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Spirit Cooking

Ruggero Maria Santilli

The art of discrediting without facts: the case of invisible entities

It is clear to me that some people are unable or unwilling to accept facts, even if they dance around naked in front of them. When confronted by solid scientific evidence that goes against one’s beliefs, people tend to experience a type of cognitive dissonance that leaves them paralyzed and blind to facts. So instead of embracing the possibility that things might exist outside our own limited … Continue reading The art of discrediting without facts: the case of invisible entities

Marina abramovic lamb ritual sacrifice

Performance Rituals and Other Artistic Pieces

Before delving into the strange and depraved world of Spirit Cooking, it is worth revisiting some of Marina Abramovic’s most memorable performances.
It was suggested in the previous article about Marina’s background that she is a high-ranking dark priestess. It was also presumed that a lot of her performances are in fact live dark rituals designed to harvest energy from an unsuspecting audience. The reader should decide as we explore some of her most controversial performances. Continue reading Performance Rituals and Other Artistic Pieces

Marina abramovic licking rocks in the beach

Marina Abramovic: the sponsors and the funding

Marina Abramamovic is certainly an interesting character full of controversy. One of such controversies revolves around her ‘Marina Abramovic Institute’. Apparently Marina, or her team, were posting volunteer jobs on the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA). While the work offered was part-time and unpaid, the abilities required to fill each position demands a certain level of qualifications and computer skills beyond what should be expected for any type of unpaid work. Some of the positions offered were:v Continue reading Marina Abramovic: the sponsors and the funding

Marina Abramovic high satanic dark priestess

Who is Marina Abramovic?

Marina was born in Serbia in 1946. And for the first six years of her life, lived with her very religious grandmother. According to Marina’s claims, her grandmother belonged to the Orthodox Church and had a liking for ditching out punishments in the form of whipping. There were also, according to Marina, other rituals that included ‘drawing blood’.

When her brother Velimir was born, they moved back with their parents. Continue reading Who is Marina Abramovic?

Terry McAuliffe's questionable frienships

McAuliffe’s questionable friendships

One of such friendship is James Alefantis, a man who was once listed by GQ’s magazine as one of the 50 most powerful people in Washington. Mr Alefantis is involved in several business ventures such a Transformers, a DC based non-profit, artist-centered organization that connects and promotes emerging artists. He also owns the restaurants  Buck’s Fishing Camping and Comet Ping-Pong. Comet Ping Pong is currently at the center of a world-wide child trafficking ring known as Pizzagate*. Continue reading McAuliffe’s questionable friendships