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  • Is Trump afraid of Impeachment?

    we-thepeople - is trump afraid of impeachment -elemi fuentes

    The impeachment process carries on. Tomorrow the votes will be in. Tonight, in what is known as “Impeachment Eve”, demonstration are schedule to take place all over the country, both in favour and opposing the impeachment.

  • Day 16: Kindness challenge

    love-sick-love-spells- elemi fuentes - kindness challenge

    Today has been a very, very long day. I spent the vast majority of the day babysitting a two-year old. While I love children, is way harder to figure out what they need when you don’t speak her language.

  • Day 15: Kindness challenge

    tree of life images- kindness challenge - elemi fuentes

    After lunch I took some food to my neighbors. There goes my good deed. I spent a good couple of hours with them helping them set up Christmas decorations, despite my dislike for a consumerist holiday. Still, I had fun with them.

  • Day 14: Kindness challenge

    love learning - kindness challenge - elemi fuentes

    My good deed today goes towards the people on the internet. I have been working hard on updating my “Resources” pages. The one I am almost done with is the “Science and health page”, though still not finished. The “English resources” page is also nearly finished. I have all the resources up, but I will be writing small description of the contents. I have also updated my “STEM reading” and “Independent reading”. Though I am unsure at this point if for these two I’ll be writing descriptions of the content. Perhaps on the STEM page.

  • La historia de Sammy Meyers – Parte 3/6

    la-historia-de-sammy-meyers-cover- c.uribe - elemi fuentes- alfonso sales

    Como ya te dije, pequeña, cuando me desperté tú no estabas a mi lado. Solo quedaba la esencia de tu perfume, un par de cabellos rubios en la almohada, y una mancha granate confundida con lo que quedaba de los pétalos de rosas. ¡Me sentí tan desdichado, y triste y sombrío! ¡No sabía que hacer sin tu presencia, qué pensar! ¡Mi mujer me había abandonado a tan solo unas horas de consumar nuestras nupcias! ¿Sammy, por qué te fuiste?

  • Day 13: Kindness challenge

    japanes kanji sign -peace sign - kindness challenge - elemi fuentes

    Today has been a good one. Very tiring. Around 11 am we got a truckload of 3 cubic meters of wood delivered to the the house.

  • Day 12: Kindness challenge

    tree ying yang -kindness challenge - elemi fuentes

    Today was a busy an entertaining day. Husband and I went shopping. We spent tons on treats for the girls, that is: the cat, the dog and the fishes. We also treated ourselves to a bottle of lemon Becherovka and a meal. The meal was terrible. The worst rump-steak I had in my life. Overcooked, chewy and with all the wrong spices. On the plus side, we now know where not to go for lunch.

  • La historia de Sammy Meyers – Parte 2/6

    la-historia-de-sammy-meyers-cover- c.uribe - elemi fuentes- alfonso sales

    El altar ¿Cuánto tiempo había pasado desde que te entregaste a  mí en el muelle? No sabría decirte.  ¿Quién puede medir el tiempo cuando el corazón late desbocado a más de doscientas pulsaciones por minuto? La euforia era inmensa. Tú… Read More ›

  • Day 11: Kindness challenge

    kindness love elemi fuentes

    Today was a very slow day. I did some cleaning and some cooking (husband is back home) and regular shopping and folding clothes and all the other things housewives do that people take for granted.

  • La historia de Sammy Meyers – Parte 1/6

    la-historia-de-sammy-meyers-cover- c.uribe - elemi fuentes- alfonso sales

    ¡…oh, querida Sammy! Veo que ya te despiertas. Tranquila, no te asustes. No pasa nada. Estamos en el sótano del antiguo hospital, el que está abandonado en la carretera treinta y dos. Estas a salvo. Aquí nadie podrá encontrarnos. Veo el pánico en tus ojos, nena, y me encanta. Pero sé también que no puedes gritar con esa mordaza. ¿Sabes qué es? ¿No lo recuerdas? Ese pañuelo que llevas amordazándote fuertemente la boca es el mismo que te regalé en nuestro primer encuentro.

  • Day 10: Kindness challenge

    gift - kindness challenge -elemi fuentes

    Today has been an easy one. I have been shopping and ran a couple of errands this morning, but for the most part I stayed home recovering from a late night sleep and still catching up with all the world news.

  • A letter to the GOP

    writing-paper-letters-antique-quill_credit-Shutterstock- a letter to the gop - elemi fuentes

    It’s been quite a week on the impeachment front — a 9-hour-plus, bitterly contentious hearing before the House Judiciary Committee that focused (or attempted to, anyway) on evidence of President Trump’s high crimes and misdemeanors, followed just 14 hours later with the high-stakes rollout of two articles of impeachment. The case against Trump could get a committee vote by Thursday, with the full House voting before Christmas

  • Articles of impeachment formally unveiled against Donald J. Trump

    impeachment hearings donald trump - elemi fuentes

    The last few weeks have been nothing sort of a roller-coaster thanks to the impeachment hearings before the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committee. If you haven’t had the chance to watch them in full, here are some links to refresh… Read More ›

  • Day 9: Kindness challenge

    kindness elemi fuentes challenge

    Today has been an extremely busy day. And in fact, still is. Is past 20.00 hours here, but I am catching up with The House Judiciary Hearings. If I don’t fall asleep, it is possible I might pull an all-nighter with the new DOJ’s IG Report. There is also something else I was unaware of until recently, oral hearings regarding Richard Blumenthal, et al. v. Donald J. Trump.

  • Day 8: Kindness challenge

    kind love elemi fuentes

    Today has been an exhausted one due to more wood chopping (delivery doesn’t get here until next Friday).

  • Day 7: Kindness challenge

    love nature - kindness challenge -elemifuentes

    Today was a good day. Not great. Just a regular everyday day. I spent it all with my husband. We cuddle lots and watched movies, given that he is still recovering a little bit from his injury.

  • Day 6: Kindness challenge

    online kindness elemifuentes

    Today husband came home. Only until Monday, but that is a lot earlier than expected. For several hours we chopped a lot of wood (no pun, really), so we can keep the fireplace going.

  • Day 5: Kindness challenge

    soul-kindness challenge - elemifuentes

    I just got back from what it was an extremely long day in Katowice (Poland).

  • Day 4: Kindness challenge

    Love-hotel-kindness challenge -elemi fuentes

    Today’s kindness challenge was a simple one. I have moved many times during my lifetime, including across countries. In all those moves I have lost many books. I realized that I could never have the library I wanted. But I have also realized that books are meant to be read and to be shared

  • Day 3: Kindness challenge


    Today wasn’t an extremely productive day in terms of doing acts of kindness, mostly because I was confined at home all day waiting for a package that never arrived.