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New Year, New Resolutions

No. I don’t have any of those. That was just a catchy title because I couldn’t think of anything else to write.

But, as I’d imagine Jack The Ripper would say, “let’s go part by part”. (This is way funnier in Spanish, i.e “vayamos por partes”).

First of all, you would all have noticed that I missed the last 2 days of my kindness challenge. I didn’t miss it. I did do my duties and did my challenge all the way to the end.

Day 25: Kindness challenge

Today’s good deed wasn’t anything special. I gave my leftovers to the neighbours. When I say neighbours, you have to remember this is a very small town. We have a very small supermarket, an off-licence, a post office, a hair dresser and two “bars”. That’s all there is to the town. So when I say neighbours, it could be any one of them. It’s a tight, family-like close community.

La Historia de Sammy Meyers 5/6

Te recogí en el aeropuerto y te traje aquí al hospital abandonado. Pero bueno Sammy, en esta historia nuestra, esa parte ya te la sabes.

 Aquí estamos de nuevo, Sammy. Samantha, tal vez, ahora que ya eres una mujer. Al fin juntos. Estás tan hermosa como siempre, quizás más. No tiembles, Sammy. Sabes que a mi lado nunca tendrás nada de qué preocuparte. Entiendo que te marcharas, pequeñuela. Aunque eres mi esposa, ningún matrimonio está exento de dificultades y contratiempos y juegos. Y tú jugabas a desaparecer, y yo jugaba a encontrarte. Han sido muchos los años, o al menos a mí me lo parecieron. Muchos los sacrificios. Pero te perdono, princesa; porque al fin y al cabo todos los sacrificios han merecido la pena. Estar contigo de nuevo, a tu lado, poder suspirar en tu oído y oler tu perfume. Y perderme en el hechizo de tus ojos verdes…No hay sacrificio en exceso si la recompensa es estar a tu lado.

Day 23: Kindness challenge

Today, as an act of kindness, husband and I did some deep-cleaning house so we get to start the year with a measure of order in our loves. We also bought some food, some of which is currently marinating to go in the oven tomorrow.

Day 22: Kindness challenge

I had 4 hours sleep last night and I am exhausted, but plowing on.

We had some friends over for lunch and coffee, which was nice. We made some barbecue ribs in the oven, mash potato and salad. Believe it or not, husband is also an excellent cook.

Day 21: Kindness challenge

Today was a nice day. It rained for most of the day, and it looks like it will carry on raining all through the next week. But it is still surprisingly warm. We have the fireplace on all day, and it is extremely hot at home.

Day 20: Kindness challenge

We have a major windstorm all day. Still goin on. It is so bad it is unsafe to even drive. So husband and I stayed home. It’s been going on for hours. For a little while the town’s electrics went off. On the plus side we are having a very warm winter. It’s about 11 degrees celsius. Which, to be honest, I am not complaining. This time last year we were hitting a solid -15 to -20C.

Day 19: Kindness challenge

Today has been a good and a quiet day. I ended up going to bed at 4.30 in the mornings. The circus with the impeachment articles only ended at 3am (here on my end), and then I spent some time in bed checking my phone for people’s reactions.

Day 18: Kindness challenge

Today I wasn’t able to do much in terms of kindness except spend all day looking after my husband.

He is actually in a lot of pain. I ran him a hot bath this morning, which made it better for a while. He was able to sit for about 30 minutes on his PC, but after that had to move to bed. I keep checking on him every few minutes. Putting cream, bringing him food and painkillers. We even tried ice for a while but nothing seems to work.

He barely slept last night, but today managed to finally sneak in a couple of hours. Not much, but better than nothing.

Day 17: Kindness challenge

Today has been a very weird day. Earlier this morning I went to a council meeting. To tell you the truth, I barely understood anything that was a said, and I only got the gist of it all because husband explained it all before hand.

Day 16: Kindness challenge

Today has been a very, very long day. I spent the vast majority of the day babysitting a two-year old. While I love children, is way harder to figure out what they need when you don’t speak her language.

Day 15: Kindness challenge

After lunch I took some food to my neighbors. There goes my good deed. I spent a good couple of hours with them helping them set up Christmas decorations, despite my dislike for a consumerist holiday. Still, I had fun with them.

Day 14: Kindness challenge

My good deed today goes towards the people on the internet. I have been working hard on updating my “Resources” pages. The one I am almost done with is the “Science and health page”, though still not finished. The “English resources” page is also nearly finished. I have all the resources up, but I will be writing small description of the contents. I have also updated my “STEM reading” and “Independent reading”. Though I am unsure at this point if for these two I’ll be writing descriptions of the content. Perhaps on the STEM page.

Day 12: Kindness challenge

Today was a busy an entertaining day. Husband and I went shopping. We spent tons on treats for the girls, that is: the cat, the dog and the fishes. We also treated ourselves to a bottle of lemon Becherovka and a meal. The meal was terrible. The worst rump-steak I had in my life. Overcooked, chewy and with all the wrong spices. On the plus side, we now know where not to go for lunch.