Science and Health Resources

Here are my top science websites for learning. Courses, activities, videos, etc. All free resources.

General science

  • MIT Open Courseware:  MIT course materials that reflects almost all the undergraduate and graduate subjects
  • Khan Academy: selection of teaching materials, videos and activities covering mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and history.
  • Wolfram Demonstrations Project: Mathematics, Physical and Life Sciences, computation and engineering. High School and above.
  • Brain Pop: trusted source covering all core school subjects. For children 5-8.
  • Science Aid: Variety of topics in core subject aimed at middle school.



  • Khan Academy: the best source to learn anything and everything about mathematics.
  • Symolab: offers a variety of mathematical calculators, as well as lessons
  • Math is fun: a collection of activities and math games for children.
  • Mathway – Algebra solver: it has a selection of topics to learn as well as very good Algebra solvers.


  • a website dedicated to learning everything about geology: diamonds, earthquakes, landslides, meteorites, oceanography, fossils, gemstones, etc.

Videos and Podcasts

  • SciShow: Youtube short videos explaining a variety of scientific concepts.
  • UC San Diego Podcast Lectures: Podcasts are taken down at the end of every quarter (10 weeks Fall-Spring and 5 weeks in the summer).  If you’re enjoying a podcast, be sure to subscribe and download the lectures.  Once the podcast has been taken offline, faculty rarely approve their reposting.


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