Trump is Making America Safe Again…with Asbestos

Trump works for the people. Trump is making America safe again. This is a fact that he repeats often and loudly. His base, both MAGA and Qanon also repeat this as a fact. And so because it’s been repeated ad nauseam must be true. But, is it? Because,

My Dear MAGA friend….

Life is nothing but a journey. A journey filled with wonders and mystery and love, but also filled with deceit and treachery and pain. The journey is yours to make, but you don’t have to walk alone. Some people walk with you for many years and some only accompany you for a brief period.

Qanon: the Qult and the legend – Part 6

A lot has been said about ‘the 4am talking points’, and how Qanon super-secret-Intel were able to find the information before it became news. On the one hand, we have the explanation given by UnirockTV’s pastebin. The pastebin was a copy of an email UnirockTV says he received from one of the alleged ‘Qanon bakers’. In said email, the baker explains how easy it was for skilled computer people to simply hack into the ‘cloud news’ where most of the pre-packaged news were going to be served as talking points the following morning to the general public.