial at the Senate had gone by without any major incidents. Originally, the Republicans voted to block subpoenas for new evidence, as well as refuse new witnesses’ testimony. However, after much deliberation, the Senate set down the the trial rules allowing for a new vote to be casted after each side has argued their positions. Continue reading The Mockery of Law

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How to rig an election

There are many ways to rig an election.
In Spain, the term pucherazo (electoral fraud), dates back to the Restoration of the Borbonic dynasty to the throne from 1874 onwards, with the culmination of Primo de Rivera’s dictatorship in 1923.
There were several ways in which manipulation was done. Sometimes the paper ballots will be hidden in big stew pots (in Spanish, pucheros. Hence the name); and they would then be added or subtracted to the ballot box in order to obtain the desired result.

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Where to watch live debates on articles of impeachment?

The House convened at 9 a.m. to proceedings debate leading up to the final impeachment votes. After an hour of debate on the “rule” governing the proceedings, six hours of debate on the articles will be divided equally between Democrats and Republicans, who could introduce procedural obstacles that would stretch the proceedings into the evening. Continue reading Where to watch live debates on articles of impeachment?

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A letter to the GOP

It’s been quite a week on the impeachment front — a 9-hour-plus, bitterly contentious hearing before the House Judiciary Committee that focused (or attempted to, anyway) on evidence of President Trump’s high crimes and misdemeanors, followed just 14 hours later with the high-stakes rollout of two articles of impeachment. The case against Trump could get a committee vote by Thursday, with the full House voting before Christmas Continue reading A letter to the GOP

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Articles of impeachment formally unveiled against Donald J. Trump

The last few weeks have been nothing sort of a roller-coaster thanks to the impeachment hearings before the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committee. If you haven’t had the chance to watch them in full, here are some links to refresh your memory: House Intelligence Committee Impeachment Hearings: Day 1. Witnesses include Bill Taylor, Acting U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, and George Kent, Deputy Assistant Secretary of … Continue reading Articles of impeachment formally unveiled against Donald J. Trump

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America has fallen

Corruption, bribery, lying, extortion, blackmail, etc, are all deeply rooted in American politics. On both sides of the aisle. On both parties. It is a country deeply divided over a corrupt leadership that gets worshiped as gods. Each party accuse each of other of the same crimes they all commit. A confusing circus of chaos, dishonesty and outrage. Continue reading America has fallen